31 July, 2006

Sean McPanty

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If you live anywhere near the shadow of a building worked on by this hysterical bobby-soxer, RUN, RUN, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Lord, I hope they didn’t let Sean-John mix the cement.

When this little feller grew up…

He turned into Befuddly Do-right

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    1. Lutjens Says:

      Sean Hannity needs to pontificate Israel’s greatness to the families of the USS Liberty. He should invite them on his show. We will see then what kind of an American, I mean Israeli, patriot he really is.

    2. White Meanie Says:

      A friend tried to inflict Sean Hannity on me the other day while we were driving. I told him that the next and only thing I want to hear from Hannity’s dirty, warmongering, Yid-fellating, corporophage mouth is a death rattle. And that goes double for Limbaugh.

      Sometimes I think that I am living in a virtual world, populated by peopleoids, because in a real world warmongers and traitors like this would not rest easy at night. The people the warmongers are trying to kill would track them down and silence them.

    3. alex Says:

      I used to read the books his ilk produces when I was in high school and college. One outgrows them quickly. Cocksure, superficial. Everything based on a Sunday School version of WWII.

      Today Hannity tried to peddle some reverse horrors of Gitmo. Seems the caged and uncharged are fighting back by hurling shitcumpissbags at their torturer/guards. Sean did some handsprings and a nifty roundout thereon. Pertinent avoided question: frequency of this behavior in your average jail.

      I can’t stand Irish tenor politics any more than I can Irish tenors.

      Fuck Ollie North, Plato’s own Patriotard.

    4. alex Says:

      Someone back me up if you can souce this, but I’m pretty sure I recall naughty North quoted saying, “the truth never put any food on anyone’s table.”

    5. Timothy Says:

      Hannity has two cunts:one beneath his nose and one between his legs.

    6. MadScienceType Says:

      Ollie North, Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, etc. are K-8 attack dogs, one step below the K-9s they encourage to go out and die for Pissrael, in that they haven’t an ounce of courage to back up their bluster. The fact that this country can (semi) successfully be run and bamboozled by these people and their ilk shows just how plain goddamn STUPID a large fraction of the American populace is. K-7s or lower, I suppose. The K-8s are earning their money this week, though, as the blowback from the Qana massacre is getting harder and harder to gloss over. Just like a particularly stinky cat turd, the nature of the jew may be covered with a layer of cat litter/ink, but eventually, the smell is gonna gag ya.

      Neal Boortz, however, gets my vote for the “Male Vagina of the Year Award.” That guy would kick starving orphans out of the way to suck jew phallus, all so he can go and play pilot. I wonder if makes little-kid machine gun noises as he tools around the country?

    7. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “the truth never put any food on anyone’s table.”

      the truth never put any food on any kike’s table.

    8. van helsing Says:

      I lost all respect for Hammity years ago when Vernice Kuglin (sp?), female pilot from TN, was on Hammity and Clone with her lawyer. She won a court case vs. the IRS over not paying federal income taxes. The IRS as usual couldnt show where the law said she had to do it. As an aside, the prosecutor asked the judge, after the judgment was handed down, to vacate the juddgment and arrest her, and the judge basically told him something like he didnt have to listen to him because it was over and he had no standing to make such a request…

      Back to bricks… Hammity wouldnt let the woman talk and hardly let her lawyer get a word in edgewise. All this ‘yer not doing yer duty as a citizen and taxpayer’ crap…

      Hammity is a stupid lying yankee tool.