7 September, 2006


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citibank1.gifNiggers are the victims of whites stealing
I.D. Yeah. It happens one out of every 500,000 cases or so. FUCK THE LOXIST LIARS AT CITIBANK.

Where’s the ad mocking the mexishit who steals the white woman’s ID?

Or the online “Russian” jew stealing the white man’s ID?

Or the nigger postal worker stealing grandma’s credit card?


Nope, all the identity thieves are rednecks, ditzy blondes, computer geeks – on tv, where reality is upside down.


[We are not aware of a single ad in this award-winning campaign that features a white man having his identity stolen by a colored or jew. Let us know if you do.]

See the ads:

» Geek (0:30)
» Mud Flaps (0:30)
» Outfit (0:30)
» Saddlebags (0:30)

Recently, CitiBank has created four new ads to follow up after the success of the original four. Enjoy watching these as well!

» Babe Magnet (0:30)
» Ohh La La (0:30)
» Stirrup Pants (0:30)
» Underpants On (0:30)

[Movies page.]

Citibank Identity Theft Solutions page.

  • 10 Responses to “Loxism in Adverstising: CITI IDENTITY THEFT SOLUTIONS”

    1. Mark Says:

      Ha, yeah… what stupid shit. Seriously, they must play that one with the nasty nigger lifting weights with the white girl identity thief voiceover every day. I had the TV on yesterday in the background, and they must have played that one every single time they went to commercial. I had to turn it off, it was disgusting. But that’s their plan, their psychological manipulation, let’s play commercials that disgust white people so it sticks in their mind. It’s all about hating whitey.

      There’s definitely an anti-white racist consistency to those commericals, no one can deny that if they have their brain switched on, but unfortunately most whites are in passive mode, they take anything, laugh it off, afterall they still have their cosy jobs, so life is good right? I mean, whites are evil, they commited slavery on blacks, and no one every enslaved anyone else in history right? American whites were the only ones to ever set their own slaves free, even by killing each other, but hey that’s nothing special. And then there’s the Holocaust… which is a strange subject really. Because while Jews claim to be white, and this seems to be typically accepted as the norm, they somehow manage to burden it upon whites as well! Despite gross inconsistencies and lies, truth doesn’t seem to matter to most whites, just what has been stated as the norm, as the new religion. Go along to get along right?

      It hits all the typical groups, whites in general, blonde women, Southerners, even the French! Welcome to Amerikwa!

    2. Stanley Womack Says:

      Yes, these ads are anti-white defamation. The type of defamation is the hate caricature, like Beavis’n’Butthead and Archie Bunker. We gave the Julius Streicher Award to Washington Mutual a few months ago for its TV ad campaign that is explicitly anti-European American men. You can see it at:


      We’ll have to pick up your pioneering work in this new species of anti-white defamation, and discuss it in our on-line syllabus, too.

    3. Stanley Womack Says:

      Oops, it is at:


    4. beavis and butthead fan Says:

      beavis and butthead does make fun of whites: on the surface.
      that’s how it got on mtv. on the surface, and the jew only saw the initial surface defamation, so big mtv jew put it on the air.
      oh, it’s a big hit too!
      there’s an underlying social satire, way beyond simply making fun of whites.
      uh oh…
      there’s DEPTH to this thing!
      and it isn’t only making fun of whitey, it’s deprecating the entire amerikwan supposed culture.
      uh oh, it’s making fun of the very thing that hosts it: MTV!
      it’s despising the mtv generation!
      oh my god, says big jew! what do we do now?
      a goy has made a show we thought acceptable to us, it’s a big hit now, so how do get rid of this thing?
      well, we’ll move it to crappy time slots.
      we’ll play up one supposed beavis and butthead imitation gone wrong.
      in spite of it’s huge draw, we’ll destroy it anyway!
      and that’s exactly what big jew did

    5. seelow heights Says:

      Right now the nation’s two most prominent identity thieves are the Afghan mohammaden shitskin in San Diego and his mestiza wife. They are famous because they were deranged enough to assault the white investigative reporter who exposed them. A true shame that a nigger had to come to the white guy’s rescue to save him from a possibly disabling beating and biting.

    6. JimSummers Says:

      These ads are disgusting! Notice how the White male “thieves” are portrayed as sex obsessed and the viewing audience will naturally feel outrage that this identity theft is being done to innocent negro women and elderly Jewesses.

      And to the person above, yes, these ads are ridiculing the shallow MTV culture. Isn’t it just like the Jews to create a vulgar society and then turn around and take the high ground in “critiquing” it? A similar angle is taken in the 2005 film “Pretty Persuasion” which you’ve got to see for what it reveals about the Jewish hatred of the educated White middle class.


    7. Zoroastro Says:

      Sick. I can’t even imagine that any half normal human being can still watch any of the increasingly grotesque, but always fecal juden tv ads glorifying the murderer, the thief, the ape…It’s so absurd that one can’t but grasp do even the thickest niggerball lemmings sense there’s something wrong in the picture or they just swallow it all up…the vibrant nig en shyte…

    8. aryan_barbarian Says:

      Police Arrest Alleged Daycare Identity Thief

      DAVIE Davie police arrested an alleged identity thief who is accused of stealing the wallets, purses and eventually the identities of over 100 unsuspecting women dropping their children off at local daycares and preschools.

      Police say Pharoah Nshaka, targeted women dropping their children off at preschools and daycare centers in the Broward area although they think there may have been some incidents in Miami-Dade as well.

      Police have listed a reported 116 victims, but only 18 have been successfully identified, police said. In addition, police have recovered 38 driver’s licenses and 60 other pieces of identification including credit cards and bank statements.

      Nshaka allegedly stole these documents and according to Davie Police, planned on stealing the identities of these victims.

      He may have also planned to sell the bundles of personal documentation to others. The suspect had access to sophisticated computers where he could manufacture checks with the victims’ identities for his own personal use.

      Police are continuing their investigation. Nshaka is accused of burglary and was denied bond.


    9. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      commericals and advertising are the main reason i can’t stand watching television.
      i wasn’t even aware that the advertisers had become so bold in shitting in the faces of those they want to sell to.
      although i do see it on signs occassionally, and of course on all products there have to be a white a nigger and a spic and a gook and an occassional mystery meat depicted.

    10. van helsing Says:

      I totally signed off on movies when I saw a TV ad a few years ago, for some raunchy unfunny bluegum comedian’s flick, where some older white salesman type was offering him some deal and he just slugged him. I also remember them walking down a red carpet like they were big shots.

      Ultimate nigger fantasy… well close, I dont remember loads of blonde babes in it…