15 September, 2006

The Kosher Kountry Klown Running Against Rounder

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In 2003 Roy Blunt, Rounder’s opponent in Missouri’s 7th Congressional district, divorced his wife of 31 years to marry one Abigail Perlman. Not surprisingly, Blunt, who chairs the House Republican Israel caucus, is a rabid Israel-firster.

Here: http://democraticwhip.house.gov/in_the_news/articles/index.cfm?pressReleaseID=935

here: http://www.firedupamerica.com/book/print/403

and here: http://bluntwatch.info/archives/2005/09/27/daddy-blunts-corruption-in-top-thirteen/

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    1. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      I wonder who chairs the House Republican Germany caucus? Since there are far more people of German descent in this country than there are jews, and Germany is a far more important nation by every standard than that shitty little Israel, surely there must be one, right? Sure there is.
      Off topic here, but I thought of, imo, a nifty way to promote VNN this morning; carry a magic marker with you and everytime you use a public restroom write “Whites Only” and beneath that “GOVNN.COM” on a stall door. It’ll send a message that makes it clear who VNN’s target audience is, and I dunno, but seeing the words “Whites Only” on a public restroom again would make me feel all nostalgic inside, kinda warm and fuzzy like. Just a thought.

    2. Glenn Miller Says:

      Those 3 links provide mighty interesting reading, Alex. I just might compose a radio ad regarding the following info, then have the ad broadcast on 10-12 radio stations in my and Blunt’s 10-county voting district, just prior to the 7 November elections:

      Both leaders agreed on another issue: Allegations this summer that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee was involved in espionage had no impact on the pro-Israel lobby’s work on the Hill.

      “I have not felt a very substantial, even a moderate response to the allegations,” Hoyer said.

      Blunt agreed.

      “The fact that you haven’t seen members rushing to be critical of AIPAC is a testament to AIPAC’s standing with the Congress,” he said.