17 December, 2006

Bright Lights, Big Jew

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By Hugh Lincoln

Here’s a revealing story from today’s NYT, in which a white gentile woman from (gasp) Nebraska heads off to New York to start a new job, and (ohmyGodBecky!) runs into the managing partner of Weil Gotshal & Manges at a cocktail party and is soooooo impressed.


I think the story says alot about Jewish media control, on several levels.

1. First, the story is less about the trend than the subject, who it’s obvious is thought to be great by the reporteress. The subject is thrown up as this great female hero who’s to be idolized by all the little blonde girls in Nebraska because she has no husband, no children and a slick career, first in Nebraska and now in the big city. Little blonde girls, take note: in order to be cool, follow this lead.

2. Second, the story is basically a reaffirmation of the reporteress’ own values. She, too, is probably a 30-something single woman with no husband or children but an obviously slick career, and she thinks it’s just ducky that another is like her. Her excitement about her subject is palpable. Another example of what the media is: an echo chamber for the liberal/elite/globalist/Jew value system.

3. Third, it paints NYC as this great town with welcoming souls, not a few pockets of overabundant wealth surrounded by throngs of filthy niggers and spics.

New Yorkers, she found, were welcoming. During her first month in town, a group of women held a cocktail party in her honor. Another friend introduced her to Ira Milstein, managing partner of the law firm of Weil, Gotshal & Manges and senior associate dean for corporate governance at the Yale School of Management. He was someone she had long admired — she has spent much of her career studying leadership — and she was delighted to finally meet him. “Here I am talking about leadership and corporate governance with this guru,” she said. “I couldn’t believe it.”

Ah, yes, another young blonde gentile woman, swept away by the Big Jew Power Male. This has got to be one of the most under-studied phenomena of our time. Big Jew Power Male loves the young blonde woman from the Midwest, because she’s impressed by his money and power and has been raised not to think twice about his Jewishness, and he can pump her career knowing that because she’s not male, she won’t rise to challenge him too much. He gets to fuck the shiksa. And, Big Jew Power Male gets this society where gentile women are their dependable fronts (leaving us fixing the plumbing and driving trucks where we can’t do much harm).

4. Fourth, we have yet more reaffirmation of the globalist elite and their hopping. Don’t stay where you are, keep moving around, gentiles! Don’t set down roots where you might actually start thinking of your stake. Is loyalty a value? Longevity? Maybe some people stick with unflashy careers because they’re raising families. But these aren’t values Jews want the smart-set gentiles to get wind of. They want them childless and rootless.

“There’s a growing sense in the U.S. that our destiny is our own, that we create our own paths in life,” said Alan Bernstein, co-author of “Your Retirement, Your Way” ( McGraw-Hill, 2006). “This has loosened the idea that people should do what they are best at, what they most enjoy, rather than what they’ve been trained to do.”

Tell us about it, Alan. Your destiny is your own. Well, in many ways, yes, but in context, this is basically a shimmering Jewish lie. These Jews are tapping into these insecurities and getting rich off them, without actually accomplishing any changes that would make a real difference. Why are our careers so dissatisfying, Alan? Is it because Jews made a society in which career has replaced race, family, religion and soil? Is it because Jews made a society in which we all have to earn enough to pay the taxes for their wars and their welfare? Jews set up, Jews knock down. Here it is, folks.

  • 2 Responses to “Bright Lights, Big Jew”

    1. Olde Dutch Says:

      Well, hopefully the physician she met in New York City is a White man who will make an honest woman out of her. ;) All’s well that ends well.

      Of course the chances of that are pretty slim…

    2. Ben Tillman Says:

      Right on the money, Hugh.