26 December, 2006

New Local Blog: “Detroit is Crap”

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[Growing number of local blogs cover things from VNN’s WN perspective, but focus on the local story – where the rubber hits the road. Check out links

The Hudson Valley Freeman (New York)

Freeport Unmasked (Illinois)

Kirksville Today (Missouri)

CM Press (Costa Mesa, Calif.)

Alaska Pride

New Jersey Unfiltered

Detroit Is Crap

(All these local blogs can be accessed through link this page in right box – Local WN’st Blogs)]

Detroit’s chlamydia rate is the highest among the nation’s cities, according to the latest federal data; state statistics show about 42 percent of Detroit’s 2005 cases in people 19 years old or younger. […]

White Women: Consider this fair warning. If you decide to have sex with men outside of your race you are putting yourself at extreme risk of contracting all types of STDs including HIV. A black male is 14x more likely to have AIDS than a White male. Parents: Take this into consideration when you’re letting your daughter watch negroes jump around and hump women on BET or MTV. This is just one more reason you should be teaching them to date and marry within your own race, for the good of their health.


  • 2 Responses to “New Local Blog: “Detroit is Crap””

    1. Steven in Omaha Says:

      Thanks for adding mine, Alex! That’s why I don’t blog anymore, Nobody gives me any support, And not only that, Nobody seems to gives a rats ass. At least around here anyway.

    2. Anchorage Activist Says:

      Thanks for plugging Alaska Pride, Alex. We don’t have the degree of racial polarization that Detroit does, but white Alaskans still deserve to know the facts.

      However, I am absolutely impressed with this Detroit Is Crap blog. This individual obviously thought it out before he began. However, he’s taken on a giant task. Reporting on TNB in Detroit is like asking Hercules to re-clean the Augean stables or asking Sisyphus to begin rolling the stone back up the hill – a truly daunting task. Where do you begin? He will indeed be busy. I wish him well.