20 January, 2007

Concerning Sean-John

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Christ, that rancid blob of corned beef ‘n’ cabbage Hannity spread its gelatinous buttocks Liffey-wide for Lord Hyman tonight: Comfortably ensconced was one Neal Sher, former head of both AIPAC and the OSI mob of kike shyster/thugs who hound old German gentlemen whose asses they are not worth to lick. Clearly Jimmuh Cahtuh’s recent testicular discoveries have thrown the tapirs into a bloodthirsty rage, because Sher was kvetching that during his administration, Mr. Peanut had tried to intervene on behalf of a “Nazi war criminal” Sher was then trying to run out of the country on a rail.

Naturally, kahnslurpative super patriot Handjobbity was making all the rhythmically-correct mewls ‘n’ whimpers of accompaniment – even though kike Sher has been disbarred for purloining the shekels of sainted Hollowco$t “survivors” to the tune of 136,000 simoleons. And even though he tried to murder John Demanjuk, having had in his possession exculpatory evidence for over a decade. And even though the late Elliot Richardson, cabinet member for both Nixon & Ford, made the explosive allegation that under Sher’s aegis the OSI had a covert assassination team that skulked around snuffing Americans considered a threat to the interests of Shmuel International.Harken ye as a long-suffering humanity demands with one roaring voice:

“Zhid-specific dirtnap viruses NOW!”

N.B. Forrest

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    1. Not a Freakin' Says:

      Another prime piece from NB. You know how and where to grip ’em with pliers and twist. The fact that Sher can be on a show like this and considered legit shows who is really running the “Big Show”.

    2. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      It really is remarkable how much the kikes are able to get away with. How often do we read about these walking tape worms being caught in a wide variety of crimes across the globe; ranging from causing wars and genocide to child porn to financial corruption of all kinds. Yet none of them are ever sent down to the types of hell-holes that thousands of largely innocent or completely innocent white men have bee sent to.
      Bring drugs into the US from Israel. No problem! You can do your time in a holiday camp in Israel. Make child porn in the Israeli embassy in Brazil. No problem! You will never be extradited from criminal headquarters and your cousins in the media will cover it up anyway. Starve and rob millions of Russians and cheat on your taxes like Mr Rich. No problem! The presidential whore will pardon you.
      If the Palestinians were any good they wouldn’t waste their time blowing themselves up to nail a handful of Israeli kikes; they would target important yids in the USA. Popping a cap in the skulls of Kissinger or Wolfowitz or Spielberg would be much more effective. It’s only when kikes everywhere fear for their lives that we will see a change. Up to now they have never had to pay for the vast misery and suffering they have caused.
      It would be nice if a scientist could make a kike-specific virus, but can a virus kill a virus?

    3. sgruber Says:

      Can a virus kill a virus?

      Inquiring minds want to know.

      Seriously, they do want to know.

    4. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “. . .Popping a cap in the skulls. . .”

      Sounds like a SKULLCAP. . .

    5. furnandloathinginDFW Says:

      … I own a stuffed toy banded tapir- which is very cute and sometimes sits on my bed.

      The urge to chuck it in the oven is overwhelming, at times.

    6. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Don’t think this savaging of Carter has gone unnoticed by the antiwar left. They regard Mr. Habitat for Humanity as something of a hero, and they’re much more aware of the Jew’s role in setting ZOG’s ME policy than the increasingly embarrassing conservatives are. I’ve seen a lot of rage about this in the comments sections on leftist news sites. Now if they could only see through Hymie’s domestic agenda…


      They should have thrown it in the river

      Instead, the Israel lobby has made a mess of its war on Carter, says
      alexander cockburn

      Suppose the movers and shakers in the Israel lobby in the US – Abe Foxman, Alan Dershowitz and the rest of the crew – had simply decided to leave Jimmy Carter’s Peace Not Apartheid alone. How long before the book and all its aspersions on Israel’s treatment of Palestinians would have been gathering dust on the remainder shelves?

      Suppose even that Dershowitz had rounded up some interns, and simply sallied forth from the Harvard Law School to buy up every copy of Carter’s book and hurl each one into the Charles river. Would not that have been a more successful suppressor than the attempted blitzkrieg strategy they did adopt?

      Of course it would. For weeks now the lobby has hurled its legions into battle against Carter. The Anti-Defamation League has taken out ads. The lobby’s allies in the press have hurled their rotten tomatoes. The Amazon.com book site features venomous assaults at unprecedented length.

      Carter has been stigmatised as an anti-Semite, a Holocaust denier, a patron of former concentration camp killers, a Christian madman, a pawn of the Arabs, an advocate of terror.

      But the assault on Carter is all to no avail. With each gust of abuse, Carter’s book soars higher and higher on the bestseller lists, now at number three on Amazon itself. This doesn’t prove the lobby has no power. It proves the lobby can be dumb. Once a book by a former President with weighty humanitarian credentials has actually made it into the bookstores, it’s a hard job to shoot it down with volleys of wild abuse.

      The trouble with the Israel lobby, and those American Jews who follow its lead, is that they believe their own propaganda about Israel’s equitable social arrangements and immaculate political and legal record in its relations to the Palestinians and other bloodthirsty subhumans. Use the word ‘apartheid’ and they howl with shock and indignation. The shock is about 30 years out of date. Israeli writers regularly use the word ‘apartheid’ to describe arrangements in the ‘Occupied Territories’ and have done so for years. South African Jews have said that in some ways the Israeli version of apartheid in the Occupied Territories is worse than their own before its abolition in 1990.

      But if the lobby is fighting rearguard and increasingly futile actions to suppress all discussion here about what Israel is doing to Palestinians, it is far more successful in exerting pressure in the area where it continues to exercise very serious clout – namely the US Congress. The lobby’s prime foreign policy task has been to rally support for an onslaught on Iran, an objective it has not been slow to impart to members of the party now controlling Congress: the Democrats.

      What an irony! Desperate for an end to the war, the voters hand Congress to the Democrats. Barely more than two months later, Bush is kidnapping Iranian diplomats from their consulate in Irbil, in northern Iraq – a carefully calculated provocation arousing scant tumult at home.

      Bush is also deploying larger naval forces to the Persian Gulf, as Israel plants story after story about its possible recourse to nuclear weapons if it is to stop the Iranians developing a nuclear bomb. Some Tonkin Gulf-type provocation, maybe a seizure of an Iranian tanker, is easy to imagine some time in February.

      In Congress, however, there’s barely a whimper out of the Democrats amid these terrifying prospects. It may have made a mess of its war against Carter’s book, but as a ferryman across the Styx toward Armageddon, the lobby is doing a competent job.


    7. sgruber Says:

      The greatnesss of America has tapired off in recent years…


    8. saltriver Says:

      Mr Jimmy Peanut should have displayed this courage when he was prez. As far as the kike specific virus goes, make sure it is the inhalable type and not a single one would be immune due to the schnoz size.

    9. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      I listened to this repugnant suck-up piling on Carter today on his show. He’s putting on this “aw gee, I hate to do this but I’m being forced by the evidence to come to the conclusion that Jimmy Carter might be an anti-semite” act that even his left-side-of-the-conservative bell curve fans ought to be able to see through. Since when has this son-of-a-bitch ever been reluctant to do the Jew’s bidding? Fucking cockroach. And to do it using “evidence” from a snake like Neal Sher:

      The Unraveling of Neal Sher
      One-time Justice Department Nazi hunter finds himself disbarred and unemployed
      Tom Schoenberg
      Legal Times
      September 12, 2003

      Neal Sher hunted Nazis for the Justice Department. He lobbied on Israeli and Jewish issues as head of the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC. And most recently, he worked to ensure that families of Holocaust victims collect on their insurance policies.

      Now, the 56-year-old Sher is unemployed. And, on Aug. 28, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit stripped him of his D.C. law license. The move comes roughly one year after Sher conceded he had made “unauthorized reimbursements” of travel expenses from the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims, where he served as its chief of staff. He resigned from that position in June 2002.

      Sher says he has made restitution to the commission, but remains defiant about the disbarment, saying he feels unfairly targeted by the D.C. Bar.


      Sher made a name for himself hunting Nazis. In 1979, the New York University School of Law graduate joined a brand-new Justice Department unit called the Office of Special Investigations. There, he tracked Nazis who had entered the United States after World War II and worked to have them stripped of their citizenship and deported.

      In 1983, Sher became director of the 20-lawyer OSI, and the office logged several high-profile matters under his watch.

      For example, the office persuaded the Justice Department in 1987 to put then- Austrian President Kurt Waldheim on a watch list barring him from entering the United States after compiling evidence that the former German army official had been aware of atrocities against Jews and did nothing to stop them. Waldheim, who was the United Nations secretary general from 1972 until 1982, disputed the claim and argued that the DOJ was relying upon false information.

      Other OSI cases included a former NASA official who allegedly persecuted Jews while working for Germany’s weapons program from 1943 to 1945; a retired factory worker in Connecticut who was accused of being a former Nazi death camp guard; and a Jew who admitted to beating other Jews at a German concentration camp.

      But the office under Sher’s leadership also came under scrutiny. Two cases in particular — those of John Demjanjuk and Andrija Artukovic — left the impression to some observers that Sher and his staff played up scurrilous evidence against targets while ignoring exculpatory information.

      Demjanjuk, a retired Cleveland auto worker, was accused of being a notorious Ukrainian concentration camp guard in Poland who was known as Ivan the Terrible.

      In 1982, Demjanjuk was stripped of his American citizenship in the face of allegations that he helped operate the gas chambers at Treblinka. In 1986, he was extradited to Israel, where he was convicted and sentenced to hang. But during Demjanjuk’s appeals process, information casting doubt on his identity as the infamous Ivan came to light. And it became known that Sher’s unit had possessed the information for more than a decade. In July 1993, the Israeli Supreme Court acquitted Demjanjuk of all charges.

      The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals subsequently blasted the Justice Department by stating that OSI attorneys “acted with a reckless disregard for the truth.”