3 January, 2007

John Kaminski on Zionists and Their Lackeys

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[Mark Farrell of Honest Media Today]

Do you think that Eric Hufschmid and Daryl Bradford Smith are Zionist lackeys?

The reason I say this is think about 9-11: It was clear that Zionists had foreknowledge.

Only one Israeli died in the attack, and she was on a plane–not inside the building, according to CNN.

The Odigo Message Service sent a forewarning to some.

All the Israeli companies left the WTC in the few months prior to the attack.

There were put-options, where some Israelis made some massive cash on the destruction by putting their bets on the decline of air transportation.

Silverstein had a massive insurance policy on the WTC, with a double-payoff if it involved a terroristic attack.

There was Silverstein’s Building #7 that wasn’t hit, yet fell down, and his talk about how the building was “pulled” on TV.

And how could we forget the PNAC statement that occurred long before the attack, saying that such a terror attack would get America on Israel’s side.

The list goes on.

Things were looking bad for the Zionists. People were starting to awaken.

And along comes Hufschmid, touting some asinine drivel about “radio controlled jets” in a nicely-produced video. I mean, what kind of sane person would say something like that?

I think that this was a deliberate ploy to discredit the 9-11 truthseekers who recognized that Israel–i.e., Zionists–had direct foreknowledge of what was to occur by associating such people with the nigh-retarded argument that the planes were being controlled by remote control–something that couldn’t conceivably occur to such large planes and have them capable of making such turns from afar.

By associating people who truly recognized that the 9-11 incident truly was known in advance by Israelis with the crazy argument that there were remote controlled planes, it thereby caused a guilt-by-association in many people’s minds–in that those who accused the Zionists were not credible by believing such nonsense (even if they didn’t).

And then there is Hufschmid’s/Daryl B.S.’s attack on David Irving and Ernst Zundel, suggesting that they voluntarily went to a pretend-jail to build contempt for Zionists. What kind of nonsense is that? I mean, the mainstream press reports that these guys really DID go in jail, with Zundel still there; yet somehow the high-and-mighty (seemingly pro-Zionist stooges) Daryl B.S. and Hufshcmid say otherwise?

And then he calls David Duke a Zionist? What kind of nonsense is that?

Anyone who’s read Duke’s excellent book “Jewish Supremacism” realizes that such talk is sheer insanity. Duke was on the forefront pointing out Zionist complicity in 9-11 long before Hufschmid came along with Hufshcmid’s, what may as well be called, pro-Zionist propaganda video, which did well to discredit all the 9-11 truthseekers.

Hufschmid and B.S. even insinuate that Dr. Toben is a Zionist! What kind of nonsense is that! Dr. Toben is well known to oppose Zionism, unlike Hufschmid’s and B.S.’s appearingly behind the scenes promotion of such through what seems to be ulterior motives.

And who are these two–Hufschmid and B.S.–anyway? Daryl B.S. says that he is working out of France. While he might very well be working out of the Zionist-section there, I suspect it’s more like Tel Aviv or Washington, D.C. from which he sprung.

Mark Farrell

—- John Kaminski <[email protected]> wrote:

Report from the rabbithole

Other people know the truth: Why can’t Americans get it?

Pull quote:
The most real question pertaining to the development
of human society at the beginning of the 21st century
has recently been discussed exhaustively in, of all places,
Tehran, Iran. Credit must go to an Iranian society that can
forthrightly discuss ALL matters of history and not be
unduly influenced by the financial influence exerted
on Western capitalist governments by the international J
banking cartel that has turned World Bank-controlled
human society into a charnel house of depopulation for profit.

By John Kaminski
[email protected]

Something is happening, but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr.
— Bob Dylan

They lynched Saddam on the basis of the lies they told about him. You know what this means, of course. This is a clear announcement that they WILL kill you on the basis of the lies they tell about you. And still you slumber.

Justice is long gone from the law courts of the corporate West, maybe from all courts in the world. Pretense and perverted purpose are in complete control. Maybe it has always been this way. You may ponder this at the funeral of your next dead relative, or the next time somebody hands you a petition. Just tell them they never work.

I see the independent voices being snuffed out one by one, a macabre procession of bullets in the brains of Hunter S. Thompson, Gary Webb, and Ron Brown. Those who continue to write authoritatively are using a formula to distance Js from Zs, to conceal the real culprits

The issue is freedom of speech. The key point is understanding the Js existed long before the Zs, and the Z scam is just like the Communism scam. What has been blamed on the Germans is actually a J invention. The larger picture from the mid-1800s, when they failed in their attempt to split the United States with a Civil War, reveals a massive infiltration that created this mindlock that a small group should create and control the wars and use everybody else as cannon fodder.

Every single person you see on television is employed by this group. And very likely so are you, perhaps in some subterranean way that maybe even you don’t know about. More than likely you do.

After more than 100 years of practice, the mechanisms for diversion of attention are very sophisticated. Every movie, every song, crafted for your consumption and with a purpose — to erode the fabric of what exists for profit in an endless planetwide war on life itself. In a world where deceit deceives itself, the shadow — being a perception of fear — must destroy the object that casts it.

But for most, it’s simply too big to see. When we’ve been brought up on tribal principles that define our basic world view, it’s very difficult to understand that these principles actually create the problems that threaten us. Justifying crime in the name of national defense is the usual excuse. Thus, the War on Terror.

There is an algebraic equation everybody needs to compute. Professor Kevin MacDonald outlines the idea the neoconservatism is essentially a Jewish movement. Therefore, why when talking about the neocons is the motivating factor never mentioned?

But this is how history has proceeded. Surely all of it couldn’t have been triggered by the same group?

Here is the razor’s edge of contemporary sociopolitical thought. So many people beseech me to say this isn’t the fault of one group. And that it is the question: Is it us, or is it them? Have we with our very behavior created this war machine that plunders and poisons, or is it the war machine that has created the heartless automatons we have become?

I offer only one piece of evidence that is the key to making the leap to understanding what is going on. Consider the world today.

Freedom of speech exists in Iran, but not in the United States or most of Europe.

One old friend who has spent most of his life running on the backroads surprised me when he confided, “I’m shocked at the amount of publicity that questions about the Holocaust are getting these days. I never thought it would have been possible.”

Coming from him, an itinerant intellectual who had done the dance with some of the real archons of the underground individualist movement that exists in all times and places, it raised my eyebrows. Then he added with a twinkle in his eye, “Maybe they don’t really control the media after all.”

I was stunned. Could it still be possible that truth could prevail in this twisted day and age where bombs are dropped on the basis of lies that are told? Where no-longer-useful tinhorn dictators are executed on the basis of the fictions that have been foisted on the public?

I looked at him and grinned. Here was a guy who had lived in the real world, the dirty world where things are done that you wouldn’t tell your family. He knew that the distant target of his .243 Wetherbee rifle had a family, but that was irrelevant — this was business.

We both knew that all the bases were covered, that any serious attempt at creating genuine freedom from this succubus that sucks the world into its own shadow would quickly bring a horde of lemming parasites to destroy the idea, to convert it to its own uses. Failing that, the usual pattern of outraged protest, besmirchment, stonewalling, blackmailing, bribery and if necessary murder would follow. The difference between us, I guess, was that he believed this was a tribal phenomenon whereas I had always felt it was specieswide amongst humans.

And this became the great question of our time: Have we been guided into the position we’re in, or did we get here all by ourselves?

The most real question pertaining to the development of human society at the beginning of the 21st century anno domini has recently been discussed exhaustively in, of all places, Tehran, Iran. Credit must go to an Iranian society that can forthrightly discuss ALL matters of history and not be unduly influenced by the financial influence exerted on Western capitalist governments by the international J banking cartel that has turned World Bank-controlled human society into a charnel house of depopulation for profit.

This is where the bottom line intersects with your anatomy. If you live in Iraq, the method of this transmission is usually a bullet, one of too many horrors to behold there. In our media drugged coma we hear the empty rationales of the war on terror and realize that it’s just a hollow pose for profit, in which we sacrifice our children. That’s positively Molochean, he being the evil beast that poses as Yahweh,
Jehovah, Allah, and Almighty God as well as a welter of other pseudonyms.

It is precisely here where the tapestry of lies that rule
capitalist/religious prison society begins to unravel. A very serious lie has been perpetrated on everybody. And, as with so many other tribal inventions, it has changed the very nature of reality and history.

In no single historical event is the J stranglehold on the world’s financial system better vivified and ritualized that in the thousands of Holocaust Museums that have sprung up around the world like so many mushrooms on the moonscape our beautiful world has become. The future
will regard these mental mausoleums as Houses of the Lie, which numerous experts recently explained to their gracious and intelligent host, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Comparing the presidents of the two nations, the United States and Iran, is startling.

Mr. Ahmadinejad is an intellectual and caring father at home in the world saying let us speak the truth about history and realize the influences that assail us. Mr. Bush is the latest preprogrammed lieutenant from a demented line of warmakers descended from World War I arms dealer Samuel Walker, and not what you would call a family man, except in the corporate sense. See


The presentation in Tehran was notable for two remarkable occurrences.

David Duke burst upon the world scene with forthright analyses of Jewish control of world media, demolishing CNN’s Mossad-controlled Wolf Blitzer and other Ziomedia zombies in the process. His continuing eloquence in these matters increasingly overshadows the aspersions heaped upon him — and all the other free speech martyrs languishing in German jails — by the J media spin machine.

What the Holocaust conference in Iran really accomplished was a definitive, scientific proof that Hitler and the Germans NEVER developed a plan to exterminate anyone. Their so-called Final Solution was deportation to Palestine, to rid German society of Jewish influences which had ruled Germany cruelly and to unfair advantage stemming from the Jewish-devised Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I and guaranteed endless wars to come.

This argument has always been best articulated by a man known as the dean of Holocaust Revisionists, retired Professor Robert K. Faurisson of the University of Lyon, who at age 78 — after a half century of being beaten and having his jaw broken by J thugs, and fresh from his moral victory in court in France — was never stronger or more articulate.

“The holocaust is a put up job done by the Jews,” he concluded.

Faurisson concluded in 1980: “The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews form one and the same historical lie, which has permitted a gigantic political and financial swindle whose main beneficiaries are the state of Israel and international Zionism and whose main victims are the German people – but not their leaders – and the Palestinian people in their entirety.”

Thirty-seven years later, his contentions have only been verified and deepened.

” … the “Holocaust” remains the lone official religion of the entire West, a murderous religion if ever there was one. And one that continues to fool millions of good souls in the crudest ways: the display of heaps of eyeglasses, hair, shoes or valises presented as “relics” of the “gassed”, faked or deceptively exploited photographs, texts of innocuous papers altered or purposely misinterpreted, endless proliferation of monuments, ceremonies, shows, the drumming of the Shoah into our heads as early as primary school, organised excursions to the holy sites of alleged Jewish martyrdom and great show trials with their calls for lynch-law.

This white-haired professor of French symbolist poets dominated the Tehran conference with the same basic questions he has been asking for 30 years.

• “Show me or draw me a Nazi gas chamber.”

(In today’s context, the question could well be, “Show me Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction.”)

• “Bring me one proof, one single piece of evidence of your own choosing, on the grounds of which to assert that there was a genocide.”

• “Bring me one testimony, one single testimony, the best one in your opinion.”

The purveyors of propaganda who spout the term anti-Semitism battle mightily to blot out the truth. And yet they have failed. Faurisson explains:

First in France and later in a number of other countries in Europe, these accusers have called for the passing of special laws to silence the revisionists. Here they have sealed their doom. To resort to special laws, to the police and prisons is to admit one’s utter inability to use the arguments of reason, history and science.

A hundred other arguments again could be recalled here to prove that, on the plane of history and science, the immense edifice of lies put up by the “Holocaust” or “Shoah” sect has been thrown down, with not one stone left upon another. In contrast to this expanse of ruins, we have seen the construction of a whole revisionist literature. In it can be discovered a profusion of documents, photographs, expert studies, trial transcripts, technical and scientific reports, testimonies, statistical studies, all of which bearing on a hundred aspects of the history of the Second World War that show what the lot of the European Jews was in reality, and demonstrate in striking manner that the Jewish version of that war is largely of the order of myth.

Faurisson demolishes the idea that the Germans “gassed” anyone at Auschwitz.

• They cannot invoke a single document proving the crime.

• They are unable to provide the least representation of the crime weapon.

• They do not possess any proof nor even any evidence.

• They cannot name a single truthful witness

Faurisson calls the Holocaust myth “one of the greatest lies in history.”

It has served to justify the creation in the land of Palestine of a warlike colony that has taken the name of “Jewish State” and endowed itself with a “Jewish Army”. It imposes on the Western world the yoke of a Jewish or Zionist tyranny bringing itself to bear in fields of intellectual, academic & media activity.

It poisons the very soul of a great country, Germany. It has allowed the extortion from the latter, as well as from a good number of other Western countries, of exorbitant sums in marks, in dollars or in euros. It overwhelms us with films, with museums, with books that keep the flame of a Talmudic-style hatred burning.

It makes it possible to call for an armed crusade against “the axis of evil” and, for this, to fabricate, on demand, the most shameless lies precisely in the pattern of the Great Lie of the “Holocaust”, for there is no difference between Adolf Hitler’s “weapons of mass destruction” and those of Saddam Hussein.

It makes it possible to accuse nearly the whole world and to demand “repentance” and “reparations” everywhere, either for alleged actions directed against “Yahweh’s chosen people”, an alleged complicity in the crime, or an alleged general indifference to the fate of the Jews during the Second World War. Under its belt it has a glut of rigged
trials, beginning with the loathsome Nuremberg trial. It has sanctioned thousands of hangings of defeated soldiers, an atrocious post-war Purge, the deportation of millions of civilians chased from their ancestral homelands, indescribable pillaging, tens of thousands of scandalous legal proceedings, including those carried out today against octogenarians or nonagenarians, attacked by “miraculous” Jewish survivors giving their false testimony.

Born in 1929 of a French father and a Scottish mother, Faurisson taught classical letters (French, Latin, Greek) before specializing first in the analysis of modern and contemporary French literary texts and, finally, in the appraisal of texts and documents (literature, history,
media). He was professor at the Sorbonne and the University of Lyon. Because of his historical revisionist stands, he was effectively forbidden from teaching. He has incurred many convictions in the law courts and has suffered ten physical assaults. In France, access to the press, radio and television is barred to him, as it is to all revisionists.

Some Internet radio talk show hosts who pretend to be sincere insist we may not talk about the Holocaust lest we offend our J benefactors.

Understanding how the facts of history have been manipulated for the profits of a perverted few is essential to understanding all the other lies: Iraq, Afghanistan, and 9/11, to name only a few of the recent attacks upon our freedom of thought.

The Holocaust is the central lie of our time that must be understood in all its complexity if real peace is ever again to prevail in our world.

Otherwise, Saddam’s fate is truly our own.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida whose Internet essays have been seen on hundreds of websites around the


  • 7 Responses to “John Kaminski on Zionists and Their Lackeys”

    1. apollonian Says:

      Inductive Logic A “Stubborn Thing” Indeed
      (Apollonian, 3 Jan 07)

      Excellent pts are made in above VNN blog, “John Kaminsky…,” for 3 Jan 07, which give the inductive conclusion Jews are responsible for gross fraud, including the 9-11 mass-murder false-flag strike and consequent cover-up, this all preceded by World War II carnage so brilliantly catalyzed by Jews and Judeo-conspirators of CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy (see TheNewAmerican.com for definitive expo/ref. on aforementioned conspiracy).

      Inductive logic is ultimately what the human being must use for survival, a specific kind of functioning of mentality. For brilliant exemplary rendition of such INDUCTIVE LOGIC, pls see Ed Steele’s “It Wasn’t Arabs” (ConspiracyPenPal.com, archives) fm Nov. 03. What then do Jews say when the inductive logic implicates them requiring them to “rule themselves out”?

      Jews simply attempt to activate that pre-programmed, so they hope, “moralism”-Pharisaism of anti-antisemitism. Hey look buddy, u can’t blame Jews for anything–u can’t even imagine it, okay? Right kikes.

      Smart people use INDUCTIVE LOGIC; the weaker ones must rely upon EPIPHANY: hey, “it’s the Jews, stupid,” as Ed Steele so eloquently puts it. And the free internet with all its tremendous power of INFORMATION continues its inexorable logic as Jews evermore ISOLATE themselves.

      Did u know there’s yet further neat tid-bits about Larry Silverstein, that master MOSSAD agent who made billions? WTC Towers themselves WERE CONDEMNED PROPERTY which Silverstein yet insured for billions, WTC never having actually turned a profit in its short history. This story of “Galvanic Corrosion” of the WTC structure was on WhatReallyHappened.com just yesterday or day before, still there on archives, indubitably.

      CONCLUSION: Slowly but surely inductive logic, information, journalism, and mighty Internet close-in upon Judeo-conspirators presently conducting their splendid Orwellian “perpetual war.” Antisemitic Epiphany of the gentile volk will take only the Jews of lower-level, like bolsheviks, by surprise, as socio-biologic “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler, reaches a cyclic turning pt. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    2. Billy Joe Daniels Says:

      This may or may not be the appropriate place to discuss some related items to the above essay. One of the things that emerges from a close study of shoah literature is two massive attempts at deception. One is to deceive God, and the other is to deceive non-Jews. Presumably Jews have also managed to deceive themselves with their own lies as well.

      1) Deceiving God has to do with throwing up a great cloud of dust, sackcloth-rending, and screaming about a sacrifice of six millions of their number. We know the number is false because it has been alleged at no fewer than three times in the 20th century. If you visit this page


      you will see the six millions number mentioned as of June 11, 1900, September 29, 1919, and October 31, 1919. And of course we all have been given the six millions number treatment since the early 1970s.

      So we know that figure has played an important role at three different times in the past century. I believe the six millions number has vastly important religious impact primarily designed to deceive God presumably for the purpose of the in-gathering of Jews into Israel. (Jewish lore and religious texts claim their clever rabbis are able to deceive God; this is not a new idea.)

      Apparently persuading non-Jews to believe IN the number (not to just believe the number) is deemed critical by organized Jewry who enforce their deception of God by requiring non-Jews to bend the knee and kiss the whip of the six millions number. Perhaps it is to secure worldly benefits from appalled & gullible non-Jews, but I think we can deconstruct the Big Lie if we understand the claim in terms of a Jewish attempt to literally deceive God.

      2) The second thing to understand is that much of the hysteria and viciousness involved in the shoah literature has to do with cremation, not poison gas. The latter outcome would be bad enough were it true, but if anyone reads the shoah literature, they will be struck by Jewish fascination with crematoria. To non-Jews, a crematory is not usually an object of loathing and fear, but to most Jews, a crematory is an object of abject horror. Jews, being one branch of the Semitic family, are together with the other branch in this matter, and insist on certain burial customs including proper handling of Jewish corpses and burial within 24 hours.

      Thus, aside from the unlikable aspects of being confined to internment work camps for the duration of WWII, the very idea of the man-handling of Jewish corpses and reducing them to ash is hyper-abhorrent. Because that idea doesn’t translate well to non-Jews, they moved the horror of cremation & improper burial practices back in time to the alleged cause of death. However, if you read the shoah lliterature you will see it is based pretty firmly on horror of crematoria, not gas chambers. There is some humor to this, because it is a particularly flimsy sleight-of-hand trick, but it doesn’t fool all of us.

      For a look at the wide variety of alleged death-dealing techniques during WWII, go to:


      The lesson? Know your enemy. Don’t be fooled. Realize Jews are really, really different from us and every word needs scrutiny now that they loom so large and so loud in our public squares.

      By the way, don’t delude yourselves that there will be a day of reckoning. It appears that organized Jewry has a major horror to teach us every other generation. And they are never held to account by our people or by our courts. Huge scandals dominated the press having to do with pograms in Rumania in the 1870s, then Czarist Russia, then France, then Germany, then Czarist Russia again, Germany again, then the Soviet Union after the mid-1950s, and so on.

      I don’t know why we so willingly forget these agitations, and the discovery that at least one zero was attached to the number of victims, sometimes two zeros (likely the case in WWII), when the next agitation rears its head. We are pretty gullible about believe the superficial claims put forward without examining the underlying goals & needs of organized Jewry every two or three generations. We forget & forgive their huge crimes easily, while they have mammoth memories that magnify allegations of any crimes committed against them during any historical period.

      By the way, to understand the Israeli-Palestinian situation, sit down with your Old Testament and read the Book of Joshua to see how they trounced the Palestinians of that era. From genocide to assassination, it has all been done before.

    3. America First Says:

      Our White Nation’s during a Holiday season, with most of our people being at home, off work, and with family or friend’s reflecting at this quiet holiday time of the year, or even if one was homeless at a Salvation Army Holiday kitchen we had to have the news thrown in our face’s that Saddam was hanged. This news given to White’s who are already under stress shows how insane the jews are as they were behind this, and for the Shabbos Goy’s they should have that fate themselves who supported this during our Holiday season.

      This was just another attack on the destruction of Christmas to have done this deed to tell U.S. about on the every source of news. Listening to Christmas music and the radio announced the hanging!

      As for Judicial Biz Inc/ their site is never hacked, that I have heard of, it comes up surper fast, even in a library with dial up, yet VNN, O.D. and G.I.M. was hack attacked too till the patriot’s were mass banned, no matter how polite they were.

      JBINC is at most every forum I have been too. I don’t go to Storm Front , but I suspect they are there too.

      JPS our multi thousand young poster was hysterical for years trying to bashing the Truth about the fraud insurance claim in NYC.

      Something that dissappeared in the news about the insurance company was that a Japanese company had half of the fraud claim and the other half was a jew who had put tens of millions in a private jewish school in N.C. or S.C. that was surrounded by trees and chain link, and that the local town did not know it was there and that local police patroled the outside roads etc. The Japanese company was going to forclose or some take the school property is the other insurance company did not get the money. It was an interesting story.This story is gone.

    4. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “Faurisson concluded in 1980 . . .”

      “Thirty-seven years later, his contentions have only been verified and deepened.”

    5. whitefight Says:

      DBS and huffscmidt hate the fact that the holocaust is being refuted. they want to attack jews but can’t stand that nazis may be exonerated. They are extreme antis and try to convince people that jews are white. Their main objective is to lump the jews in with the whites and attack them both as zionist. DBS is married to a non-white so everything he says must be a slight against white nationalism because white nationalism attacks miscegenation. So, you’ve got people who hate jews but also hate “racism” because of their sick lifestyles.

    6. Curt Says:

      I personally think there is much more to Huffschmidt and DBS that just being extreme “antis.” Personally, I don’t think they have much influence anyway – they are essentially non-entities that we spend entirely too much time focusing on. I am much more likely to encounter someone in the general public that has heard of Faurisson, Duke, Irving, Zundel, and/or Alex Linder than I am someone that has heard of either Huffschmidt or DBS.

    7. Gokhan Kahraman Says:

      Claiming that there is no freedom of speech in U.S. but it is in Iran is the most senseless statement ever made . Like any other government they only allow the matters which they want to be discussed freely. GO TO IRAN AND TRY TO CONVINCE PEOPLE THAT PROPHET MOHAMMED DID NOT GO TO MOON IN MIRAJ KANDIL DAY IN 6 TH CENTURY . BUT YOU CAN DISCUSS APOLLO 11 HOAX FREELY.