1 January, 2007


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My name be Eboneesha, an African-American girl who just got an award for being the best speler in class. I got 67% on the speling test and 30 points for being black, 5 points for not bringing drugs into class, 5 points for not bringing guns into class, and 5 points for not getting pregnut during the cemester. It hard to beat a score of 120%.
The white dude who sit next to me is McGee from the Bronx. He got a 94% on the test but no extra points on account of he have the same skin color as the opressirs of 150 years ago.
Granny ax me to thank all Dimocrafts and Liberals for suporting afermative action. You showing the way to true equality.
I gwine be gittin in medical skool nex an mabe I be yo doctor.Yo fren,

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    1. Curt Says:

      Well, yep, that just about sums it all up.

    2. honkey tonk man Says:

      That was funny as hell but yet of so true.

      When ever some liberal starts yapping about how wee’s all be equal,…
      .. ask them if their son or daughter where seriously sick would they rather take them to an all black hospital or an all white hospital?
      Would they like their son or daughter to go to a majority black school or majority white school? …
      How about if they where in serious trouble and had to go to prison. Would they rather go to an all black prison or an all white prison?
      …I suggest all self hating white elite taitors should be held in an all black prison while they await their trail for genocide against the white race. They could get to enjoy some black diversity every night from their so called equals. Let them rot in there for a few years before their trail.

    3. 14BLUEBEARD88 Says:


    4. Dave Jones Says:

      Wonderfully crafted little piece brimming with the pride of achievement at having attained semi literacy, slowly and inexorably slipping back into almost utterly unintelligible ebonic niggababble.

      You can try to ‘paint over the cracks’ but no amount of linguistic cosmetology can disguise the fact that even the most loquacious coons are just thick as pig shit.

      Nice one Alex.

    5. Tyler Durden Says:

      it be da secunt time i see a nigga be braggen all up in it n shit…wha yu want a fuggin coocie nigga? ware be my mat goug? I be tursty n shit

    6. Steve Says:

      Wow great job, Eboneesha. I’m sure you’ll make a terrific doctor. Can you perform a self-sterilization by chance? No? Well, I’ll help you out. I’ll get the drill. Oh, and those NASA folks could really use another brilliant mind on their missions. Maybe you’ll be the first black woman to set foot on the Sun.

    7. Stan Sikorski Says:

      Isn’t that just darling. The little monkey tries to emulate humans.

      Yet true. The monkey nation gets all the breaks, including special treatment for living up to human standards while true humans are treated with contempt, or worse.

      Dimocrafts, Liberals, Republicunts, all of them – traitors to White Human Existence.

      Saddam the bastards.

    8. Theseus Says:

      The Yahoo! Answers page for this is great:


    9. Mati The Estonian Says:



      and those 2 links will sums it up – thats the future for the States if we delay the “day of rope” to long …

    10. Beast Says:

      “No child left behind” is a euphemistic way of saying “don’t let white boys get ahead”.

    11. Biff Baxter Says:

      Easy to call it. It’s a declining civilization pursuing a dysgenic strategy to elevate the sick, weak and stupid at the expense of the strong, bright and healthy. Guess what the odds are on that nation being around for another ten years. Not good.

    12. Dudeman Says:

      Eben d’scientists be racist! De be makin shit up and shit:

    13. Dudeman Says:

      This is a little old and slightly off topic, but WTF??


      We are supposed to get 200k niggers coming into this country in this Q1 2007?? Whoever authorized that should be taken out and shot in the back of the head! And what, we are going to supply them with free education(s) and the likes? I got to get out of this country, it is going to shit!

    14. sgruber Says:

      The American nation is becoming monkey nation – with predictable results: the unraveling of civilization.

      Never mind the horrific black crime rate, the murders, rapes, robberies, iron bars on windows, etc. Just look at the subtle tale told by these little items (links below).

      In these stories, race is obvious even though not identified. Little niggers just piss on things and threaten violence and make noise, so goodbye library. (Register and leave a comment on the town blog.)

      As low-IQ niggers and Mexicans fill up the country, reading levels revert to “Dick and Jane” and Oprah, so goodbye classics.

      You can’t have culture and multiculture. You can’t have niggers and civilization.

      The jews who acccomodate and open the door to “Eboneesha” and her ilk are wrecking yet another nation. Throughout history, people have identified jews as “nation wreckers” – before the jews put them down. Time to return the favor.

    15. Dave Jones Says:

      Its genetic without question. The racial inference, although supressed in this crime report is obvious even simply by the absurdity of the names. Even the nigglets bees like dems daddy. A 2 year old is stabbed to death by a 9 year old as appartment full of nigglets chimp out.


      IcudbewrongbutIdontfinkso knowamsayin.

    16. jackumup Says:

      I can’t wait for her to turn 27 and get her certificate of attendance at the local voc tech, so i can hire her for the position of gotstu receptionist, you know “yous gots to call this one or yous gots to call back”

    17. furandloathinginDFW Says:

      Saying ‘monkey nation’ reminds me of Kiplings take on monkeys, the other animals called them the ‘bandar log’ and treated them as if they didn’t exist, they were so repulsed by them.

    18. 2eyedJack Says:

      I think you guys are selling Eboneehsa short. She could have a wonderful future ahead as a translator for the UN. Unfortunately, she would have to learn English as a second language, so her hiring may well be several years in the future.

    19. America First Says:

      Dialed an 800 number today, and got Eboneeshsa, “Lemme’s axe yew this etc.” I hung up silently. Does anyone think that common people are not sick of this shit? We know the answer.

    20. Me Says:

      I don’t understand what you are so high and mighty about . History shows that the true innovators and the people who actually WROTE most of the classics though not Negros , were definitely NOT White , if by that you mean blonde with blue eyes . Even in modern times , the most dominant culture (English) is hardly a pure one , genetically and ethnically speaking . In fact the cultural exchange over such a long period might have been the cause of the eventual supremacy of that culture over other more “white” European cultures . Where would English be without Latin ? And where would Latin be had it not been for other “non-white” cultural contributions through Greek ?