4 January, 2007

Modern Alchemy: Trying to Turn Niggers into Humans

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[From reader]

Yo daddy in prison? No problem, we gots programs for dat

(it should be sterilizing daddy, but meanwhile…)

Learn how to be civilized AKA “mentoring”

“His whole manner has changed,” said his grandmother Connie Williams, who has helped raise Xavier. “He’s not around us girls all the time. He gets to hang out with a male, someone who sets a good example.”The program serves children ages 4 to 14, each with a parent in state or federal prison.


“no no, you don’t smoke that stuff, you eat it!” (I like the gesture of the kid, its just f*ckin funny, need I say why?)

Oshana said he takes Xavier to the UC Berkeley campus hoping that he’ll attend school there one day.

My new white dad is DA bomb! (I don’t know, is the “mentor dad” white or a Jew?)

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    1. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      That huge nose gives it away. He is bringing the pickininny up to be a Shabbos Swartz.

    2. Jim Says:

      That last photo looks like a kike pedophile going in for the kill.

    3. Scipio Americanus Says:

      LOL! That’s good stuff, Alex. Indeed, this is what passes for “Liberal” reasoning and understanding these days. Apparently, they have forgotten the pithy truism: monkey see, monkey do. Modern Alchemy indeed. However, keep in mind that these anthropoids do have the capacity to ostensibly imitate us and apparently most Americans fall prey to this unfortunate fact — hook, line and sinker. But regardless of how well Negroes accomplish this task, they will always be Negroes. As the saying goes: you can take the savage out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the savage. And no amount of wailing, holy water or proselytizing them with the teachings of Christ will change this fact. When will “Whitey” wake up from his Jew induced dream world?

    4. alex Says:

      Lil burr’ll attend Berkeley all right. He’ll major in Mop, minor in Pail.

    5. saltriver Says:

      Abraham- he be a YUDA. The close set eyes and the oversize honker gives it away.Besides, who else but a filthy JEW would think a nigger is educable.

    6. Mark Says:

      “Xavier’s mentor is Abraham Oshana…”

      Abraham speaks for itself, Oshana is a region in Southern Africa. A Jewish quadroon akin to Vin Diesel perhaps?

      Definitely not white. You can see it beneath the skin and in the facial features.

      Reminds me of the time during one of those riots when a black mob attacked an albino Negroid because they thought she was white. All blacks see is skin color.

    7. Brian Gareth Mativale Says:

      If we can jus’ get dat SAT up to 900 … Berkeley will open up duh dose!

    8. Steve Says:

      “Lil burr’ll attend Berkeley all right. He’ll major in Mop, minor in Pail.”

      HAHAHAHA, you’ll never hear a line like that in a million years on TV! Well, I’m all done with abdominal exercising for today.

    9. Hans Schneider Says:

      way back when, the US planned to repatriate all Blacks back to Africa. That why Liberia as a country was created with the Capital Monrovia whose name of course stemmed from President Monroe. It is time to take up that task again but this time with verve and energy.

    10. lawrence dennis Says:

      Don’t forget the image of the mythical studious Negro:


    11. Briseis Says:

      I guess the Jews think why stop at celebrities, or people who adopt them for real, everyone can “do their part” To assuage the unspoken but ever present obligatory “white guilt”. Multiculturalism as religion.

      Wanna see a bunch of neato quotes on Jews from IMDB? pages and pages..
      Knock yourselves out.. some real good ones like:

      # “Sports Night” (1998)

      Jeremy Goodwin: I’m serious, this country is being ruined by the blacks and the Jews.


    12. Dudeman Says:

      That guy is most definitely a kik ped. Looks like the niglet is checking out a copy of “Just Cause” in the first pic. Irionic that he’d gravitate to a game about killing people in third world countries. The jew is probably promising to buy it for him if he sucks him off later in the evening.

    13. JimInCO Says:


      He pins the needles on both my JEWDAR and PEDOCHRON.

    14. von Larson Says:

      Turning a nigger into a human being is like the old saying that you can’t make a silk purse out a sow’s ear. If the raw material is lacking, you’re wasting your time. And who would have any time for something that now passes for human but ‘used to be’ a nigger? What comes next, an agricultural experiment in which the task is to make weeds into something worthwhile? Again, the raw material is lacking. Raw sewage can’t be recycled into fine wine, even with a federal edict and yet another ‘civil rights’ law. The wars of times gone by were fought over concepts such as ‘King and Country’, or ‘motherhood, morality, and the American way of life’; more recent wars are being fought over natural resources and trade routes; the immediate future will have wars being fought over fresh water and edible food; after that will be an era of wars being fought over the right to EXIST. *Don’t forget why incinerators were invented in the first place.

    15. Sly Says:

      This kike looks alot like Howie Mandel. It’s funny how these snakes all look alike.

    16. sgruber Says:

      What attitude do you think this kike would take toward a White child? Would he take the White child to school? Would he help the White child? The truth is he has nothing but fear and hatred toward White children; his over-the-top coon-promotion is a proof of it. He doesn’t want your kid in Berkeley, but any ghetto nig or spic will do for a lauding to high heaven and swell multiple scholarships. Then the nigger gets to be your boss and drive an Escalade (until he hardens into a tard, as they all do, around 25, and starts chimping up a rap sheet).

      Nigger=symptom. Jew=disease.

    17. michael Says:

      im still waiting on a thank you from the niggers. there not in africa starving-fucking monkyes