13 February, 2007

Rise of Cuntry: That High Fulsome Self-Pitying Whine

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Isn’t he the cutest little neo-Namian you ever did see?

Don’t you want to take him home and feed him butter?

For every zig in “our” foreign policy, a failed alt-rocker is detailed by Cuntry Command Central to pen a zig in our popgeist. Latest on cunt-front is whining about Iraq’s underappreciation of our American-delivered liberation. Those dirty Iraqis just don’t care anymore, whinges Whoreley. Maybe they’re too busy burying their dead family, Douchebag Darryl, you self-involved Patrio-putz. He just came back from a war, you see. AmeriKwans are not to be judged by any objective standard; they’re AmeriKwans – whatever they do is good, helpful, liberating, and desired by all those who know what’s good for them. And the rest are terrorists. Does this make sense? Not to me, but I’m a member of that rarest group, the Adult-American.

Read these lyrics:

I said, “I just came back from a place where they hated me and everything I stand for;
A land where our brothers are dying for others who don’t even care any more.

Now do you understand what I say when I talk about how Americans have come to think like jews? This lyric is about as clear a representation of the I-can-do-no-wrong mentality as you’ll find. Two million Iraqis dead, what’s that against vets with hurt feelings?

Cuntry war profiteer Worley is perhaps fourth only to Israel, Halliburton, and Toby Keith, as beneficiary of our ongoing disaster in Iraq/Afghanistan/Iran? A few years after 9/11, he came out with “Have you forgotten?“, no dry hole, to be sure.

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    1. Lee Luttrell Says:

      Good Point Alex……At least they all got a little “pay-back” with the Dixie Chicks picking up 5 Grammys’. You won’t hear any anti-war Cuntry Music but I still have hope for rock & roll.

    2. Craig Cobb Says:

      The very next morning I took a walk through the neighboorhood.
      I thought it’s been so long since Ive been in a place where everything is good;
      People laughin’ and children were playing,
      And as I watched them I found myself praying,
      “Lord, keep them safe here at home in the land of the free”

      A soprano accompanied by a Hammond organ shoulda sung Tennessee Worley’s kvetch at Channon Christian’s Knoxville funeral.

    3. jimbo Says:

      patriotards are gunna be our biggest enemies!….worse than niggaz & assorted mudz(not hard to see why they’re a threat!), jews(who, as jews, must still continue operating through their multitudinous ‘orgs’, chabbez-gois & shills) and marxists/lefties(who can be either pro- or anti- ZOG depending on the issue: as such: they are not 100% ZOG reliable)……these brain-dead patriotarded schmucks are basically the same jew mouth-pieces who got us involved in disastrous, fratricidal conflicts like WWI & WWII and who continue to support the neo-con jew bastard ZOG agenda under the guise of ‘patriotism’: they fall perfectly into the first sub-set of jew-manipulated zombies that Klassen identified as the historical ‘three-pronged attack’ of the jews on the White Race:
      i/patriotardism (or: ‘petty nationalism’);
      ii/religious bigotry (re: Catholic vrs Protestant &c);
      iii/class war-fare

      …..the last two(and particularly: ‘class war-fare’: since the collapse of communism) have now basically been sub-sumed into the post-modernist twaddle of ‘cultural relativism’: and the position previously occupied by the ‘proletariat’ as the classically oppressed minority has now been re-defined to encompass women, vrs non-whites(primarily niggz) and fags!

      how-ever: the categories still remain valid in a general sense and exemplify the traditional ‘divide-and-conquer’ mechanisms utilised by kikez!

      (‘feminism’ is basically a sub-sub-set of ‘class war-fare’: wherein wimmen identify them-selves as ‘an oppressed minority’ )

      the problem is: patriotards can identify as OTW main-stream whites: so: clearly: our most difficult task is gunna be to ‘take out’ these jew shills by what-ever means necessary: they’re prblby the one major barrier now preventing the implementation of a New White Imperium…..the other categories opposing us can be quite easily and rapidly marginalised and then dealt with…..

      …just my assessment…..i could be wrong!

    4. curt Says:

      Excellent article – good points. Worley might sing about vets with hurt feelings, but I suspect when he was in Iraq, if in fact he served in combat, he had at least an inkling of what combat is really about, and its not about “bringing freedom to the oppressed.”

      Worley does serve as a propagandist of sorts – he helps perpetuate the above myth, but it’s not for soldierly consumption, it’s for the American public. When I served in the cavalry back in the 1980s, we weren’t under any illusions, it was all about killing people, doing so quickly, efficiently, mercilessly, with the aim of removing them as a potential adversary, which is a far more honest way of looking at it.

      If for any reason I had told one of my compatriots that my “feelings had been hurt,” I’d have been told to “suffer,” in a not alltogether friendly way.

      This isn’t to say that soldiers don’t respond better if they’ve been mislead to believe that their country is right while the other is wrong – but it doesn’t really need to be any deeper than that when you’re 20 years old. Modern Americans are not Nazi era Germans, they aren’t ideologically motivated, when you talk of such matters they yawn, their eyes glaze over, and they make a beeline for the videogames and beer – a piece of ass if they’re lucky.

      The good news is that these soldiers might see Jews as okay today, but they can see them as evil incarnate tomorrow, all one need is access to their minds, which of course the Jews have at present.

    5. curt Says:

      Jimbo said: patriotards are gunna be our biggest enemies!….worse than niggaz & assorted mudz(not hard to see why they’re a threat!),

      I doubt it, these people will fall in line quickly, it isn’t that they’re truly ideologically motivated, in most cases they are just downright dishonest, with themselves and others. A few good reality slaps to the face will wake them right the fuck up.

      The moment these morons realize that they are in the minority [or infinitely worse physically WITH the minority] they’ll become the most racially sensitive WN you’ve ever seen – more zealous that ten VNNers, you just wait and see.

    6. briseis Says:

      You know, for all the transgendered feminist, illegal alien, mixed race, gay, etc., we have out here, one thing I gotta say, ( with the exception of the random Jew Neo-con pretending to be white), we really don’t have any of this “schmaltzy patriotard’ , self righteous, bush loving (no one out here likes Bush except for jews and dykes) types.
      Look at that wuss and his contrived fake sensitive, concerned “I’m doing the right thing, I’m a good boy, I’m a beeeeeeliiieeever” look.
      yeah go tell it to these guys pillsbury doughboy fucknut.
      When your legs get blown off and you cant run and play with your kids, or pick your wife up in your arms, then pick up your steel string and caterwawl all you want about how wonderful the war us.


      So far, 839 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have lost limbs.

    7. Mike Says:

      Communism is not dead, have you ever heard of the perestroika deception? Wait a minute, are we not living under communism in Amerikwa?

    8. John Says:

      ‘The good news is that these soldiers might see Jews as okay today, but they can see them as evil incarnate tomorrow, all one need is access to their minds, which of course the Jews have at present.’

      Good point, that is why we need pro white media to get to as many minds as possible. Once we expose the Jew it will be open season on them. The folks will be out for revenge.

    9. John Says:

      Anyone who joins the kike forced american military can just go ahead and fucking DIE! They are supporting the criminal jewish mafia that is ruining OUR COUNTRY and the entire white world. The american military is full of niggers and beaners, who cares if they get their heads blown off anyway…and the military whites? FUCK THEM ALSO.

    10. Biff Baxter Says:

      The ziglicker’s poker tell is in the eyes. You can look in there and see most times (when you see anything at all in that vacuum) that they don’t believe half the shit coming out of their mouths. They say it and even say it with homicidal gusto but something is missing in their faces that says they are really committed to it.

      The more of these kikistan irregulars who get killed offshore the better. Maybe the yahoods will eventually use up their own army of misfits and have nothing to enforce their will with on the world. If China drops ZOGBux around the same time it could be the start of a better world.

    11. alex Says:

      Worley’s no vet. He’s gone over to Iraq and sung for troops, that’s it.