20 February, 2007

The Rise of the Party-Line Journalist

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This Canadian column is a classic in the annals of modern journalism. Glib repetition of the party line is all that is necessary for a column these days. No insight, no cleverness, no knowledge is needed to be a modern journalist. Just the Party Line, and willingness to enforce it. Women make the best modern journalists. They open their cluckers and the rest comes natural. It never occurs to a woman that questions are settled by fact rather than fashion.

The woman-journalist of 2007, who cares more about the figure she cuts than anything she writes, laughs at a man who is stuck in prison for holding the wrong opinion. You might think that the journalist would side with the right of a man to speak his mind, but if you did, you’d merely betray your failure to understand the conditions under which modern journalists are employed. They are told that they enjoy free speech, but must use it responsibly. Being women, even the men, the contradiction doesn’t bother them. Free speech means everybody agrees on what can’t be said. This makes sense to women and women-men. So Ernst Zundel eats bread and water while Cockburn cackles.

It never occurs to the dim pseudo-journalist that there’s something that doesn’t mesh in her argument. If Zundel deserves ridicule because his opinions are wrong and ridiculous, then why is he stuck in prison? Things that are that stupid are hardly threats to the government. So why is he in prison? To answer that question you have to look at what Zundel actually says. Measure his assertions against evidence. That’s a little too much work for the likes of Cockburn. She cares very little about the truth of the “holocaust” and very much about her 1 p.m. appointment at the hair salon.

Lyn Cockburn
Sun, February 18, 2007

Zundel merits laughter
May his every utterance be greeted with guffaws

By Lyn Cockburn

Ernst Zundel is an idiot. A fool and a moron. I hope I have stated my opinion of the man clearly. But just in case: Ernst Zundel is an ignoramus.

He used to be Canada’s fool. Now he is Germany’s. Never a Canadian citizen, he schlepped around Canada for over 40 years spewing his Holocaust denial garbage to any who were foolish enough to listen. And some were. There are always those who will listen to hateful idiocy.

Once a respected graphics artist, he gave up that career in favour of, as he saw it, repairing the damaged reputation of his fellow Germans. His methods included the insane assertion that Jews have used the “alleged” atrocities as a means of extorting money from the German government.

In 1995, police reported his Toronto house was pipe bombed and partially destroyed in an attempt to assassinate him. Not true, of course. He was doing renovations on his house, forgot to turn off the electricity and blew up his own place. I wrote a column to this effect at the time, so I know. In spite of irrefutable police documentation, there was no pipe bomb. Call me a pipe bomb denier if you like.

Anyway, Canada got smart in 2005 and deported him to his birthplace, Germany, a country unamused by Holocaust deniers. And sure enough, last week, Ernie was convicted of incitement and sentenced to the maximum of five years under German law. He will no doubt sit in jail awaiting a crown of martyrdom while writing Mein Kampf for Dummies. He will be 74 when he gets out.

B’nai Brith Canada, the Jewish community’s largest voice, thinks Germany has done the right thing in putting Zundel away.

“After many legal battles that have spanned decades and crossed continents, justice has finally been served for the victims of Ernst Zundel and their families … ” said Frank Dimant, executive V.P. of B’nai Brith. He also condemned Canada for not having stronger laws against Holocaust deniers.

While I understand this reasoning, I’m more inclined to go along with Holocaust survivor Arnold Friedman, 78, part of the group which testified against Zundel in the mid-1980s.

“I don’t care what they do to him. Whether they put him in for 100 years, they’re not going to change this guy’s thinking, because reality does not matter to him,” said Friedman.

“One mad dog is put away, there are many others,” he added. Friedman is right. Jail will not silence mad dogs like Zundel, although the temptation to muzzle them is strong.

It is, however, ridicule that Zundel deserves. He merits laughter. May scoffs and jeers rain down upon him.

May his every utterance be greeted with guffaws. Keeping in mind of course, that there will always be other idiots willing to sing the same song of hatred that Zundel has warbled over the years. Nothing will change that, but the rest of us can enjoy the laughter.

And speaking of music, on one of my visits to Israel, there was a huge controversy over whether or not the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra ought to play Richard Wagner. The anti-Semitic Wagner was, of course, Hitler’s favourite composer and it was often his music that serenaded Jews as they arrived at the death camps during the Holocaust.

Sacrilege, shouted some outraged Israelis. Evil, said others.

But one Jerusalem Post columnist had the perfect solution.

By all means, let the Philharmonic play Wagner, he wrote. Badly. With accordions.

The same logic can be applied to Ernst Zundel. I am sending an e-mail to famed Jewish America composer Stephen Sondheim, to suggest he do a Broadway musical, titled perhaps Springtime for Zundel.

The Zundel character, played by Mel Gibson, dressed only in a hardhat and a diaper, always sings off-key in bad Latin.

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    1. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      Burncock never stops to think why the government is never threatened by her insignifi-cunt scribblings.

    2. ericthered Says:

      Educated journalist!? More like, ‘Dumb cunt.’

    3. Walter Ring Says:

      I sent this to Lyn Cockburn.

      It is really interesting that you call Ernst Zundel a fool, a moron, an ignoramus, insane and a dozen other demeaning names. How you must really loathe this single old man who makes a mockery of your laws forbidding anyone to deny that the holohoax-oops, I mean the holocaust-ever happened. Personally, I could care less if it happened or not. I wish every jew had been liquidated from this Earth. It would be a far better place if that had happened. How many jews died or were murdered interests me not in the least. What concerns me is the tens of millions of Whites that died in WW 2, a war that jews clearly started because Hitler, Germany and National Socialism (German White Nationalists) would not grovel to international Zionism. What also concerns me is the 20 million murdered Whites in the Soviet Union and the hundreds of millions of murdered Whites in the 20th century that were directly or indirectly killed by jews. What concerns me the most, however, is the intense, nonstop persecution that Zundel faced for decades simply for holding an opinion. Zundel is a peaceful man. He abhors violence. He bothered no one. What he did is embarrass governments and their oppressive laws forbidding anyone from questioning the holocaust. When a law is put in place forbidding anyone from questioning an event in history, how can anyone believe that event actually happened? Also, Zundel possesses mountains of evidence and documents that at the very least makes many aspects of the official version of the holocaust questionable and at the most make the only allowed version a pack of lies. Of course, the fact that Zundel is very detail oriented and has studied and documented this period of history is lost on brainless subhuman idiots like you with less intelligence than a box of rocks. Gelatinous blobs like you just accept the party line that the holocaust happened, six million jews were killed and that is that, no debate allowed. Here is the thing: if you think Zundel is such a rambling idiot and his opinion has no merit, why are you, Canada, Germany, Western Europe and America afraid of him? If you really thought that this one old man is an idiot, you would let his opinions be heard without any persecution. There would be no holocaust denial laws on any books anywhere if governments did not think it would be dangerous for them to allow debate on this issue. That is common sense to anyone that gives it a thought. You know this very well. That is why you hate people like Zundel-he forces people to question the official story.

    4. Jim Says:

      In the future, after victory day, we must throw kuntz like this to our favorite pack of niggers in the coliseum.

    5. chris Says:

      Yeah, I read this cunts article yesterday. I doubt it had the effect on her audience that she hoped for.

    6. Nordic Jew Smasher Says:

      In re: “Questions are settled by facts…”

      Since when? “Questions” in the political sphere are resolved by CONSENSUS OF PERCEPTION. Your emblematic campaign of Noughtsie inconography was defeated decades ago in this country. It’s as if the news had been blaring that a man with a tweed coat and grey mac has been identified as a serial rapist and you go out to singles bars wearing a tweed coat and grey mac: And you wonder why you haven’t been getting any dates. (How do you say,”D’oh!” in German my glorious Rathskellerfuehrer?

      Rockwello-Piercians have been spouting facts (more or less) for half a century. And to this day, your “movment” has sumtotally the political power that rates literally less than a gathering of voodoo Negroes in Miami reading foetid chicken entrails. If you want to implement aspects of national socialism, have at it. But all of this Third Reich worship has you DOA. That battle for the public mind has been lost, at least until the Jews are removed by normal looking people. Then you can prance around in your swaztika-print underwear all day long.

      Oh, never mind – I see you have your Echo Chamber set to “But we’re RIGHT!”

    7. Gary Bontlebiase Says:

      Zundel is something of a crank, but he’s right about the Holocaust being mostly tommyrot. If every crank were thrown in jail there would be no room for criminals. The traditional enemy knows this, but as always overreaches,and when leaned over the bannister grebbing his foot and lifting will send him over the rail.

    8. Americafirst. Says:

      Stan, this Canadian women fish wrap writer is the grand daughter of the man who negoiated/wrote too I thnk the treaty creating Hong Kong for England. Her great, great, or great grandfather General Cockburn, sat down at the White house in 1812, and after seeing that vettles were cooking the stew pot over the fire place had them and had the best stored wines too, after that he and his men burned down the White House down back then. She is also the Alexander Cockburn’s sister, and writes for counter punch. Stan since I don’t have an email for you I had to write here. Please delete my vnn forum posts if you can, and this when you get time. As you know I suspect, I was not sent a pass word, that I had requested so I can’t do any thing my self.

      Be well. AF

    9. A. Says:

      What ever you say Urkel, I mean, Nordic Jew Smasher. Reality remains reality, and those with a good grip on reality and the fundamental basics of existence are going to end up making out better than those who don’t.

      The “noughtsie” stuff is somewhere else. Not here. Somewhere else. Time to stop banging on that old drum, Urkel. It’s a tune that has lost its meaning except for you and your ilk.

      “I have come too early,” he said then; “my time is not yet. This tremendous event is still on its way, still wandering; it has not yet reached the ears of men. Lightning and thunder require time; the light of the stars requires time; deeds, though done, still require time to be seen and heard. This deed is still more distant from them than most distant stars—and yet they have done it themselves.”

    10. brutus Says:

      There is no constructive criticism poignant or true enough that could ever change this small person’s smug opinion. She is an automaton of the first order. Incorrigible is she, and ultimately destined to become trench filler material.

      Shultz! My Luger please!


    11. Aussie Nordic Smasher Says:

      This comment by “Nordic Jew Smasher” has got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. Yelling about how there’s no white “movement” and interpreting it to mean that either the problem is Third Reich ideology, or that Zundel is a nazi and because we admire him that it turns people off, or anything along that line is certifiably insane. Get the goons out and drag this one off to the rubber rooms.

      Instead of typical jew-criticism tactics, moron Nordic Jew Smasher, how about giving us your grand plan to get white people “moving”? What’s that I hear? Crickets chirping? Thought so.

      VNN is following the path explained by Dr Pierce which is to build white mass media in order to reach our people. The kike-owned and controlled television, radio and newspapers is the biggest obstacle for getting a “movement” going. How can we change our people’s minds if we can’t reach them? Secondly, the method is to use both facts — WHICH ONLY WORKS ON THE INTELLECTUAL ELITE AND MINORITY WHICH HEARS THEM — as well as emotions — WHICH WORKS ON THE MASSES, MAJORITY, EVERYDAY JACK AND JILL — as Commander Rockwell instructed and as Gusave Le Bon has so poignantly pointed out in The Crowd.

      You can’t get your people “moving” or into action until you get them feeling something, meaning emotional. Intellectuals will be spurred by facts, but they are typically 8% of the population or less. The rest of the masses will get emotional over a leader, father figure, as well as the typical tugs on the heart strings. This is why Rockwell said the 2 most important books for whites to read are Mein Kampf and Battle for the Mind by William Sargent. The latter book explains how the “evangelists” were able to “convert” thousands.

      And screw this stupid journalist bitch and her rantings. She won’t be woken up until a nigger rapes her. If even then. She’ll blame it on poverty, neighborhood and edumacation, rather than genes.

    12. Americafirst. Says:

      Could it be that the great, great, great, grand daughter of General Cockburn who burned down the White House in 1812, just wrote a piece that was so really over the top that she hoped it would cause folk to look at the called lunatic or or nut case, so perhaps some of our folk will go and read what Zundel actually has stated about the jews blood libel tyrannyt.

      If she wrote flat out truth, she would be fired and it would not get printed.

      There is a chance this is what she has done, as I find it too over the top for her have beem written by a White women and believe it with out laughing hysterically. She is Alexander Cockburns sister or daugther I can’t remember, but Alexander dad was a full blown British communist during the 1930’s thru the 1950’s etc.

      As our supreme light of the World friends continue to over play their hands with their trained Judeo Christian evangeligals on a leash, they may get a littler bit more Stalinn like or like the Queen in Alice in Wonder Land ranting off with their head etc.

      The hate tribe reminds me of the charactor Fred C. Dobbs, if you know what I am talking about it fits. They have the Gold fortunes of history and have been stabbing friends in the back all long the way and justify every betrayal done to others in a insane hateful spitful paranoia as acted in the film story “The Treasure Of Sierra Madre.

      Gold Hat (Alfonso Bedoya): We are Federales… you know, the mounted police.
      Dobbs (Bogart): If you’re the police, where are your badges?
      Gold Hat (Alfonso Bedoya): [puzzled pause] “Badges!? [pause] We ain’t got no badges. [pause] We don’t need no badges! [angry] I don’t have to show you any stinking badges!

    13. N.B. Forrest Says:


      Just read your snigger at Zundel: A political “Three’s Company” laff-track. Naturally, as a “journalist” of the twatted persuasion, you only empty your bowels on those All Decent People Know are evil; i.e. whomever Lord Hymie points his rather hirsute finger at. C’mon, pookie – ‘fess up: Deep in that rotten cherry tomato heart, you know that if you were in Deutschland 65 years ago instead of in the People’s Republic of Canuckistan today, you woulda been seig heilin’ to beat the band and yukkin’ it up Zundel-style as you joined the gleeful Aryan chorus howling for kosher baked goods.

      I mean, after all, you ARE a woman, kinda……. ;o)


      N.B. Forrest

    14. Anti Says:

      “Rockwello-Piercians have been spouting facts (more or less) for half a century. And to this day, your “movment” has sumtotally the political power that rates literally less than a gathering of voodoo Negroes in Miami reading foetid chicken entrails. If you want to implement aspects of national socialism, have at it. But all of this Third Reich worship has you DOA. That battle for the public mind has been lost, at least until the Jews are removed by normal looking people. Then you can prance around in your swaztika-print underwear all day long.”

      Bwahahaha. Bravo, mein Führer.

      how about giving us your grand plan to get white people “moving”? What’s that I hear? Crickets chirping? Thought so.

      It never occurs to people like this that “proposing”, as they like to call it, is merely an emotional placebo for lack of power. You can propose til you’re blue in the face, doesn’t change anything about the mess we’re in. White Nationalists are very bookish…..it’s strange. One guy thinks because he’s read ‘The Crowd’, he has thee answer to it all. Another guy will browbeat you with Yockey. Meanwhile it all continues on the same path, because a) Jews rule and b) goyim follow.

      You can’t get your people “moving” or into action until you get them feeling something, meaning emotional.

      “The people” do not exist. They’re clones, plugged into some weird robotic thingy which saps their precious bodily fluids and pumps it into the yiddish gemeinde.

      I am not kidding.

    15. Alfonso Bedoya Says:

      Alfonso Bedoya on Youtube