20 March, 2007

Where Hate Hangs Its Hat

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Israel is the most detestable nation on earth, and jews are the planet’s most hateful and dishonest people.

Israel a Hotbed of Internet Attacks, Report Says

Israel has the dubious honor of being home to the most malicious Internet activity per Internet user, according to Symantec’s twice-yearly Internet Security Threat Report. The latest report, covering the second half of 2006, was just released today.

This was the first time Symantec measured how much activity like spam origination, phishing site hosting and bot-infected computers could be attributed to an average Internet user. From July through December, 9 percent of all such activity traced back to Israel. Taiwan came next with 8 percent, while Poland and the US tied with 6.

Dave Cole, Director of the Symantec security response team, says it doesn’t mean that viruses and phishing sites are necessarily created in Israel. A site or piece of malware could be created anywhere, but Israel is the unfortunate largest host per-capita to more than anywhere else.

Cole suggested Israel’s “extremely high Internet penetration” might be the reason why, along with a large number of new Internet users who are more vulnerable to potential attack.

For overall numbers, the US still has the most malicious activity at 31 percent. China was second with 10 percent.

Other interesting points from the report include:

* Three out of four attacks against Web browsers target IE.
* IE had 92 new vulnerabilities, Mozilla 87.
* Microsoft took an average of 10 days to close security flaws, Mozilla 2.
* US-issued credit cards and debit card numbers were by far the most likely to be found for sale on the black market (86 percent).
* Phishers love soccer, too: Symantec saw a 40 percent spike in phishing messages sent out during the World Cup.
* Trojans are the malware most likely to make it onto a PC. 60 percent of attempted or cleaned infections (by Symantec) are Trojans.


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    1. C'mon man Says:

      “…Cole suggested Israel’s “extremely high Internet penetration” might be the reason why…”

      It isn’t because of the high amount of jew penetration in the region?

    2. Pil Koler Says:

      The word is “hatred.” It’s the Jews who abuse language by using verbs in place of nouns.

    3. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      No shit. At my last gig at the IBM storage facility here in Jewson AZ, ~1/3 the staff were Izzie-kikes flown in from Tel Aviv. Most of these were in managerial positions. They’d put some Nigerian-nigz and other Darky continental sorts in too, to watch their white-slaves. Mind you, these were nigh all IBM regulars. The actual work is done by contract (read SLAVE!) labor like myself, who work averages of about 60 hrs weekly. This kind of pace literaly almost killed me after 2 months, and I lost my house after losing my health. I’ve just barely recovered some semblance of health now, 2 yrs later. The few whites in management stank to high heaven of masonic jissom. I don’t recommend working for “Big Jew Blue” to anyone with a shred of Aryan Humanity about them.

      My point here is this: jews have made inroads into penetrating and controlling what’s left of the IT industry in this continent. While we still understand technology far better than they ever will, they have merely “bulldozed” many of us out of our livelyhoods. I suggest going underground. By all means, Aryans who know IT should apply their skills on behalf of our Race where we can. VNN is one such application.

    4. Thor Says:

      White Slaves in this country. Perhaps if you graduated from college and excel in your work. Maybe you would’nt be a stock boy.

    5. Lori Stevens Says:

      Your intellect and the intellects of your sites contributors is a glaring example of why it is illegal for brothers, sisters and first cousins to marry: a stagnant gene pool breeds morons. Humanity does not want scum like you: GET OFF THE BOAT ! ! !

    6. George Matthews Says:

      It’s the Jews and the other rich bastards that intermarry to keep their money in the family and breed retards.

    7. Luigi Bonfig Says:

      Jews have the made the greatest contributions to European society after they left Europe and went to America, Harvard and other great US institutions excelled, many Nobel Prize winners were American Jews, 80%, and what happened in Europe, there academics declined. They rely on exploiting Africa and Asia to maintain their status. How primitive and stupid do you become ?