27 April, 2007

‘Anti-semitic’ is yooish for TRUE

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A great one from Theseus.

No, reality criticizes your article

Date April 25, 2007

My latest FrontPage piece is about the resurgence of anti-Semitism in the world.Not everyone agrees with my take on the issue. As if to prove my point, here’s a marvelously anti-Semitic critique of my article.

Scribblings: Confronting Worldwide Anti-Semitism

Being Jewish means never having to say you’re sorry, or even answer your critics. It is noted that you never actually addressed any relevant points made. So, come on–tell us how there were not five dancing Jews filming and celebrating the attacks on WTC on 9/11. Tell us how you like to see people in jail for questioning your hoax of hoaxes.

Being Jewish also means thinking that you never have to explain or get to the reality of terms you’ve coined. “Holocaust,” “antisemitism,” these are words that Jews have made up in order to obscure reality.

“Holocaust” is supposed to name the “Systematic extermination of mainly Jews by the German Nazi regime during World War II.” It also happens to be the name of the single alleged historical event that is above questioning. Historians as well as the general public can make outrageous allegations and interpretations of history with not much more than a peep. However, mention that there was a swimming pool and an orchestra at Auchwitz, or that there are records of German soldiers being punished for mildly mistreating prisoners (far milder than what is allowed according to the U.C.M.J.), or that Eli Wiesel never mentioned gas chambers in his book on the “Holocaust,” or that the “soap and lampshades” slander has been quietly withdrawn, or that there was a “six million dead Jews” claim after World War I, or any number of the dozens of facts that show the “Holocaust” for what it is–another Jewish lie.

Those who genuine souls who seek truth need nothing more to pique their interest than the knowledge that, in the countries in question with regard to the “Holocaust,” it is literally against the law for researchers, scholars, and the general public to come to a differing conclusion than the one handed down by the management. Heretics of the “Holocaust” religion are in prison at this moment for saying that the Earth revolves around the Sun coming to a different conclusion about what exactly happened to Jews in Europe during World War II. Philosophers have always had a hard time saying anything conclusive about “truth,” but I think most would agree that truth never needs the force of law and violence behind it.

“Antisemitism.” This would come close to explaining my position if I hated Semites on the mere basis of them being Semitic. I have nothing against Semites, but yes, people (including myself) don’t like Jews! Indeed, I join an illustrious group of men such as Martin Luther, Henry Ford, Voltaire, and hundreds of others in my distaste not because Jews are Jews, but because of what Jews do, like here, here, here, here, and here.

We say “no.” We rebel against your intellectual tyranny and hatred by all means, and we will fight you for every inch. Rebellion is back, and like so many times before in history, the population is waking up to what you Jews are doing.


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  7. 18 Responses to “‘Anti-semitic’ is yooish for TRUE”

    1. chris Says:

      I didn’t see anything “anti-Semitic” about it. Did you???

    2. cliff Says:

      9/11 will be the stones that come down on the jewish hydra.

      jews made a big mistake bringing down those buildings.

      America needs something to wake it up: this is it, since we still hear a majority think israel is A-ok by them. It is a war of ideas.

      I still sit and wonder if when bush, cheney, rummy, (class A war criminals) and their jewish cohorts ever even gave a thought to all the evidence left behind after 9/11. It is the noose that will hang them. I don’t care how many many more building the mossad bring down.

    3. squest Says:

      Holocaust comes from Greek holokauston (“that which is completely burnt”), which is a translation of Hebrew (literally “that which goes up,” meaning, in smoke — referencing the rabbinical sacrifices in which a male animal, typically a goat, was wholly burnt alive on the Jewish altar in order to please their Hebrew God). If the Jooz were murdered by Germans, then why would they refer to it by any such reverent and holy rabbinical terms? Perhaps it has something to do with the Talmud requirement that 6 million Jooz had to die “in burning ovens” before God would grant them their holy land of Israel?

      Yes, you too will find Jewish Talmudic prophecy which demands that there be a 6 million Holocaust offering to God, prior to the Jews receiving their “Promised Land”. The Talmud calls for a cleansing of the “chosen” souls through the sacrifice of 6 million in “burning ovens”, as unclean souls would not be allowed to return to the Promised Land. Perhaps the Talmud is the real source of this “6 million” figure, as well as the myth of the “burning ovens”? If this is true, then there is only one word, indeed it is a Yiddish word (of course) to describe it — chutzpah, as the Jooz essentially lied to God in exchange for God granting them Israel.

    4. AK47 Says:

      Fuck the Jews and their Holocrock propaganda.

    5. Hibernian Says:

      Well written. I remember the whole “soap & lampshades” made out of innocent Jews nonsense. You used to hear that one all the time. Dustin Hoffman says the line “So when the Nazis starting turning Mrs. Greenblatt into soap at Aushwitz..” in the 1980’s film Tootsie. It was accepted as absolute fact that these things happened, and could be proved.

      Examples of Jewish lampshades and bars of “Israeli Spring” soap were trotted out for the cameras from time to time by somber faced and reverent Jews in white gloves.

      Then came the advent of DNA testing and do-gooder Christians (yep) who wanted to give these bars of Jewish soap (lol) a proper Christian burial.

      Turns out there was no human DNA in the provided venerated soap. None. Zero. Oops!

      And those human-skin lampshades? Before they could be tested, they disappeared. Yep. Poof! Gone..lol.

    6. vincere Says:

      hey just found this on youtube. i know its off topic; it still pertains to us


    7. Mark Says:

      You disagreed with a Jew, you’re an anti-Semite!

    8. Lars Boltje Says:

      Found this in my local paper:

      Group decries ‘new anti-Semitism’ on UCSC campus

      “University of California officials are dismissing demands by a pro-Israel advocacy group that UC Santa Cruz stop hosting lectures it says create a hostile environment for Jewish students and violate rules banning university sponsorship of political events.

      In a letter to acting Chancellor George Blumenthal, Los Angeles-based StandWithUs takes issue with a March 15 conference titled “Alternative Histories Within and Beyond Zionism,” among other special lectures, contending it promotes subtle forms of anti-Semitic bigotry “camouflaged” as criticism of Israel.”…


      Here’s a letter I wrote to the author:

      So Mr. ‘Sideman’,
      You wouldn’t happen to have a certain vested interest in the new ‘anti-semitism’, now would you? It would almost appear that jews have taken it upon themselves to moderate the apparently dangerous situation that the unrestrained political Left has become. Perhaps some have begun to get a whiff of jewish hypocrisy in organizing and funding these extreme Left organizations in diaspora countries, while maintaining aggressive (shudder) ‘Nationalist’ e.g. extreme Right stances with regard to vaterland Israel. It sure is something to see those extreme Left loonies who bought into the little 60’s sham take the social, economic and racial egalitarian philosophies asserted by jews, and apply them to the jews themselves, isn’t it? Why, whats good for the goose must certainly be good for the gander. Unless of course the gander is lying to the goose in order to maintain a competitive edge. Its a delicious Irony for those whose nations are on the brink, thanks to genocide by hypocritical jewish ideology. It might be a good idea to shut down the internet as well as the free speech on campus, if this awareness isn’t to spread.

      Mazel Tov!

    9. Olde Dutch Says:

      Funny, how jews are so afraid that there maybe something to the Franklin quote about jews.

      My guess is that there is something to the Franklin quote. It was probably dug up by 19th century by American historian Benson Lossing, who starting in the late 1820’s collected colorful trivia about the American Revolution, the Founders, and early American history in general.

    10. squest Says:

      Amusingly, the idea of Germans washing up with soap made out of Jews is tantamount to the idea of Muslims washing up with soap made out of pig fat. Simply put — it ain’t going to happen! This was the logic I used when I called the Duke rape case a fraud — many weeks before anyone else did. I simply applied the logic of affluent White boys raping a Negro — simply put, YUCK! The idea is so distasteful, so repulsive, who would even want Black pussy? I’ve seen what Negroes look like (down there — picture in your mind the backside of a mare) and it is not at all appealing. I went to medical school, so it was unavoidable. :o(

    11. Briseis Says:

      Deep down, most goys are creeped out by Jews, even if they don’t even know what they are. Maybe we should start calling the really lost of our flock “pro-semites”, because the word “anti-semitism” is another one of those “Jew frame-of-reference” words, because it makes an assumption the rest of the world loves them, which we know very well NOT to be correct. It takes away their power of acting as if the world has their back, to not use their language and their false constructs.

    12. Tactic Says:

      Squest – I’m intrigued by your Talmud references. Can you recommend any sources? The only Talmud editions I’ve seen for sale are very expensive.. Thanks!

    13. Light (God) Speed Says:

      Describing certain people” rather than use familiarity names of 20th century~ anti-semites, Jews, hymmie ,kosher ,hebes, etc, the body cell’s has become accustom to the intruders signals, whom resemble the host, tends to isolates us instead . after all, we are all the same, the people(s of the world

      New signals to re-establish communications with the cell’s 1:”These people”-cult-reptiles-tapir –parasites-gangster-mafia-termites-non-gentiles-aliens-etc etc.

    14. squest Says:

      # Tactic Says: Squest – I’m intrigued by your Talmud references. Can you recommend any sources? The only Talmud editions I’ve seen for sale are very expensive.. Thanks!

      Since you are not already aware, this will blow your mind!
      Holy Holocaust! by Edgar J. Steele

    15. white_skelet Says:

      “What kind of historical fact is it that has to be protected by draconian measures such as these?” – Auberon Waugh

    16. ben tillman Says:

      Anti-Semitism is nothing more than the rejection of the proposition that all conflicts of interest between Jews and non-Jews must be resolved in favor of the Jews.

      In other words, it’s a rejection of the “Chosen People” myth and the corollary double standard.

    17. jim brolin Says:

      There is no such thing as anti-semitism. There is ONLY the TRUTH ABOUT JEWS.

    18. Victor Says:

      Jews seek to vitiate the racial integrity of white nations, while jealously guarding their own, and they are succeeding.

      Long before the magic 50%, or half of the population has been mongrelised and the other half is white, the damage will have irrevocably been done.

      You only have to observe their assertive self-bias to see that the minorities (Who are fast growing) of today think and act as one while the white (Shrinking) majority are diluted by apathy borne of mental conditioning, to regard white racial cohesion as something unspeakable.

      With this in mind, just a 25% ethnic population acting according to their own interests, will be able to hold the majority white population who wont/don’t/can’t do the same for themselves, to ransom in elections – and the tail will wag the dog.