11 April, 2007

Imus & the Frolocaust, Or: Just Say No to Jew-Rules Media

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By Alex Linder

The big story on cable news today, apart from the smirking fotog who wedged the winning wiggler into Mrs. Smith, is The Horror. No, not the double rape/torture/murder in Knoxville, but Don Imus’ referring to the thick-lip’t sweeties of Rutgers, the ‘Lady Knights’ (howz that?), as “nappy-haired ho’s.” Even as I type, Lou Dobbs, in his groundhoggy way, mid-discussion of Frolocaust, confesses to being “impressed out of my mind” by the mammiferous worthies assembled by Vivian Stringer. Dobbs and his august panel of Koko-Americans furiously agree dat dese grills be “our” future an’ shit, if you fancy a future set by things named Matee Ajavon, chock full of edumacation from institutions like Malcolm X. Shabazz high school in Newark, New Jersey. Malcolm X you might recall as the negro revolutionary who said:

“I don’t know when Armageddon is supposed to be. But I
know that the time is near when the white man will be finished. The signs are all around us.”

Fire Imus, name a high school after Malcom X. Why that seems like a double standard, doesn’t it?

All about the pecking order and The Agenda, itz.

You do realize, newcomer, that professional media are as scripted as professional wrestling? Media pros may depart from the Script one time. Then they become amateurs.

Unless we Whites take power from the blacks and the jews who sicced them on us, nothing will change. Pointing out that double standards exist accomplishes nothing. In fact, it’s a form of masturbation preferred by single-fisted conservatives. Most people hazily realize the media employ double standards. What they don’t know is the name of the setters and the why. That’s where the education afforded by this and other WN sites comes in. The argument that Whites should blame themselves for not getting organized is disingenuous. It is always advanced by those whose motive is to cover up the role of the jews in suppressing White identity by smearing the very notion as ‘hate.’ Always ignored by those whose real but undeclared agenda is to exculpate the jews is that the larger portion of organizing Whites is removing the barriers, legal, social and otherwise, set by the identity deniers who control this society’s institutions, and not the actual organizing itself.

It was the jews who, upon taking over our media, government, and academia, delegitimized White an as identity, as a race, and as an interest group, all while promoting Jewish pride, black pride, and ‘gay’ pride. Whites face legal barriers where other races, including jews, enjoy paved paths. Until the jews are removed from power, Whites will remain third-class citizens, denied representation because, hey, they don’t have any interests according to the powers that be. The same powers that have no trouble figuring out who’s White when it comes time to discriminate in college admissions or employment.

Imus has already gone on Al Sharpton’s radio show to grovel. Groveling before niggers is a decades-old tradition among the white geldings who alone are allowed to prance in the corralled media. It might as well be considered a professional duty assigned by the Dictating Jews to the palefaces allowed to “anchor” tv/radio shows. Even so, for a professional satirist to sit there and toss the salad of a professional liar and shock-haired charlatan is enough to make anyone with the dimmest sense of the compacted ironies puke.

Al Sharpton came into the national spotlight in defense of Tawana Brawley, a nigger, who claimed she had been assaulted, raped, and sodomized by six white men, including police officers. Sharpton knew all along that the accusation was a hoax on the part of an all-too-typical beastly she-nigger, willing, literally, to smear herself with shit to pull off her charade, but he went ahead and did his best to destroy the reputation of a D.A. named Steven Pagones, and then very pointedly, after he was found guilty of defamation by a jury and penalized $65,000, REFUSED to apologize, and had someone else pay the award. Since AmeriKwa’s Jewish dictators have declared that niggers can do no wrong, today, twenty years later, Sharpton’s still around, playing the nigger pope, the distinguished “civil rights leader,” accepting apologies from scared old women masquerading as daring comedians.

As for Rutgers girls, their coach called a press conference, with her Jemima gems all fobbed up on stage wit mics. Their hair isn’t nappy because they’ve done everything they could to dekink and and lengthen it. It seems the negro girls of Rutgers don’t like nappy hair any more than Imus does. (It appears that only two Rutgers basketball players are White, the rest are black.) These girls will appear on Imus’ show, after his two-week suspension, and he will grovel some more.

Meanwhile, at least two of his advertisers, Staples and Procter & Gamble, have yanked their ads from his show, which is a radio show that is also televised on MSNBC in the early morning. Gotcha! and Tattletale! are AmeriKwa’s national pastimes, games for adult children. They befit a nation with an IQ somewhere near the retarded range, i.e., slightly higher than the average black, but well below the average human. In short, an Idiocracy.

Imus shoots paintballs, not bullets. He is what I call a courtier satirist, which is why he grovels rather than flips the bird at the critics. He’s part of a cozy gang of talking heads, including pols and media, none of whom wants to be thrown off the gravy train. That means playing by the rules. The first rule of Kike Club is not to talk about the rules. That’s where no-jews media, the only genuinely free and genuinely alternative media, come in.

America is not really insane, it’s just that the only indivduals allowed to be tiles in the mosaic of “our” public face are those who agree to observe a pecking order and a script promoting an agenda. The pecking order is:

1) jews

2) coloreds and queers

3) ordinary whites.

The agenda is: we all agree to present as universal good whatever is Good for Jews. That could be promoting forced race-mixing as morally good while covering up the murder of Channon Christian; it could be promoting war on countries that never attacked us; it could be promoting the “judeo-christian tradition” on Monday and then flipping to the judeo-islamic tradition on Friday. Promoting whatever his bosses tell him is “good for jews” is what the non-jew allowed to speak to the public accepts as a term of employment. Otherwise he doesn’t get on air. If he bucks these rules somewhere along the way, he is fired, and goes down in the books as another hater or racist or bigot, to be recalled only as a warning to others.

Those higher on the pecking order can attack those below them, but those below must never attack those above. Jews and coloreds and queers are given the prerogative of determining what offends them, as Joe Sobran has said. Whites can’t be offended. That’s what being the low man on the totem pole means.

Only jew- or nig-approved terms and frames and arguments need apply. Since Whites are defined out of existence, they can hardly require collective defense. By definition, they can have no interests that can be advocated or trespassed. The role the Dictating Jews have assigned Whites is passively to assume historical guilt, and signal acceptance of this burden by gracefully blending themselves out of existence. Resisting this scheme is hate, say the same jews affecting concern over their own “vanishing.”

Blacks get to decide which terms Whites are allowed to use, which is the same thing as determining which arguments they are allowed to make, and which observations about ‘the black community’ they are allowed to level. Since free speech is ‘dissing’ to blacks, political debate devolves into spotting racism, catchall term for ‘anything that offends niggers or jews.’ There is no objective correlative to nigger or jew ‘political’ speech. Everything is debated at the level of how the jew/nigger feels. By contrast, White feelings or interests are never taken into account, nor need any jew or nonwhite feel any need to make a case for his claims, since Whites have been defined out of group existence – both by the communist judeo-left and the individualist judeo-right. Whites who appear on tv accept this double standard, whether they are conscious of it or merely realize there are lines they mustn’t cross. It might as well be spelled out in their contracts as a term of employment. They accept a double standard in which anything they say can and will be used against them to “prove” “racism,” which is grounds for immediate termination. Hostile intent doesn’t matter. Facts don’t matter. Insufficient or wrongly delivered praise itself is enough to get the whiteskin pitched off the gravy train.

It’s not that Whites in general agree with this state of affairs, but since they aren’t politically organized, since they aren’t allowed to be, their voice is NEVER heard. The most we get from them, the bulk and mainstay of the country, are peeps and whispers in some of the email that is read on the air. These emails are vetted to make sure that the view is never legitimized that Whites have interests as Whites, only as individuals, and even that grudgingly. Email respondents are allowed to go one step farther in pointing out the incredible hypocrisy and double standards pervading our national racial “discussion” than are the talking heads, but they are never allowed to advocate White interests, even though we are continually assured that the country is full of White racists and that we are democracy. In short, there are contradictions to the System everywhere you look, but they all conduce to the advantage of the jew operating it.

Individual white men are coming to realize that — how to put it? — this country is an increasingly ugly and desperate farce in which the white man’s role is the butt carrying the burden. How did it come to be this way? he wonders. What can we do about it?

The awakening White stands before a series of doors, all of which save one open into an abattoir. An Aryan abattoir. Before these doors stand barkers. Unctuous barkers with polished patter, styling themselves neocons, conservatives, paleocons, patriots, libertarians, etc. etc.

When you fish for white men, you use white men for bait. But just because Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Reilly or George Bush looks like you doesn’t mean he’s on your side.

All doors but one open into an Aryan abattoir in which the awakening white man is turned into wurst for the jew, just as the fish that takes the turtle tongue for the worm gets eaten, not fed.

You must be more careful with what you allow into your mind than what you allow into your mouth, White man.

The jew has prepared a script for everything – for every single political or social question. Nothing is left to chance. There may appear to be deviations from the script but they are just that – apparent deviations, not real deviations.

For example, Lou Dobbs or another commentator can point out that hiphop “artists” commonly refer to women as ho’s (nigger for ‘whores’). And the conservative or moderate blacks will agree that this is bad, and ought to stop. But tv whites are never allowed to observe that slurs such as “white boy,” “white trash,” and “redneck” are used regularly by every single pol, penner and preacher attacking Imus. It is only acceptable to point out the black racial double standard in defense of jews. That is, you must agree that it is evil racism for Jessie Jackson to call NYC Hymietown, but it is merely funny for every jew tv show ever produced to call Whites trash and sister-fucking hicks. Jews are a legitimate group, and a group which must be respected by public figures if they don’t want to become private figures. So are Blacks. But there is no legitimate representation for Whites. So there’s nobody from the “Association of White Journalists” on Lou Dobbs’s show, but there is a representative from the “National Association of Black Journalists,” and it does take a position on Imus – namely, that he must be discharged by his employer. White males are reduced, as we say, to butts bearing burdens. White females? – It’s open season on them. For after all, they are stupid sluts who hunger after niggers, according to the jews producing television.

If you hate what our country has become, you hate jews. Whether you realize it or not.

And you’re right to.

  • 36 Responses to “Imus & the Frolocaust, Or: Just Say No to Jew-Rules Media”

    1. Pil Koler Says:

      This is pretty good writing. But open season on white women? I beg to differ. White women are given a higher status than white men, equal to Africans, but below African women, per Judeo-feminism. White women are regrarded as beacons of morality. In fact, a lot of them are stupid sluts. That’s not what the Jewish media says; that’s what I say. But many women are sluts because they haven’t been taught right and wrong, and they don’t live in a world that is willing to enforce right and wrong.

      Also, I would like to have known the context in which Imus made his comments.

    2. N.B. Forrest Says:

      Good stuff. Yeah, Big Bad Lou knows where be the trapdoors waiting for imprudent blowdrys, and tap-dances ’round them with Bojangles aplomb. Growling about “illegal” immigration of new Effluvial-Americans? Tolerated by Hyman, just barely. Openly defending Whitey against braying nigga race pimps like Sharpton, Jackson & Dyson? Through the floor ‘n’ straight into the Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder Memorial Shitcan.

      I just managed to retain the contents of my stomach as I watched a “serious” Dobbs meekly allow the Three Melanzanas perform: As their Imus flubber-lippings dragged on & on, the crawl at the bottom of the screen announced how many millions were raked in by the weekend debut of “I’m killing more crackers than Bosnia-Herzegovina” Ice Cube’s latest cinematic triumph.

      Amurrica 2007: A Marse Lipschitz Production.

    3. Kievsky Says:

      Great rant Alex! I saved this one and printed out for future reference!

    4. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Just superb. I’d like to make a contribution here, but there’s just nothing more I can add, except to say that we White Nationalists know that this grovel road ends at a White-owned farm in Zimbabwe. It’s us or a nightmarish future for you and yours White man. Pick a side, goddammit.

    5. Biff Baxter Says:

      Wow. Pretty amazing writing there, Alex. A shame we only get to see it by searching for it on the internet.

      As a whole, cogent, clear and without affectation. Like a white guy, except the real ones, not the niggers in alabaster drag.

    6. cygnet Says:

      Brilliant essay. Menckenesque.

    7. Imus Is A Clown Says:

      The slaughter of Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom gets NO coverage by the jew/corporate media—while a clown like Imus is a big deal demanding big coverage.

    8. ImusIsAPussy Says:

      Imus is such a cowering pussy. He basically bent over to take it in the ass by Sharpton and the likes. He should have stood his ground, then maybe I would have some respect for him. He’s lost it all in my book. He’s a fool.

    9. JimSummers Says:

      Alex is quick to pick up on this, those black bitches straightened their hair for the press conference to make Imus look stupid. They know he was right about how they looked.

    10. 2050 Says:

      Alex, I love the way you write.
      I love the things you say.

    11. New America Says:

      Linder has written an essay of seminal importance, and any one of its paragraphs can be the basis of books of analysis.

      To paraphrase:

      “First Rule of Kike Club is?”


      “Second Rule of Kike Club is?”


      About a year ago or so, Imus spoke honestly of the goddamn Jews when, if memory serves, he used the words “crooked” and “Jew” together, and then said, “But I repeat myself.”

      The goddamn Jews went after him, including an attack article in the Wall Street Journal, but to no effect.

      So, they waited…

      The events around Imus are far more important than we realize, because they come right out of the (Jewish-controlled!) “Communist Re-Education System.”

      Imus is, literally, a political prisioner of the Jewish Agenda.

      Remember how “Re-Education” worked, and you will see fascinating comparisons to the Human Rights Tribunals:

      1. You can never claim you are innocent.

      2. The Truth is no defense.

      3. All you can do is admit guilt, and apologize, while you are attacked, and no one – especially your attorney – comes to your defense.

      While the goddamn Jews certainly enjoy their smirking revenge against Imus – you don’t REALLY think he will be back on MSNBC, save as an abject, broken man (and nobody wants to see a broken man, except his enemies), or CBS Radio, which is owned by…?

      What you are seeing, in Imus, is an object lesson for all of US, because THIS is our Future – ALWAYS in the wrong, NEVER in the right, the TRUTH is no defense, and it is our DUTY to grovel abjectly, not for criticizing our RACIAL enemies, but for even daring to notice the difference between us, and them, and mentioning it in public.

      Where have we seen this before?


      The Ministry of Truth has referred Brother Imus to the Ministry of Love, and they are taking him to Room 101.

      After this, all we will see of Imus is a broken, beaten, shell of a man, and he will dies a slow death.

      Then, like Sam Francis, a lifetime of good deeds are ignored, and the word “Forget about him. He’s a bigot” will be his mute testimony to us.

      Remember, WE – YOU, I, OUR Ancestors, OUR Posterity, ALL WHITE PEOPLE – are the targets of this “Re-Education Program.”

      Imus is simply the object, and what happens to him is the object lesson for us.

      Unless – and this is a big “unless” – we stop being rational with the irrational, and work to reclaim and intelligently develop the Warrior Mindset that is part and parcel of our RACIAL Heritage.

      Don is trying to be rational with the irrational.

      Let’s not make his mistake…

      Harold Covington’s “Northwest Republic” is the crystallization and logical extension of a Mindset we need to actively cultivate; it is the end, in some ways, and a New Beginning, in others…

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    12. Officious Rutgers Admissions Officer Says:

      Don Imus, doesn’t he play a cowboy on TV? Quite the rugged, manly caricature, eh?

      So I checked into the racial demographics at Rutgers and the accompanying SAT scores of New Jersey test-takers.

      Rutgers, here: http://admissions.rutgers.edu/0101.asp#15

      New Jersey SAT scores here: http://www.collegeboard.com/prod_downloads/about/news_info/cbsenior/yr2006/new-jersey-2006.pdf

      What do we find? Whites comprise 50.5% of the student body of undergrads. “Nappy headed pimps and hos”? 11.5%.

      More clues are found under SAT scores of New Jersey test-takers. 57% of the test-takers are White. Nappies? 10%.

      Already we can see a discrepancy. This discrepancy suggests Nappies outscore Whites on the SAT. The actual results?

      “African-Americans”: 844 (average, math + verbal)
      “Whites”: 1051.

      These are typical results reflected nation-wide. Whites outscore blacks by 200 points. So, 10% of the test-takers who scored an average of 844 represent 11.5% of the student body.

      By contrast, 57% of the test-takers (Whites) who scored an average of 1051 represent a mere 50.5% of the student body.

      More clues can be found here: http://www.collegeboard.com/prod_downloads/highered/ra/sat/CR_M_%20W_PercentileRanksGenderEthnicGroups.pdf

      Take the time to digest the data, especially at the uppermost percentiles. Most colleges and Universities employ some level of discrimination based, in part, on SAT scores. Now check the uppermost percentiles and what do you find?

      Among African-Americans, a score of 580 (math) and 570 (verbal) is 90%. For Whites? Those scores represent 64% and 64% respectively for Whites.

      If admission were based on these scores (580 & 570, minimum for admission) Whites would outnumber African-Americans by a ratio of 3.6/1 per capita.

      But, from the demographics we know that White test-takers outnumbered African-Americans by a ratio of 5.7/1. By merit (based on these scores) Whites should outnumber African-Americans by a ratio of 20.5 to one.

      The actual ratio? 4.4 to one.

      Conclusion? The majority of African-Americans did not effectively qualify for admission on the basis of merit. This, too, is reflected nation-wide.

      But admissions are finite. For every student admitted who failed the merit test another student who succeeded was rejected.

      And who were those students that were rejected? White people. And who were the beneficiaries? Nappy headed pimps and hos.

      Check another demographic: Asians. Asians represent 21% of the student body but a mere 9% of the test-takers in New Jersey. On average, they outscored Whites by 63 points (math + verbal).

      Check under “Scholarships” and what do you see?: http://admissions.rutgers.edu/0801.asp
      Yes, a black man and a black woman closely nestled in a loving embrace. Get the message?!

      The likelihood of such a couple being depicted based on black admittance? One percent. Get the message?!!

      How many White “rejects” does that represent? There are 37,000 undergrads altogether. 11.5% are African-Americans. That’s about 4,000, the majority of which didn’t qualify by merit.

      Hence, over 2,000 African-Americans were admitted on the basis of race, and that’s a very conservative number. Whose place did they take?

      White people.

      More precisely, if the ratio of Whites/African-Americans were based on the black 90% of 570+580 SAT scores the true ratio, by merit, would be 20.5/1. Based on White admittance (50.5%) Blacks should represent a mere 2.5% of the student body, or less than 1000 black students altogether.

      Therefore, well over 3000 blacks took the place of Whites. Over 75% of blacks didn’t qualify by merit. Over 20% of Whites were rejected on the basis of their race.

      Ponder that for a moment …

      Then extrapolate that figure nation-wide over perhaps a thousand Universities and colleges nation-wide. Then multiply …

      Your answer? Yes, hundreds of thousands of Whites get rejected from colleges and Universities to less qualified blacks. Every year. And admissions policies at Rutgers are reflected nation-wide. They’re typical.

      I implore serious readers to double-check these rough estimates for more precise figures.

      Now consider the ramifications …

      Job opportunities for these White “rejects”? Minimized. Income opportunities for these White “rejects”? Minimized. Efficiency in the marketplace? Minimized. Productivity for society? Minimized.

      Is this bad for America? Yes!

      Now take a look at the demographics of the Rutgers’ women’s basketball team, the Scarlet Knights. Do you see what I see? Yes, there are only two Whites on the team.

      It is readily apparent that quotas and preferences are a one way street.

      No Whites need apply! But none in the media will note this discrepancy. None will suggest that Nappies are overrepresented, will they?

      Note: there will be no discussion of the objective data of this blatant discrimination against Whites in the controlled media. That cannot be allowed. That will not be allowed. That is not subject to discussion. Nor will it occur to people to ask as the Imus saga continues unabated.

      Issues of importance to White people do not apply. The media masters will never allow it. No, the media masters are not White people, though they may pose as such when it is convenient for them.

      How does that make you feel, White “boy”? Why aren’t your interests being aired nation-wide on TV, White “boy”?

      Now what are you going to do about it?

    13. Amos Jones Says:

      WOW, remember freedom of speech? Geez, any white people were thinking the exact same thing. I feel for anyone eho has sold their soul to the point that they have to grovel to goddamn al sharpton! This is truth being stranger than fiction.

    14. Colonel Clink Says:

      You know even the kikes have to marvel at the writing skills of Alex linder. No one else can so beautifly convey so much wit, humor and bone chilling truth in so few words. If the White man finally finds his balls one day and turns “Bizzaro World” back around, Mr. Linder will be known as the greatest writer of our age.
      It’s no coincidence that while reading the essay and making a mental note to praise in the comments – I find that several readers have already beaten me to the punch.

    15. jigabooze h. jigaboos Says:

      The real issue here is appeasement. That is what has ruined the white man. This appeasement was not rational- saying what is on his mind is rational.


    16. sgruber Says:

      There’s nothing more to say…except what we’re not allowed to say, being powerless.

    17. Hugh Lincoln Says:

      I’m not sure Sharpton ever did pay the judgement. He’s sat for depositions by the lawyers trying to collect in which he testifies that everything he has is owned by a corporation, including his suits and watches.

    18. Mark Says:

      Does freedom of speech exist in America? Not in any meaningful sense, if your only freedom is talking behind closed doors in a private scenario.

      Political correctness is the new religion. When you can degrade Jesus, the savior of the world as many believe, but you can’t make an offhanded comment about some third world people bouncing a ball around a court without losing your job and career.

      That’s what our troops are fighting for.

    19. Lux Says:

      Forward this far and wide folks. With this analysis Linder inspires this belief: words well spoken brings a White Day closer. Linder continues to pull all who read and listen back to home camp. A critical mass needed for effective action is near. This incident may well be a footnote in a White History book soon to be written, yet another high profile destruction of a White man over a simple truthful observation.

    20. Roger Says:

      Jews, soon the words of truth will become the deeds of truth. And the Jew will be no more….
      White liberty = ‘s Death to Jews!!

    21. Chris Says:

      Great shit – I blogged it at the Politically Correct Apostate


    22. SHMUELY Says:

      Welcome to the Planet of the Apes, Don Imus. A place where the walking wounded are hunted down for the kill by packs of howler simians, hell bent for a chunk of your white hide. And the Planet’s Alice-in-Wonderland, Judeo-American colony, (a Negro hunting ground without warning signs), where clueless white people in Knoxville, among many other places, are savaged at random. All, thanks to a hijacked media which swims in dissimulation and denial, and that is both the cause and enabler of the racial twilight zone that is killing white people. The same mind warping media that withholds knowledge of the low level race war and mayhem from the next unaware victims, and is thus a de facto accomplice to the criminal, genocidal enterprise.

    23. Brian Stone Says:

      Absolutely wonderful Alex

      The moral outrage and damnation our enemies boils off the screen. Moral outrage is what we need more of, not staid recitation of statistics and meek appeals for white “rights.”

      Also, you have given me a new sobriquet for America that I will begin using immediatly (with full credit where due of course): Kike Club.

      Haha! I love it!


    24. Michael Mavros Says:

      Articles like this one show the difference in quality of this site and others like American Renaissance. Keep up the good work!

    25. Dan Abrams Says:

      Well, we figured trolling Imus through the PC waters like a piece of fresh gevilafish at a Bar Mitzvah and the feeding frenzy we fueled would take some of the heat away from that whole Duke “non-rape” thing.

      It worked. Again.

    26. Another one bites the dust: Radio Announcer fired over Imus remarks Says:


      This shit will continue until we take our country back from the goddamn kikes and other non-Whites. We’ll have more niggers murdering Whites, more race-mixing, more homosexuality and more people going ballistic and walking into work blowing away people as this country sinks further into anti-reality insanity. Zundel is Galileo and the fucking 2nd Dark Ages is the mud-colored skin replacing the White. Hitler was right.

    27. abe foxman Says:

      Very impressive ….and what a punch line!
      ‘If you hate what our country has become, you hate jews. Whether you realize it or not.’

    28. Stuyvesant Says:

      The grass grows higher and higher and threatens to suffocate the Aryan man. But history teaches that this ugly grass gets mown, sooner or later. Always. The days of the liberal, feminized, kristian, hu-hu-humanistic West are numbered. End of story. Let it die. Harappa died, Egypt died, Athens died, Rome died… what did not die were the genes. And they will not die this time. The egalitarian West is over, let a new chapter, a new Tradition begin.

    29. Souse the Mouse Says:

      The Great WMD of 1964 keeps spawning new destruction, more and more each year. WMD1964 destroyed more neighborhoods than any invading army could dream of and all the while ruining the public school system.

      Whining about a double standards gets nothing. As I have said for a long time: so called right wing radio is very good when it comes to identifying a problem, weak at identifying the cause, and useless at proposing a solution.

    30. alex Says:

      [ADL on Imus]

      Imus’ Suspension For Racist Remarks ‘A Long Time In Coming’

      New York, NY, April 11, 2007 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) said the suspension of talk-show host Don Imus for racist and sexist remarks he made about the Rutgers women’s basketball team was “a long time in coming,” given his history of racist and anti-Semitic invective on his “Imus in the Morning” program. The suspension goes into effect next week.

      “It is about time that Imus has finally been called to account for engaging in racism and intolerance on his program,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. “He’s gotten away with insensitive and stereotypical remarks about Blacks, Jews, women, homosexuals and others far too often. His suspension by CBS Radio and MSNBC was a long time in coming. Mr. Imus has to be held accountable, and must continue to be held accountable for his use of the public airwaves to promote racism and anti-Semitism.”

      Over the last several years, ADL has logged dozens of complaints about Mr. Imus’ on-air remarks. The League had twice written to Mr. Imus — in December 2004 and December 2006 — to voice concern about stereotypical remarks he and his co-hosts had made on the air about Jews and others. The League never received any response from Mr. Imus or his “Imus in the Morning” team.

      On November 30, 2006, Mr. Imus and his co-hosts referred to the “Jewish management at whoever we work for, CBS” whom he later described as “money grubbing bastards.” That discussion resulted in a barrage of phone calls, letters and e-mails to ADL from listeners and viewers.

      In December 2004, Mr. Imus referred to publishers of a new book called “The Christmas Thief” as “thieving Jews.” Later on the same program, he attempted to apologize for that remark by saying (of thieving Jews), “I apologize … I realize that’s redundant.”


    31. healtheland Says:

      Anyone on here believe that Jesus Christ died for black people too? That it is possible for black people to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior and go to heaven? If you do not, please provide scripture that says otherwise, that would, say, render moot the encounter between Philip and the Ethiopian in Acts. If you do, then I would encourage you to let me know exactly what status do blacks (or will blacks) have in God’s Kingdom of Heaven. And also Jews. Yes, there are Jews who have converted to Christianity: Messianic Jews. What of them? I am curious to know your thoughts. As I am not likely to return to this weblog (as I found it while google – searching for something else) please direct all replies to any post at http://healtheland.wordpress.com that you see fit to, or direct them to [email protected]. I desire this of you because as a Christian, I wish to be educated concerning the views of all who proclaim themselves to be Christians. For the record, I myself happen to be black, but please do not let that deter you from responding to my entreaty and being completely honest, for trust me you are completely incapable of causing any injury to my feelings because as a consequence of my background (growing up in the rural deep south) there is nothing that you can direct towards me that I have not heard before. Thank you and may God bless, save, and heal you all through the Power of the Blood of His Resurrected Son.

    32. John Says:

      I agree with everything you said but it’s a little trite to talk about the “double-standard” that even the brainwashed observe. Whites don’t need to complain about these things to get their points across, just poke fun at the myriad of charlatans out there parading around as the saviors of the “Black Race.” The very fact that in a society already tilted so heavily in their favor they feel the need for such priests of the Holy Order is enough to make the most idiotic liberal white male who has never even seen a black scratch his head and wonder. Just the very fact that some of these charlatans are such a shade of gray as to make you wonder whether they’re from outer space or earth is an hilarity that should be pounded into the brains of white people relentlessly.

      I contend that a white guy with the right attitude and talent could pull off some pretty amazing things working within the system; things that seem impossible to us right now. The content that appears on this site while quite brash for the average hypersensitive white male is a step in the “white direction.” Perhaps a few levels too far for most, however.

    33. alex Says:

      Hell of a job on the stats above, whoever you are.

      Yes, Whites are viciously discriminated against at Rutgers, as at pretty much every college out there. But god forbid a professional comedian observe a fact about hair niggers themselves are ashamed of.

    34. David-CT Says:

      What is remarkable is that preferential admissions (that is, an admissions policy designed to penalize whites in favor of blacks and Hispanics) still cannot overcome the fact that the percentage of blacks who complete a four year degree is lower than whites. Colleges also have to offer remedial courses for the geniuses they admit under the double standard.

      >>In 2001, nearly one-third of first-year students in the United States were >>required to take remedial classes.


      Not surprisingly, those needing such courses are disproportionately the blacks and Hispanics who were not qualified in the first place.

      >> In general, greater proportions of Black and Hispanic students, as >>compared with White and Asian students, were enrolled in remediation, >>similar to national trends.

    35. David-CT Says:

      CBS would not have dumped Imus if the sponsors hadn’t. I am sure that Imus doesn’t see himself as more than an entertainer. Blacks know all too well that any opportunity to flex their muscles cannot be passed by. Imus was just their way of making a point.

    36. -JC Says:


      Niggers (and the “Chris Levister(s) who advocate for and teach the Jewish boycott to them) apparently hate free speech and advocate censorship. They are frightened by the light like roaches. This city councilman, like San Bernardino City Councilman Chas Kelly (on the illegal immigrant issue) has it right. San Bernardino has become one of the worst places in America because of politicians pandering to Blacks and mestizos and Whites are starting to react to it; either White politicians will turn it around or it will become uninhabitable. This is what happened to formerly uninhabited areas in Africa that were developed in Africa, greatly benefiting Blacks, until they turned on Whites, who maintained the infrastructure and agriculture. It is this kind of bravery in otherwise apparently doomed communities that gives one hope that civilization will once again emerge from the darkness of the present planned chaos that Kevin MacDonald here explains here http://www.csulb.edu/~kmacd/books-Preface.html


      Defiant KCAA Radio Replays Imus

      Thursday, 19 April 2007


      By Chris Levister

      Re-broadcast Draws Praise and Heat

      Just when you thought the Don Imus furor had sailed into the annals of history, there was this shot across the bough “…and now ladies and gentlemen we will be broadcasting here on KCAA the April 4 program of Imus in the Morning…”
      KCAA (1050) news director and San Bernardino city councilman Dennis Baxter is unapologetic and defiant speaking, into the camera during a live broadcast of the Fox News Morning Show.
      “I’m not about to defend what Imus said,” Baxter told the Fox anchor. “What he said was reprehensible. He should be punished. We were very content with the two week suspension. But I have literally hundreds and hundreds of e-mails from listeners who say suspension yes, firing no.”

      Walter Jarman, President San Bernardino Branch NAACP

      Moments later his voice and face now famous for defending the re-broadcast on CNN and dozens of other stations around the nation Baxter beams and leans into the control panel and pushes ‘play’ defying local and national condemnation and dismissing warnings that protesters would storm the Carousel Mall studios and re-ignite the firestorm that lead to the stunning firing of the Riverside-born shock jock Imus for a racist and sexist remark about Black members of the Rutgers women’s basketball team.
      “This is a re-broadcast of Don Imus…,” Baxter announced. “There may be some words that are used that may be objectionable to you…”
      From 6 to 9 a.m., the ill-fated broadcast replayed in its entirety with Baxter and KCAA talk show host and publisher of the Black weekly Westside Story, Wallace Allen taking a steady stream of calls and e-mails from listeners across the country, all but one of them in favor of the re-broadcast.
      “I’m not a fan of Imus, but I am a fan of free speech. Pure and simple this is unbridled hip hop hypocrisy folks,” argued an Internet caller from Baltimore. Other callers castigated Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, MSNBC and CBS.
      “One of the best comments comes from this e-mail,” quoted Baxter. “It says what comes to mind fair-weather friends – be careful who you share a foxhole with – hypocrisy.”
      Away from the microphone Baxter and Allen sailed into rough seas.
      “To replay those comments made by Imus is a slap in the face to the entire African- American community. His comments were ill conceived, derogatory, demeaning and he should have been fired,” said Walter Jarman, president of the local NAACP.

      KCAA 1050 News Director and SB City Councilman Dennis Baxter says, many of the people who called for Imus’ removal never heard of him. He says of the highly controversial April 4 show, “they need to hear it in its full context. Imus should not have been fired.”

      Allen and Baxter don’t dispute the unpopularity of their role at KCAA which brands itself as the station “that leaves no listener behind.”
      “My mission at KCAA is to encourage solution finding dialogue. It’s unfortunate that this makes some people uncomfortable,” said Allen who is Black.
      “Censorship creates interest. Punishment rewards perpetrators,” said Allen who claims when management informed him of the station’s plans to air Imus he tried to discourage the move.
      “When they insisted on playing the show I saw an opportunity to demonstrate the need for a different type of attitude to prevail in America and particularly in the African-American community. Firing Imus is a side show, a trick to distract Americans from the real issues surrounding race, poverty and power.”
      “Don’t be fooled for a minute into thinking that the sponsors who pulled their advertising spots from the Imus show under pressure from Sharpton and Jackson are suddenly championing civil rights and the rights of minorities everywhere,” said Allen. MSNBC, CBS and those sponsors are protecting their money. “African-Americans should extend that philosophy by using our buying power to choose whom we want to make rich.”
      “The Perpetrator will get some new sponsors. The sponsors will get new Perpetrators. What will Blacks get? A lesson, maybe…”said Allen

      Wallace Allen KCAA host of “Empire Talks Back” and publisher of the Westside Story Newspaper responds to a caller during the Don Imus re-broadcast.

      The directive to re-broadcast the “Best of Imus” came from KCAA brass based in Katy, Texas, Baxter said, but he denied that the move was a publicity ploy aimed at boosting ratings and attracting more sponsors.
      Hardy Brown co-publisher of the Riverside-based Black Voice News severed an advertising swap agreement with the station over the Imus decision.
      “KCAA is demonstrating the Texas style defiance America witnessed after the Civil War when the state refused to tell it’s slaves they were freed until two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed. That’s why we celebrate Juneteenth.”
      “Our government had to step in to enforce the law and tear down the walls of segregation, likewise KCAA and all those involved in this will have to suffer the consequences of their action.”
      Undeterred Baxter defended the station’s position, saying the firestorm exploded only after Sharpton and Jackson pushed for the Imus firing.
      “Many of the people who denounced Imus never listened to him or even heard of him or his good deeds. They needed to hear this broadcast in its full context,” said Baxter. “We brought listeners from all over the country into the discussion in a constructive way. Now more than ever, I believe we did the right thing.”
      Baxter said protesters and predictions of irate callers did not materialize. Based on what I’ve heard in the community and what I’ve heard over the airwaves, “a lot of African-Americans do not agree with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on this issue.”
      Nevertheless, Baxter found himself defending the station’s move during a Monday night meeting of the SB City Council.
      “You are a disgrace,” said James Tate, a Black activist and small businessman.
      “You have disgraced San Bernardino in the eyes of the world.”
      “He can’t hide behind KCAA He represents the city, and what he is doing is being clueless, ignorant or looking for attention. He should abdicate his seat,” said Tate.
      Baxter who’s council ward has one of the largest Black concentrations in the city, vigorously denied charges of ‘selling out’ the African-American community.
      “I am a staunch ally for decency and equal opportunity for all races. But this is about free speech, politics, and redemption. Don Imus made a big mistake. He apologized. He should not be censored. Baxter and Allen stand by KCAA’s plans to rebroadcast Imus’ shows throughout the week.
      For now the 1400 watt KCAA is sailing solo as the only station in the country airing Imus, even though Westwood One, the company that syndicated him said the broadcaster does not have permission to do so.