1 April, 2007

CNN Allows Jews to Dictate Its Content

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Quintessential proof of a Jewish conspiracy — that Jews control the content found on the CNN website. Simply follow this url


then click on the first link, then go back to google, and click on the cached copy.

Linkname: Not Found
URL: http://edition.cnn.com/2007/WORLD/asiapcf/02/26/skorea.cartoon.ap/

Linkname: Google Cache Copy: Jews rule U.S. – CNN.com

How often do you think you will ever see “file not found” on cnn.com? This is _serious_ proof of a Jewish conspiracy, that Jews control the content on CNN. When a reporter accidentally reports the truth about Jews and Jewish control, it is removed just as soon as it is discovered!

Watch for this reporter to be fired with no statement of cause, nor acknowledgement of dismissal. I also invite anyone to find another; to find _any_ recent news page on cnn.com which comes up “not found”.

For those who believe it was simply old, and expired, note the publishing date (02-26-2007) then visit this earlier URL from 05-05-2005 wherein you are invited to sympathize with the plight of Jews.

Linkname: CNN.com – Sharon: Never forget Nazi killers – May 5, 2005
URL: http://edition.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/meast/05/05/holocaust.day/

For those who believe it was simply moved to a different URL, I invite you to use the CNN search feature to confirm it was completely purged.

You will typically find that CNN _never_ deletes any news articles.

The article stated flatly, “There is no established Jewish community in Korea.” which is exactly why the Koreans are able to publish this truth:

“The Jews are the invisible force that controls the U.S.,” Rhie, a professor of visual arts at Duksung Women’s University in Seoul, told The Associated Press. “I wrote the chapter to let people know that you can’t understand the U.S. without knowing the Jewish community.”

It is PARAMOUNT in order to maintain Jewish domination and control of our government, media, and banking that YOU NEVER REALIZE THE ABOVE STATEMENT IS TRUE. Deleting the article benefits such a goal. Since Google is Jew-owned, expect the cached copy to also disappear shortly.

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    1. alex Says:

      Korean comic author: Jews rule U.S.
      POSTED: 10:12 p.m. EST, February 26, 2007

      SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The author of a best-selling comic book series intended to teach children about other countries said Monday he would change a chapter on Jews that has been called anti-Semitic and similar to Nazi propaganda.

      Rhie Won-bok maintained, however, that his depiction of Jewish control of American media and politics was based on fact and “commonly believed.”

      “The Jews are the invisible force that controls the U.S.,” Rhie, a professor of visual arts at Duksung Women’s University in Seoul, told The Associated Press. “I wrote the chapter to let people know that you can’t understand the U.S. without knowing the Jewish community.”

      More than 10 million copies from the 12-book series titled “Meon Nara, Yiwoot Nara,” or “Far Countries, Near Countries,” have been sold since it was first published in 1987, according to its publisher, Gimm-Young Publishers. The company boasts that at least one volume is in every South Korean home in this country of 48 million people.

      The comics with playfully drawn figures have sought to explain European countries, the U.S., Japan and even Korea itself.

      The first volume of three focusing on the United States was published in 2004. In a chapter titled “You have to know the Jews to see the U.S.,” Rhie takes a wide-ranging look at Jewish history, mentioning the Holocaust and Jews being spread throughout the world without a homeland.

      Although noting that Jews have faced prejudice for many centuries, the book takes a more sinister view of their role in the United States.

      Rhie said the September 11 attacks occurred because of Arab terrorists’ hatred for the U.S. he blamed on Jews who “move the U.S. in the way they want using money and the media as their weapon.”

      The book also says Korean-Americans are diligent and successful in the U.S. “but in the end, always run into the wall called the Jews.” The accompanying picture shows an exasperated man walking up a hill only to be blocked by a brick wall with a Star of David and the word “STOP” in English.

      Images from the book “echo classic Nazi canards,” Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center said in a statement earlier this month. In a letter sent to the publishers, Cooper urged them to review “the slanders in this book that historically have led to anti-Semitism, violence, hatred and even genocide.”

      Rhie asserted he is “not at all anti-Semitic” and that he would remove the parts that have drawn offense or write them differently. “The last thing I want is a conflict between the Koreans and the Jews because of my book,” he said.

      There is no established Jewish community in Korea.

    2. Chris Womak Says:

      I tried to copy and paste this and post it on the PC Apostate but was unable, was getting a failure message. So I just posted the title CNN Allows Jews to Dictate Its Content and linked to here

    3. New America Says:

      If memory serves, the goddamn JEWS have their way around this – “SPEECH” has a Constitutional guarantee.

      The Internet, however, is a distribution mechanism for CONTENT, which is not necessarily the same as “speech.

      Any ISP has the power to block any “speech” he chooses, by simply stating that it is “inappropriate CONTENT.”

      Hopefully, I’m wrong, but I don’t think so.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    4. alex Says:

      Hey Scoobs,

      Well, I sent an email detailing proof of a conspiracy, and Yahoo
      kicks it back to me with a policy violation. I sent an email to Tim
      alone with only the bounce information and a “test message” comment,
      which delivered fine. I try to send Tim the email sent to the list, and
      it kicks it back again. Obviously the error is based upon CONTENT!
      What is it about an email reporting Jewish conspiracy that is prohibited
      to be seen by yahoo customers I wonder? This bounce effects all Yahoo
      users including those who use: prodigy.net, sbcglobal.net, and yahoo.com

      If you did not receive the message because your address is:


      You may view the email online at the following URL. See if you
      can detect just what it was that Yahoo DID NOT WANT YOU TO SEE! :o/
      Welcome my friends TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER. By the way, the rest of the list seemed to deliver just fine, however I can’t be 100% certain.
      Jennifer (on this list) confirmed that when she mailed herself the
      message body it indeed bounced back to her with the same error. She
      confirmed it was the “Jews rule U.S.” URL which was causing the bounce.

      Linkname: WHAT yahoo/prodigy/sbcglobal DID NOT WANT YOU TO SEE.
      URL: http://questlabs.home.att.net/index.txt
      Note: Look to the bottom of the above URL for chat transcript,
      providing Jen’s _additional_ proof of a conspiracy!

      554 Message not allowed – UP Email not accepted for policy reasons.
      Please visit http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/mail/defer/defer-04.html

      A message (from ) was received at 1 Apr 2007 8:49:36 +0000.

      The following addresses had delivery problems:

      Permanent Failure: Other address status
      Delivery last attempted at Sun, 1 Apr 2007 08:49:36 -0000

      Reporting-MTA: dns; sccmmhc91.asp.att.net
      Arrival-Date: 1 Apr 2007 8:49:36 +0000

      Final-Recipient: rfc822;
      Action: failed
      Status: 5.1.0 MAIL FROM: 554 REPLY: 554_Message_not_allowed_-_UP_Email_not_accepted_for_policy_reasons.__Please_visit_http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/mail/defer/defer-04.html[120]
      Diagnostic-Code: smtp; Permanent Failure: Other address status
      Last-Attempt-Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2007 08:49:36 -0000

    5. rick Says:

      Uhm… strange. I sent a copy of that article of the Korean comic out on my list. I normally copy myself for archiving purposes. I find no such email in my archives. It appears that email was hijacked also. The title of my email was Korean Comic: Jews Rule the U.S.

    6. shabbos shabazz Says:



    7. cliff Says:

      WNs should solicit and organise funds from other groups slaughtered in WWII. There really should be plans to build a Russian Christian Holocaust Museum, (let’s borrow the word form the zionists) and a Polish one, a Ukranian one and most important a German one.

      The propaganda war with the jew has to be won on the ground and the setting up of these centers, (together with study centers etc) would be a major propaganda coup. White Nationalists might have the finger pointed at them for ulterior motives–but that will fade away as the these groups take over the duties of running these high profile centers.

      PS/ Too bad there is not some central organisation for running at least one or two Whites to take on the ADL and AIPAC directly, (Alex you have my vote). Imagine the ADL vexation at pouring in millions of dollars to defeat a candidate and finding that the PEOPLE, will still vote for him anyway and because of jewish pressure. I cannot believe it all ended with Paul Findley.

    8. lawrence dennis Says:

      Actually, yahoo mail will apparently bounce ANY message with a link like this:

      This link is just to a cache of an unimportant webpage, not to anything that Yahoo would censor. My guess is that this type of link is deliberately blocked so as to protect their users from phishing scams.

    9. Archie1954 Says:

      Please don’t equate the followers of Judaism with Zinonists. There may be some overlap but both groups are not interchangeable. Zionism by its own admission is secular in nature. Zionism and Judaism are two very different things and don’t allow AIPAC or any other Zionist apologists amd lobbyists to tar you with the “anti-Semitist” label. That term is a misnomer coined in the 1870s and arrogantly dismisses a whole race of people namely the Palestinians and Arabs who are themselves Semitic in nature. You won’t find many Zionists with recent Semitic roots.

    10. allen foo Says:

      u are one sick fucked up dude. get a life. the jews the jews. aint you got nutting better to do?

    11. Adam Says:

      Archie1954, you should study what Judiasm really is before you say that Judaism and Zionism aren’t the same thing. I, like many people, used to think that Judaism is centered around the first five books of the Old Testament (Torah). However that is not correct. Judaism SHOULD be based on the Torah, but it isn’t. Judaism is based on the perverted, disgusting, satanic rantings of rabbis over the last two thousand years. Judaism is centered around rabbinical writings such as the Talmud. Read the Talmud and you’ll learn how much Jews hate non-Jews. You’ll also learn of their particularly strong hatred of Christ and Christians. Christians and Jews agree that the Torah is the word of God, spoken directly to Moses. But the Jews have declared the disgusting, unholy rantings of rabbis to be actually higher than the Torah. A few years ago, I had no idea about how awful the Jews really were. Now, I’m shocked and terrified. Now I know how Jews really feel about me, my family, my people, our sons and daughters, our babies, and our faith. I never knew we were so HATED.