12 April, 2007

MAYNARD: Hideous Race Murder of Young Couple Enrages Whites – Sparks Rally

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Knowledge is spreading; anger is growing.

Thanks to Curt Maynard, one of the most active and powerful of a rising generation of White writers (don’t miss his Politically Correct Apostate) for helping punch this hush crime into the heart of the Media Matrix…

As individuals, we can do nothing. As a team, there is nothing we can’t do.


Hideous Race Murder of Young Couple Enrages Whites – Sparks Rally

A witness says the suspects in Channon Christian’s rape and murder sprayed cleaning fluid into her mouth to eliminate DNA evidence after the rape then bagged her and put her in a trash can.She and her boyfriend Christopher Newsom were on a date when they were carjacked and kidnapped. Her boyfriend was murdered soon after the carjacking. She was raped for several days before being murdered. For a quick Youtube Video Synopsis of this horrific crime, see HERE

Hideous Race Murder of Young Couple Enrages Whites – Sparks Rally

By Curt Maynard

As a writer I rarely diverge from my established forte which as a rule tends to focus on one issue more so than any other and that of course is Talmudic Judaism and its pernicious effect on western civilization. From my point of view there is little reason to focus too much of my attention and energy on any other hiccup in the social fabric of the modern era; it’s a bit like blaming herpes on the blister, pointless and nonproductive.

“Multiculturalism” is a perfect example of a ‘gift’ [meaning poison in the German language] that the Jewish Supremacists have given us – it cannot be blamed on anyone else; the multicultural agenda is as kosher as a dill pickle at a New York City Bar Mitzvah. The very concept of “multiculturalism” itself is a Jewish invention; yep, it’s the brainchild of a Jewish female named Paula Rothenberg, who according to Newsweek magazine was the “primer” for “multiculturalists.” It of course is an incredible fraud and smacks of a form of “hatred,” that is so profoundly unfathomable that it is nearly beyond a Gentile’s ability to comprehend. To get tens of millions of people to hate one another is not altruistic, it is not benevolent; it is nothing short of criminal. The predecessor of “multiculturalism” vernacularly was another deceptive term and gift from a Zionist Jew named Israel Zangwill known as the “melting pot,”[1] which faded out of usage allegedly because sociologists decided at some point that it was outdated, which is just another way of saying that assimilation[2] wasn’t deemed divisive enough and needed to be replaced by pluralism.[3]

In any case, and before I proceed, I feel it necessary to clearly state that it is my personal opinion that most of the social ills in our modern American society can be traced back to a Zionist source, primarily the media, but the government too is becoming more and more complicit in this respect and no longer appears to care that it is now more than obvious. I’ve written extensively in the past about the fallacies of multiculturalism[4] and have made it clear that I consider the entire concept to be more about division than unity. There are still those that disagree with me, but it’s because they aren’t thinking properly.

I also want to make it perfectly clear that it is my belief that we are all, white, black, brown, yellow, and red, literally victims of this media sponsored, government imposed program. It is Machiavelli at work in the American mainstream pure and simple and it has created problems so large and cumbersome that they no longer seem fixable in any real sense.

Having said that, I now intend to breach the boundaries of what is considered by many to be political acceptable once again. At the end of this article I’ll tie it all together neatly, so that the reader can see that I really haven’t diverged as far as one might think from what I referred to earlier as my particular forte, so bear with me.

Last January, two Knoxville Tennessee residents, college student Channon Christian 21, set to graduate this year and her boyfriend Chris Newsom 23 were minding their own business and going about their own lives when they were carjacked by two black males, Devall Davidson[5] and Letalvis Darnell Cobbins. Just taking Christian’s Toyota 4-Runner wasn’t all these two had in mind, they kidnapped the boyfriend/girlfriend pair and forced Christian and Newsom to accompany them back to their ‘seedy rental house,’ where they then enlisted the help of two others, including a black female named Vanessa Coleman and proceeded to sodomize Chris Newsom in front of Channon before they emasculated him and shot him in the head. He was then “bound and his body wrapped up in bedding and set afire,” prior to being “discarded like trash along nearby railroad tracks.”

A most horrific and unimaginable fate awaited Channon, after being traumatized by seeing her boyfriend raped and executed before her eyes, the three males, Davidson, Cobbins and George Thomas with the assistance of the female Coleman proceeded to subject Channon to a brutal and continuous series of rapes, including sodomy and God knows what else over a period of two days inside that house – they literally tortured her in ways that defy even the most jaded imagination for two days! Later her “battered body was found stuffed in a trash can.”[6]

“Battered” in this case means that she was dismembered so that her corpse would fit neatly into several plastic bags. According to Vanessa Coleman, after they tired of torturing and raping Channon, the men urinated on her, and poured “cleaning chemicals” into her mouth and down her throat in an effort to destroy the physical evidence they had left behind. They then inexplicably cut off her breasts, dismembered her body and threw it in a trash can at the residence.

The early investigation as to how they caught these four individuals is irrelevant for the purposes of this story; it is enough to say that fingerprint evidence led the police to Davidson, and from there it was a matter of rounding everyone else up. I could further detail the horrors that both Christian and Newsom were subjected to, but I think the reader gets the point.

The purpose of my writing this particular piece has little to do with drawing attention to the very real problem America has at present with violent crime involving blacks.[7] I’m not attempting to foment problems along racial lines either; I am merely stating undeniable, albeit politically incorrect facts. If these facts motivate you to leave comments on this article that attempt to justify and/or excuse the savage behavior of these men in any way whatsoever, congratulations, YOU are part of the problem. The reason I am even writing this article, which as I alluded to earlier deviates from my typical area of interest is because the news media has taken it upon itself to murder Channon Christian and Chris Newsom a second time by burying the story of what happened to them and thus sacrificing their memory on the alter of political correctness.

It is essential for those that seek to create an illusory multicultural paradise that you and I believe in its possibility. They would like for you and I to embrace this farce with religious fervor, because faith in it is the only thing that keeps it all from falling apart. There will be many that will comment on this article and they’ll insist that multicultural pluralism hasn’t failed us, that it is the inherent racism of whites and/or the unwillingness of whites to “stick it out” that prevents us all from realizing the utopian world multiculturalism promises. It’s a lie folks. It isn’t going to work. Bear with me a little longer.

Why isn’t it going to work? It isn’t going to work because whites are beginning to get angry and they are beginning to mobilize. At this very moment a rally is being organized by hundreds of dedicated activists that seek to bring thousands of people together in Knoxville Tennessee in a couple of months in order to draw the publics attention to black on white crime.

The same thing happened in Sweden back in 2000 when a 17 year old boy named Daniel Wretström was murdered by a group of non-whites for no other reason that he was a white Swede. The Swedish people were horrified and ever since then, every year, Swedes march in his memory and the crowds are growing bigger and more discontent each time. Swede’s have tired of being victimized in their own country by people who either are not Swedes or have been Swedes for a very short amount of time; the multicultural paradise is coming apart at the seams and there doesn’t appear to be any way of putting the cat back in the bag.

You won’t hear a whisper about the Knoxville Rally in the mainstream establishment media, because they don’t want what has happened in Sweden to happen here, in fact, it is exactly what they are trying to prevent; that is the sole reason there has been a very real media blackout on the Channon Christian, Chris Newsom murders. If thousands of whites were to converge on Knoxville Tennessee on Memorial Day weekend as is expected, even the mainstream Jewish media would not be able to suppress the story, nor its associated fallout. Perhaps you’re asking yourself, “How does Maynard know the story is being suppressed?” A little work is necessary on your part. Go to Google news here and type in “Channon Christian.” As of this moment, March 31, 2007 at 0200 I’m only getting five links or stories on her and they are ALL local stories, meaning that the national media has not picked up the story. Consider for a moment that this is the very same national media that continuously bombards us with stories about whites 24/7 – think about it, Anna Nicole Smith,[8] John Couey,[9] Paris Hilton,[10] Natalie Holloway,[11] Jack McClellan,[12] they all get covered coast to coast – all of the most titillating murder cases covered by the mainstream media since OJ Simpson have involved white perpetrators. One case everyone is familiar with by now received national coverage for Months and involved three innocent white males accused of gang raping a lying black prostitute/dancer, the infamous “Duke Rape” case. Every one of the above stories, with the exception of Couey pale in comparison to what happened to Newsom and Christian, yet we haven’t heard anything on the television or read anything on the wires about Channon and Chris and we’re sick to the point of nausea of hearing so much about the others. What’s going on?

If you turn on the television you’ll be pummeled with the latest on Anna Nicole Smith, but you won’t hear about Lindsey Bruce,[13] a black man that raped and beheaded a 5 year old white girl named Emily Rimel, Lanny Perry Barnes,[14] a black man that intentionally ran over a white family in a McDonald’s parking lot, killing their 2-year old daughter with a smile on his face, backing up and then running them over again, or Ricky Gray and Ray Dandridge who beat one family of four to death and then slit the throats of another family of three that included two young white girls, Stella 9 and Ruby 4.

As I alluded to above, the reason that white crime makes the news and particularly nasty examples of black crime motivated by what cannot in any other way be described as anything else but a long term indoctrinated sense of hatred towards whites does not, is because the latter does not support the idea that everything is going along swimmingly with our government and media imposed program of multiculturalism, tolerance and diversity. Obviously, tolerance had nothing to do with the way that Channon and Chris were treated by four individuals that are supposed to be viewed in our PC world as victims, not oppressors. It is essential that all Americans always view whites as the perpetrators and blacks as the victims, the tolerance and diversity gimmick just won’t work any other way. Can you imagine how the media would have responded to a story of three white males and a white female doing the same to a young black couple? Can you really? The coverage would be never ending; it’d be on O’Reilly, Hannity and Colmes, 20/20, Nightline, 60 Minutes, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and on the front page of every newspaper and news magazine in the country. Why? Because a crime like that, perpetrated by whites, despite the fact that it would never happen, DOES support the agenda the Jewish dominated media[15] wants to put before the American people, white perpetrators, black victims.

This isn’t to say that the Jewish Supremacists in the media cares about blacks, hardly; they are merely a tool cunningly used to create resentment among whites, which is necessary in order to control both. I wrote an article about how Zionists have historically manipulated and controlled blacks entitled David Horowitz and the Mechanics of The Zionist Exploitation of Blacks,[16] I highly encourage those concerned with such issues to read it. The whole idea is to keep race relations seething – but at the same time to keep a lid on the whole thing, not let it get out of control until the right time. Ultimately, these same people will play their Ace in the hole, a hand they have carefully nurtured for many years – when too much attention is being focused on them, and it looks like the game may be up, they’ll play their final hand and begin broadcasting around the clock example after example of black on white crime and when that happens whites will react predictably and the pressure will be off the Talmudic Jews and on blacks. Many intelligent people have pointed this inevitability out to Americans over the years; most of them have been smeared as racist for their efforts. The media would have you believe that anyone with any opinions on race that diverge from their own must be racists and by virtue of that fact alone must also be ignorant. The fact of the matter is many of these individuals are highly intelligent and capable people, they just don’t see things through rose colored glasses. In any case, you aren’t going to hear from these people, the mainstream Jewish media won’t touch them, primarily because the media doesn’t want whites becoming familiar with them. It’s exactly the same in the black community, anytime a black man stands up and encourages other blacks to cast off yoke of victim hood, and to stand up and act like part of the solution rather than part of the problem, ala Bill Cosby, the media jumps all over them and brings out its house niggers Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to promptly shut down any productive discourse.

The sad fact of the matter is, the media does not want any articulate speakers from the black community to step forward and tell blacks that they need to get their house in order because whitey is waking up and he’s pissed off. You’re about as likely to see someone like that on the news networks today as you are to see an unapologetic and articulate Arab discuss issues related to the Middle East with Bill O’Reilly – it’ll never happen.

The Rally itself is being organized as we speak by dedicated men determined to reveal the very unpleasant reality of black on white violence to as many people as possible. They are organized and they are ready to meet and challenge the inevitable media smear they’re certain to face on the local level [The national media will never mention this rally for reasons already cited]. One local media personality, a gentleman by the name of Gordon Boyd took it upon himself to make some disparaging remarks about the rally’s organizers, calling them “racist malcontents” as if only racists would be interested in calling attention to the media black out on the Christian/Newsom murders and received a great deal of unwanted attention when several people turned up outside his home and passed out literature about the Christian/Newsom murder and the fact that Boyd was actively involved in suppressing the story to his friends and neighbors. As I understand it, these tactics will continue as long as the media continues to try to make this peaceful rally being held in the memory of Channon and Chris into something it’s not, a gathering of so-called white supremacists.

“Alex Linder, Editor of Vanguard News Network, says, “Our purpose in calling this rally is to draw attention to the genocidal System ultimately responsible for the horrendous murders of these two lovely young White people.”[17]

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  • 10 Responses to “MAYNARD: Hideous Race Murder of Young Couple Enrages Whites – Sparks Rally”

    1. Antagonistes Says:


      Go this this website and listen.

      Don’t pay any attention to who it is by, just listen to the words, the rage.

      This is how I feel, and I think you might, too. I identify with the almost mindless rage, not with the singer or his depravities. I especially identify with when he starts haranguing the crowd–I feel like going to a group of White people and doing the same thing–“You’re all a bunch of fuckin’ idiots!” “Maybe you like gettin’ your face stuck in the shit, maybe you like it!”

      This man was called a “shaman.” We need a shaman on our side. I hope there is a shaman at the rally.

      Alex and others have laid down the rational part (although Alex can take off into shaman-land when he wants to); now we are ready for the shaman to appear.

      Who will it be?

      Karl Jung thought that Hitler was basically a shaman.

    2. Stan Says:

      Thank you Mr. Maynard.

    3. Wolly Hogg Says:

      They are trying to say the word ‘NIGGER’ is all we have left!

    4. Tyler Goines Says:

      Check this…. Based on the color of my skin I’m guilty of slavery. My family, not the people I look like, but my family had nine members fought in the civil war only five came back. Still the Rev Sharpton ( What church does he hold sermons at?) and Jackson say I may not be guilty of slavery but I should feel bad.
      Here’s the kicker….. I nor any white person ever got a f***ing THANK YOU for the sacrifices made by us. You know it was the bloodiest war ever fought on American soil, it was white on white, but the white man did nothing for blacks…… Isn’t that funny?

      Any time a person of color tells you that you need to feel bad about slavery you let them know they are direct descendants of Treasonist turn coats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      During the revolutionary war the British went down south and said if any slave fought for one year they would be granted freedom…. Blacks turned out in droves. Thousands of slaves went and fought AGAINST the Americans. THAT’S TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I know, I know they were fighting for their freedom so that excuses the crime. Wrong… in every country through out time up till today no one excuses Treason…… There is not excuse

      Some people will say well America wasn’t a country at the time…. We didn’t become a country until 1782. Well that great but every American accepts 1776 as our birth of a nation. So any crimes against America starting form July 4,1776 is a crime against America …… Including Treason.

      Whites who fought against slavery, those who made it a crime to have slaves should fell bad about something that was COMPLETELY LEGAL until whites changed that, but blacks are not guilty of Treason, an act that is still punishable by death. Why? Blacks may feel bad? Oh no… the ONLY people who say all the time whites should feel bad……. We can’t have those people feel bad about THEIR indiscretions. That would be wrong….. Matter of fact many may call me a racist for pointing out the truth.

      REMEMBER whites this is for when you are told to feel bad about slavery. It is not an argument to make blacks feel bad.

      We ALL need to stop letting the media divide us along color lines. We need solidarity so we can fight the ones separating us.

      A few moons ago the powers that be gave control of two piers along the west side of Manhattan…. Every New Yorker stood up together regardless of race, creed, or color and said WE WILL NOT HAVE THIS. The next day that came to a screeching halt. Proving to me that the power of the American people was still strong.
      That is my dream… The power of the American people.

      When we all stand up and tell Them (powers that be) WE will not have this anymore. I know as you and They know it will truly be a new day.

      Here’s your war cry ———–

      -Tyler Goines

    5. David-CT Says:

      The Federal prosecutor dropped the carjacking charges. I suggest contacting your local Republican Party to ask why the Federal prosecutor is being allowed to intentionally destroy an open-and-shut case.

    6. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      A shaman for the Aryans!

      That automatically says that he (or she) cannot be a Christian.

      He will have to reach back, way back, to the mysticism (nature mysticism) that our race once had, while he also honors the Aryan intellect. He will bow before no gods; I think of the attitude of Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian. He will have no rationalized wimpiness of the Christians, none of this self-and-family-sacrificing altuism. He will give our people a vision of what each one, and the whole group, can be. He will give us a humble nobility instead of the “I am a worm and a turd and not fit to live” mentality of Christianity.

      I suspect that this individual might well be Irish, maybe German, and he will come soon.

      Events are converging rapidly.

    7. Coup d'Etat Says:

      However the format is going to be at the rally, use a bullhorn! Say clearly and loudly one of the many items:

      [7] The fact is blacks [10% of the US population] account for over half of the murders in this country

    8. Coup d'Etat Says:

      On the section titled, “Scant Media Coverage Explained.”


      Excuses, excuses, excuses. There is no excuse for the lack of media coverage on this story regardless whether the parents wanted to be interviewed or not. The jewish media decided not to cover this story nationally because it would defeat their purpose acting as accomplices to the increasing murders of all Whites by niggers; therefore, they will be held accountable for their own actions or lack thereof.

    9. Joseph Rota Says:

      I’m a retired policeofficer, Its overdue that the public realize what the police community have known for decades. That ignorance , indifference to life, brutality, etc, can not be tolerated in any society. Members of the black community have been using the oppressed victim card for their actions for too long. A trial should be held on these accused, quickly and if found guilty should be executed without dely. Whether black, white or any other color, crimes of this nature should be delt with as I have described obove. If the media had a conscience or professiol attitude instead of an agenda, we as a society would all benefit.

    10. Igor Alexander Says:

      “One local media personality, a gentleman by the name of Gordon Boyd took it upon himself to make some disparaging remarks about the rally’s organizers, calling them ‘racist malcontents’ as if only racists would be interested in calling attention to the media black out on the Christian/Newsom murders and received a great deal of unwanted attention when several people turned up outside his home and passed out literature about the Christian/Newsom murder and the fact that Boyd was actively involved in suppressing the story to his friends and neighbors. As I understand it, these tactics will continue as long as the media continues to try to make this peaceful rally being held in the memory of Channon and Chris into something it’s not, a gathering of so-called white supremacists.”

      Whatever the makeup of the 1000+ people who attended, it’s clear from reading the posts archived at http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/?cat=491 that the original organizers of this event could in all fairness be described as “white supremacists” and “racist malcontents.”

      Instead of being an anti-black/anti-Jew rally, as it was originally pitched, why couldn’t the event just have been about people who care about the growing number of hate crimes against whites, and that these crimes are being downplayed or ignored by the news media? Why present the rally in a way that’s likely to alienate/repulse the very people its supposed to attract (including the victims’ families), as well as guarantee negative press coverage, hostility from police (who might otherwise have been sympathetic to the event), etc.?

      In his piece above, Curt Maynard, who’s not afraid to call a spade a spade, had to misrepresent the event to his readers in order to entice them to attend. What does that say about VNN?

      I don’t get you, Linder. Much of what you say is true, and many would agree with you, but your presentation almost seems calculated to repel the maximum number of people. The most profound words of wisdom could be emanating from a man’s mouth, but if his breath smells like he’s been snacking on dog turds, there’s not a single person who’s going to want to stay in that room with him to listen to what he has to say.