15 April, 2007

Niggers Are People-Shaped Animals

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The coontastic lovingly depicted is a “school administrator.” See, folks, you can call ’em what you like, press degrees into their hands, slip pants onto their lower arms, and shush recalcitrant sniggers, but at the end of the day, ma’am, they aint nuthin but


Resignations over school sex tape


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    1. anders Says:

      The Chicago Sun-Times has a lengthier article which informs us:

      [Coleman’s] years at Sandridge were filled with some friction, according to some, who claimed he called some of the children “white trailer trash.”


    2. Shit in Chicago Says:

      Not only do these African yard apes not belong in schools in White America, they shouldn’t be working for the United States Post Office either. When I lived in Chicago, you were guaranteed at least once a year to read newspaper headlines about some USPO mail carriers who had been shirking and not delivering mail, invariably they were niggers. Some cases I can recall were when the Feds found bags of mail stacked in a nig’s garage and another case where the “freak” had been driving to a bridge and burning mail in a barrel! Niggers are so dumb that they are like children who think they can pull something over on their parents. Think about how their IQ is obvious in articles such as the one above. Most White people just smile and grin and think “dumbass.” But they don’t think about the reality which is that these nogs are SO GODDAMN STUPID THEY ARE LIKE CHILDREN AND THINK THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH SHIT, if they “think” at all. Send these losers back to Africa along with the kikes.

    3. VNN Token Black Man Says:

      Hey, ya can’t blame the brotha for getting a little sugar on the side.

      C’mon ya’ll, cut the nigga some slack.

      Besides, nappy headed school teachers hoes need some monkey luvin too.

    4. smith Says:

      Come on Alex!
      Can’t a “nigga” have some fun with a
      “nappy headed ho”……

    5. Briseis Says:

      I always knew “doing it” with the lights off had merit.

    6. Donald Imus Says:

      I agree. She is one nappy-headed ho’!

    7. Souse the Mouse Says:

      One of my observations over the years:

      Teach the nigga to read and write, and they read and write that the white man is holding them back, still.

    8. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      This should cause a great increase in interest in Rastafarianism.

    9. Mark Says:

      And they wonder why sub-Saharan Africans never developed a civilization.

    10. Beast Says:

      One of ya’ll reminded of a joke I heard long ago.

      What’s the American Dream?

      Ten million niggers swimming back to Africa with a Jew under each arm.

    11. Boby Trans Says:

      you people our very racist and i just wanted to ask if any of you know an African America family? I mean like really no them well like you go over to their house for dinner and such. If not how the hell do you get off making fun of them like that? If you dont know a bunch of them well how the hell do you get off calling them animals?

    12. van helsing Says:

      Maybe they know them all too well.

      2 true stories…

      A friend of mine used to work for the Postal service before he became a fireman. He worked in a sorting facility over in Inkster. At night. Full of ‘freaks. He worked. They didnt. Yes he got threatened a lot. The stupervisor was a black fag who still hit on all the women and some of the men. I wonder who the machines ultimately unemployed… Wait, isnt there an article out today about the plight of the black men in america…

      My brother used to be an officer in the Army. For a while in the 80s he was stationed at Fort Rucker, AL. He was the adjutant. Well they had a member of the post boxing team who also worked in the mail office. Yes, ‘freakin. Well, a lot of mail wasnt getting thru. He got caught dumping (and not for the first time) mail sacks in the local waterway. Well when the MPs cornered him, he decked the first one alright. The next 3 made him pay.

      Damn near every PO I have ever been to in years either has fags or blacks working in it. It is a wonder that any mail gets thru.

    13. john Says:

      WOW god damn niggers.

    14. james from india Says:

      Hello my White Nationalist friends

      I couldn’t agree more – indeed, niggers are uncivilised, barbarian creatures – we had 12 students from Africa (places like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya etc.) in my Engineering college over here in India and all of them were thrown out of the Hostel for their unhygienic habits; e.g. after taking a shite, they didn’t believe in flushing the toilets – many of them were suspected to take drugs and indulge in pimping and prostitution – some of the local students tried to be friendly with them but they only take advantage. Nigger hoes are vile, despicable ugly monkeys – they would try to entice men to fuck them but thanks to the horrible BO, nobody would go near except for some bums in my society.

      India is a safe haven for these Nigerians because we already are home to 700 million NIGGERS of our own -(70% of our population) all the low-caste scum that give India bad publicity in the West – all the stories of street filth, poverty and third-world bullshit you know WE LIVE WITH THEM and need your sympathy instead of contempt (In India we don’t mix with low-castes at all and don’t believe in political correctness unlike you) – together we all need to work – Whites, Chinese, Japanese, Indians (upper-castes), and rid the world of all the Niggers and the Muslims – and believe me, we all would be very happy and it would be a great going together.

      I support Whites in White homelands cause if you support our efforts in sterilizing all the nigger scum of India! There are many like me who share this vision – and our efforts should only increase in the future as I am goddamn tired of seeing niggers all around me!

      Take care

    15. CELTO-GERMANIC Says:

      Ok, James! This is the first I’ve heard of such unity. I like it. Being highly intelligent, capable of abstract reasoning, creativity and invention seems to be emerging as my dominant life philosophy lately. Although I am proud and “white”, it is becoming more apparent that the problem we (the developed societies) have, is similar. I know Hitler somehow traced Aryan roots to India as well. I can’t deny I am a racist, and technically a bigot or whatever labels the Jewmedia give me, because I wish to survive- and preserve my culture and country, however- for many reasons- I don’t really hate all races. For instance, in Glendale, California, the Armenians, whilst wholly foreign, have christian values, and aside from their punk teenagers acting out (as many kids do), they have assimilated better than say, the mexicans, who are slow, inept, possess frighteningly low I.Q.’s and are, by nature, criminal. Niggers simply don’t possess the grey matter to become human. The bell curve isn’t skewed, it’s just a measure. The Jews, on the other hand, have a great amount of mental capacity, and will have us interbreeding or killing each other as both suit their needs. I’m going to shop your idea of focused unity through ideals and strengths rather than just skin color, beliefs or region. I can’t say you’ll get much support, as I have found rigid resistance to any such notions in the more extreme camps. Ultimately, what people like you and I lament are the deaths of great and civilized cultures, and the spread of lies. I am from Detroit and grew up probably like you did, in a sea of niggers. Detroit is 70% black or more, I believe. In any case, I grew up a minority. Fuck Eminem, I grew up on 7 mile. That whigger isn’t racist because he’s too stupid to grasp how fucking ignorant the niggers are around him, but just smart enough (because he’s white) to out-rap and out-talk any simian. I thought the comedian nigger chris rocks’ comment about how the world is upside down because the best golfer is black and the best rapper is white. Hmmmm let’sseeeeee… a white man who is clever and lyrical with wit and relevance, and an ape who is good at a repetitive, physical act…. gee, that sounds like nature to me…

    16. wolfgang11 Says:

      fucking yard apes… nasty vermin the lot… africoons …do the white man a biiig favor…take your filthy monkey asses back to africoon…

    17. craker Says:

      Niggers are some dumb mother fuckers.I’m watching the maury show and those dumb fucking nigger women stick by thier nigger while they argue about the last baby nigger he made. She knows nothing about this dumb son of a bitch, but yet she argues that the little nigger ain’t his. Then they read the test results of a dna. The nigger thinks he can beat the dna test, like he is taking a driving test or something. I don’t think a nigger can pass a drivers licsence anyway. The son of a bitches all drop out of school. can’t read or write,steal everything they have, kill ennocent people for a dollar, they are all on welfare, food stamps, and any other thing that is free,the moma niggers don’t even know who “my baby daddy is”, they have 5-10 baby niggers so they can collect more welfare, the U.S. is broke paying the mother fuckers way, they can’t even talk, does anybody understand those big lipped, blue gummed mother fuckers talk anyway. Son of a bitching stinking, std, aids carrying, siclle cell, high blood pressure, chicken bone chewing, watermelon eating mother fuckers. I wish they would shoot one onother up until they are all gone. I’ll pay for the bullets.” hey Shycreeka, get da fuck up off da flow and go down da screet, and buys me a bucket of wangs, and a big scweet watwermelon. And bring dis little water head nigga witcha. And brings me a couple of 40’s too. Bring all dees little niggas witcha too. Shytweeka, calitams, pajamas tameeka,scryreeka,tyreese, and what eva da rest of dees motha fuckas names is. I can’t keep tracks of all dees lil niggas. Why you don’ts goes to da doctor, and lets him so dat pussy up 4 ya? O das right he can’t sows dat motha fucka up, I got to fuck dat, my bad! Thats how they talk the dumb son of a bitches.

    18. Racist or Realist? Says:

      About 20 years ago, I bought, renovated and sold a house on the edge of a city’s minority neighborhood. The house is long gone, but I will never forget what I witnessed there on a daily basis. I saw unemployed, glassy-eyed young black men arrive each morning from surrounding neighborhoods (where they lived in households assisted by welfare), and jockey for position along my street to sell tiny plastic bags of heroin to cars from the white suburbs. I saw garbage, rotting heaps of it, dumped into adjoining empty lots by blacks oblivious to the city’s weekly curbside collection. I saw rats, swarms of them, foraging the trash, while nearby residents chatted, laughed and shuffled on their decaying Victorian porches.

      I came to realize that blacks are feared and despised not because of their color, but because of their low I.Q. — not competent enough to master an honest living, nor aware enough to avoid a dishonest one. Not all blacks are simpletons, of course, and but for those who are, governmental aid is not going to improve their deficiency, only reward it to breed.

    19. Correction Says:

      Oops — could you correct the last line to read “Not all blacks are simpletons, of course, but for those who are….” by removing the unnecessary “and” before “but”. Proofreading error.

    20. Realist, then Says:

      Or drop it altogether — not fanatical enough, hunh?

    21. Das Reich Says:

      i fucking hate niggers. WHITE POWER. HEIL HITLER

    22. Sundried Athiest Says:

      Wow! This is something. People I am from India and I have to tell you that if you hate niggers, you hate them for the right reasons. Most Indians, excluding the Muslim filth just don’t like the negroes.
      I have a personal tale to tell about TNB.
      There was this white couple working in a Multinational Corporation near my house. Now ours in an Upper Middle class locatlity with God fearing religious Hindus. We also have a fair sprinkling of Chinese and other nationalities. However we don’t rent our places to niggers as they are full of shit. Now this White couple is something what you people in US would call, nigger lovers. Most of their friends are niggers and they almost always socialize with them.
      So one weekened these people decide to have a party and they also invited so of us including me. So I go to the party where they have all these nigerian niggers are smoking pot and making rude comments about the Indians in the party.
      I coulld not stand these niggers and so I went to a secluded corner near the pool and was enjoying my drink when this nigger bitch comes to my side and starts demanding a smoke. I tell her to fuck off and not pester me. So she begins to scream and shout and calls me a racist. Now unlike in US Indians don;t believe in political corectness and no one gave a shit to her. So her boyfriend comes along and begins to threaten me. That was the last straw on the camel’s back and I told him to go back to shithole he had come from. Most Indians sided with me so the niggers had to backoff. Now the host tells me to leave the party and that I am a fucking racist. Without another word I just left the party and swore never to come back period.
      About six months later I hear the news that the white couple got buglarised and the guy who asked me leave is beaten almost to death by his nigger friends.
      So I guess I had tha last laugh!

      I am telling you, the cops don’t even bother to register their complains (niggers complains), because they know quite well that these assholes are born drug dealers and Ho’s

    23. noel KILL NIGS Says:

      Yeah, it’s really sad to see all these whites in America who think that these coons are actually people. They try to be buddy buddy and they get raped, robbed, and any other thing one of these predator shit-beasts figures out to do. Since the 80’s schools have been teaching “equality” without even thinking about the facts. Niggers are more racist and prejudice than any of the people on this thread or any other “racist” (it’s just the truth) threads. They talk openly about hating fags, spics, chinese, whitey, except you can’t really understand them because they’re not fully evolved. So fuck niggers. Every morning on the train I tell a nigger to fuck itself and every morning they look scared shitless because they don’t have 10 other apes with them. The first thing you see after senseless violence is niggers running away, serious check youtube.
      Fuck these filthy monkeys, we need to extinguish the entire race for the safety of humanity.

    24. Tim Says:

      all I’m gonna say is…

      WE ARE ALL DOOMBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    25. michael forshaw Says:

      Niggers doing their thing….robbery, rape, college with no degree..Ncaaa what the fuck these assholes get a ride for free then do crime.. what do you expect ///they are niggers!!!!

    26. slaper Says:

      niggers lack the gene”FYA” this sets them apart from all other races. Its the reason some scientists consider them to be animals. In Africa niggers gang rape goats and babies 3-4 times a week because they think it wards off AIDs.

      Get the facts here…http://tinyurl.com/c95t53

    27. Sid Gilmore Says:

      Lots of agreement concerning the primitive, simian-like negroid. It seems the vast majority loathes these ape-like humanoids and clearly see they are a burden to any progressive culture. Yet, their culture dominates the youth. White, brown, and yellow women flock to them. The streets are controlled by them. The schools are controlled by them.

      So, with tens of thousands Internet subscribers to racially aware websites and thousands of organizations professing their mission as to protecting White culture AND the fact that Negroids dominate most aspects of American culture – does that mean we are utter FAILURES?

      Can any conclusion be reached?

      Moaning and groaning about Negroids, Mestizoes, and Jews is mostly a waste of time. White groups have published this reactionary tripe for decades! What has it accomplished? Nothing.

      Is there one organization in America that can honestly state they are making a difference? Is there one that wouldn’t get their butts kicked if the police, which is the arm of the hated government, didn’t hold back the angry mobs?

      The current strategy is not working. We are riddled with traitors and informants. We have “Al Sharpton-like profiteers”. We have leaders that divide our ranks over minutiae. We have way too much publishing 1960’s style. Where are the professional podcasts? Where are the professional marketing? Where are the competent policy statements?

      We have enough foul-mouthed hot heads speaking in public! How has that dog hunted?

      There must be hope. I see little to hold on to – but there must be hope! If we fancy ourselves to be “better” than the lowly negroid – why is the negroid winning on every cultural front?

      Time is short.


    28. ann roberts Says: