24 April, 2007

VNNForum.com Arranging New Server

Posted by alex in 9/11, Alex Linder at 6:23 pm | Permanent Link
Alex,  Your server will be terminated due to a violation of our
AUP (Acceptable  Use Policy).
The content on your sites is not something that we are able
to accept or are willing to host here at cari.net. Per our CEO
your account will be terminated immediately.

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  7. 161 Responses to “VNNForum.com Arranging New Server”

    1. Igor Alexander Says:

      What’s with all the gushing over Rosie O’Donnell in these parts? Has this obese loudmouthed gun-grabbing carpetmuncher become a white nationalist hero all of a sudden?

    2. Igor Alexander Says:

      “The Southern Poverty Law Center on Tuesday called for an investigation into the campus activities of Kevin MacDonald, a Cal State Long Beach psychology professor whose writings about Jews have been used to support the views of white supremacists.”

      There’s not a hell of a lot that the SPLC can do against MacDonald, other than smear him. He’s a tenured professor, he’s done nothing wrong, and the university understands that they’ll be at the losing end of a lawsuit if they take any action against him.

    3. Hoosier Says:


      More of “Gatecrashers” posts, a “hot white woman” who defends black men who rape white women. It’s just more “real time” data that illustrates what type of person our “opposition” is, and who the real haters are.

      # T.Kavijavic Says:
      26 April, 2007 at 8:17 pm

      That is why all this so-called “hate speech” is preferably banned by them. Start pointing out who is behind all the misery in the world and the jewz are the first ones to turn beet red. Criticizing the “masters of the rigged game” can lead to prison or your execution….more so when we reach the full status of a communist state.

      Very well put.

    4. EasternEuropeanMan Says:

      “LOL! Mr. Crawfish, you’re so funny! You still have never heard a white man describe himself that way – I’m a white WOMAN. You never would of thought of that becasue it’s pretty plain to see that VNNers are terrified of women. It’s a common symptom of the impotent.
      Go back to your hugbox. ”

      Why even give it the time of day to explain it’s actions. It will always remain the same. Real political awareness occurs in real time. Outside of any internet modem. Has it spent any time interacting with it’s own weight? It’s own beloved Negro? I very much doubt so. It has been posting vile after vile post, based on the loose “facts” on mainstream media. Oh so it…………..it is.

    5. Yalie Says:

      Apparently, Billy Roper’s White Revolution site is down as well.

      The simple fact that some people want desperately to silence White Nationalist websites should be cause enough for the uncommitted White populace to ask WHY?

      There stands no need to silence a truth.

    6. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Certainly is acceptable for jewish criminal organizations such as the ADL, JDL, WJC, SPLC, ACLU, etc. to spout their false propaganda on the Holocaust, support illegal aliens, support the destruction of the U.S., and the Middle East while their servers never shut them down. What’s it going to take? A massive physical attack on all jews just to get rid of them and their threats on our nation and freedoms? Obviously, these slobs are conducting threats and bribing the servers with money. A typical jewish tactic similar to what the criminal mob uses to try to own people.

      These pussy jews are afraid of us. That is not without a doubt. The more we provide information about the widespread criminal behaviors of jews, the sooner we will get rid of them. :)

    7. Atavist Says:

      Bullshit, all that they have to do is stall for time. Whites are 5% of the world population (my figure), the average number of children per White woman is 1.3 and a lot of those are to Nonwhite fathers. There are millions of Nonwhites in all major White countries and they have high birthrates and millions more come each year. Whites flee to smaller and remoter enclaves continuously. Whites will be a minority in the U.S.A. within most readers’ lifetimes and the rest of the West will not be far behind.

      All that the Jews and the White plutocrats have to do is keep the bread and circuses going, maintain a comfortable standard of living, food, drinks, mass media and spectator sports, for a few more years, and the White race will be over. There will just be a few scattered tribes here and there.

    8. fdtwainth Says:

      2 Igor Alexander

      Well, we could definitely boycott cari.net, in protest of their decision, and write a few hundreds of protest letters to them; but what effect would this have on our position? Cari.net was within its rights to terminate contract; and if we advocate freedom of association for White people, we cannot as a rule compel other White people to do business with us without ceding moral ground and compromising our position in this regard. Moral ground, in turn, is paramount if we are to present a strong coherent ideology to our followers and White audience at large – an essential precondition for Victory. Thus, while I wouldn’t myself do, and would advise against doing any business with cari.net; I am nor sponsor of public boycotts against White-owned companies, unless an illegal or immoral act has been committed against a WN.

      Speaking of jews and jewish boycotts, you are correct that this is a general jewish policy, but it is not very efficient and often backfires at jews if victim has strength and courage to stand up to them. Recently jews boycotted a confederate styled ketchup in the Southern states, only to see its sales to go up 25% and owner’s profit to increase significantly; and the owner, who stood up to the jews, publicly disclosed the fact of boycott and the reasons for it, the jews quietly ended it. The real problem of American political scene are not just jews and masons, but virtual absence (aside of Muslims) of hardcore strong willed young men able and willing to stand up, kill and be killed for their ideas; and this is the primary obstacle we have to overcome on the path to Victory.

    9. Hoosier Says:


      if white people go out, who’s going to provide the bread and circuses for the masses? Negros? Mextizos? The Jews? The Asians? I think if we go out, then the whole thing collapses – we are the engine that drives the production.

      Not that I’d be around to find out if I was right or not….not much of a “victory.”


    10. Atavist Says:

      Then there would be a Latin American style population, with a small White/Jew ruling class and a lot of part-White mixes, and a lot of pure nonWhites. With the large population of intelligent northern European White males gone, technology will slide backwards.

    11. Coup d'Etat Says:


      You don’t think we can make midgets out of jews? Think again. If they can go around acting like a bunch of punks, behaving no differently than a criminal mob organization, we can certainly do our part to bring them down. There are ways to handle them and put them out for good. It’ll take time, but it can be done.