30 May, 2007


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P.J. O’Rourke: Support For Israel Caused 9/11



    1. abe foxman Says:

      This may be a fair comment but really!…are we looking to Maher and the rest of his kike buddies for confirmation of what everyone knows but no one has enough guts to say? Besides, O Rourke quickly covered his ass by justifying the Kike state’s presence in Palestine. And his ‘give them Germany’ comment is laughable?….they’ve had it since 45 when stupid white men destroyed their best chance for collective survival. That said, I still look to German DNA as the leaders in vanquishing the jew.
      Jews and their Goy like Maher and his guests are merely doing what they do best. Shift their parasitic asses mid stream to identify with the silent white majority (in this case those who are backing Ron Paul for the simple reason he’s decided to credit the majority with some intelligence).

    2. Myles Says:

      I stopped the video the second he said Germany should have been GIVEN to the Jews after WWII.

      Neocons are lower than sweat off of a maggot’s balls.

    3. Americafirst. Says:

      Jews have no serious resistance since FDR came to office and once they engineered Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7 1941, thru deciet got US to fight our own blood in Europe and in the process that brought US to day where medias screeches Jim Jones b.s. by the way Jim Jones was a darling of almost all of the San Francisco crowd before moving to South America to keep prying eyes off him self and the HELL HOLE JONES TOWN.

      Truly the facts know today call for FDR to be tried for treason and his cabal to be arrested and jailed for life.

      If what I wrote is true, then could you say justice delayed is justice denied?

    4. John Says:

      ‘That said, I still look to German DNA as the leaders in vanquishing the jew.’

      I would like to believe so as well but I wouldnt get my hopes up as Germany is basically a lost cause. As far as I’m concerned only a strong nationalist Russia in co operation with a nuclear Iran has the ability to put an end to the jewish global tyranny.

    5. Americafirst. Says:

      83 y/o white WWII veteran murdered by subhuman mestizo

      ——Here Is The Reward for allowning FDR and his 100% cooked up Dec. 7, 1941 Pearl Murder Spree to get US to help and supply Stalin with the ability to Murder Europe/Western Civilization/race

      The so called WW 2 vets that came home like Rockwell and resisted are the only belated heros. Lindbergh knew the truth and never fought against Europe, nor did Douglas MacArthur.

      Screw you morons who don’t understand this.————————————————————————–

      This poor guy survived WWII only too die a horrible death
      by this mexican dog turd. sickening.


      $6 Million Bond In Murder Of World War II Veteran

      Suspect Was Detained By Neighbor Before Police Came

      Hector M. Mauricio

      Neighbor helps nab murder suspect
      Mauricio entered Ebey’s home in Aurora Township. While inside, Mauricio stabbed Ebey numerous times
      Ebey died of “sharp force injuries,” and family said the former solider was stabbed and beaten.
      The burglar was picking and choosing houses — no homes with large dogs were disturbed, neighbors said.
      I killed the man who lived in this house,” the suspect responded.
      Ebey “had bad knees but he was not a weakling. He didn’t go down easy.”
      “He’s a World War II veteran — killed the day after Memorial Day.”
      Roscoe Ebey was found dead inside the home that he had built for his wife more than 60 years ago.
      Eby was a diabetic and Fleming said there were three bottles of prescription drugs in the suspect’s pocket.
      “He was badly beaten and stabbed several times from what the coroner told me,” Richard Ebey said. “He poured gas from one house to another and apparently he was going to torch it.”

      Roscoe Ebey, 83

      Roscoe Ebey
      (CBS) AURORA TOWNSHIP, Ill. Bond was set at $6 million Wednesday for a 20-year-old man charged with killing a World War II veteran in far west suburban Aurora Township.

      Hector Mauricio of the 1100 block of Ridgeway in Aurora was charged with three counts of first-degree murder Wednesday in the death of Roscoe Ebey, 83, according to Kane County Sheriff’s police. Bond was set during a court appearance Wednesday morning.

      Mauricio was arrested Tuesday after a good samaritan detained him at Ebey’s home after taking it upon himself to investigate suspicious activity.

      When police arrived, a neighbor was already there wrestling with Mauricio. Leslie Fleming heard a racket, went outside to check it out, and spotted the suspect in Ebey’s basement. He then pulled the alleged assailant out through a broken window.

      “He tried to get away and I wouldn’t let him,” Fleming said. “So he tried to fight, and I wouldn’t let him. So I pinned him on the ground.”

      Sheriff’s police were appreciative of Fleming’s efforts.

      “In many instances a neighbor will hear glass breaking, and make a call to 911 and then go back to bed,” said Kane County Sheriff Patrick Perez. “This person took the extra step.”

      Kane County Sheriff’s police were called about 2 a.m. to the 1100 block of White Avenue for a report of glass being broken, Kane County Sheriff’s police Lt. Pat Gengler said. Once on the scene, sheriff deputies witnessed the two men fighting and decided to arrest Mauricio.

      After questioning Mauricio, detectives went into Ebey’s residence and found Ebey dead, Gengler said.

      Ebey was pronounced dead on the scene at 2:10 a.m., according to a release from the Kane County Coroner’s office. The preliminary cause of death was caused by “sharp force injuries.”

      The motive remains unclear, Gengler said. He would not confirm whether the death spawned from a home invasion. He said Ebey lived alone.

      The lieutenant said Ebey lived alone.

      Mauricio is schedule to reappear in court on June 8 in Courtroom 311 of the Kane County Judicial Center in St. Charles. If convicted, Mauricio faces 20 to 60 years in prison, a sentence that could be extended to 100 years. Kane County State’s Attorney John Barsanti has 120 days to decide if he will seek the death penalty.

      ================================================== =============

      The Kane County Sheriff’s office says Hector Mauricio tried to break into two other homes before entering a third Tuesday morning. That’s where 83-year-old Roscoe Ebey was stabbed to death. Police say they arrested Mauricio at the scene after he was caught by neighbor Leslie Fleming.

      Fleming says things could have been worse if someone hadn’t stopped the suspect.

      “Somebody that night within a 30 minute span had gotten into four or five houses, you know. Who know who would be the next one, the next block, how many this person would have done that night if he wasn’t stopped,” said Fleming.

    6. Americafirst. Says:

      Oh, he will be feed for the what ever time this regime lasts, like the Carr brothers.

      Why does any one watch TV, and really think they are thinking?

    7. Rabbi Moishe Tapirman Says:

      I think I threw up in my mouth a little when PJ said the Jews should’ve gotten Germany after WWII.

    8. Mark Says:

      PJ lost all respect from that video clip. “Sure, Jews caused 9-11, but it was worth it.” It’s worth it? How in the hell is it worth it? He should tell that to the faces of the people who lost loved ones and family members. Already crawling on his belly, he digs himself into the ground when he says Jews should have be given Germany. Why the hell should they be given anything much less Germany? What an utterly pathetic version of a white man we have here. We have so much purging of our own people to do.

    9. Olde Dutch Says:

      PJ is Irish ain’t he? Hey, the next time the IRA gets a little terroristic—just napalm Dublin.

    10. abe foxman Says:

      Reading between the lines, it would go something like this.
      ” ‘Oivey! This policy we have is not working out. We need to regroup mainstream America and try a different strategy but the first thing is to get us onside with mainstream America and take the focus off us poor Jews and Israel. Oivey! Let’s back Ron Paul. We can say we never ever wanted this war and do our usual sob stories via the media.”

      Their action is identical to a parasite burrowing in. First agitate this way (Republican) then agitate that way (Democrat)….forever gouging deeper until the host is depleted. Then it’s time to call Ju-Haul (http://www.nothingtoxic.com/media/1127109600/Ju-Haul?) and a move to another juicy host.

    11. cliff Says:

      Did you notice the muted applause after PJs comment?

    12. paul maleski Says:

      How much is Israel involved in the troubles in Georgia? I smell the jew. Why the jew? Because jew, with regards to Georgia, are not mentioned at all in the English speaking media. That is why, I instinctively know, that they are to their perfidious necks, in geo-political criminality in the Caucasus region. Putin defintely thinks along the same lines as me, so does Ahmadinejad for that matter.

    13. paul maleski Says:

      As a pure bred prejudiced un-American Irish/Polish European Englishman. All I am asking for, is a jew free Caucasus! God bless the American Goyim. If you have a sin; it is this, as you know, and it is only a small sin: you Americans have a sweet tooth (teeth). Americans –you are one of many of God’s chosen people; but what makes you different is this: you believe in one another. Lay off the sugar! God bless you all. As for me! I am going up the pub. God be with you.

    14. paul maleski Says:

      God bless Mother Russia; you are, our white christian civilized salvation. May god be with you.

    15. paul maleski Says:

      There is no stopping freedom loving Americans, they are now going to give large bombful doses of liberty to Pakistan. I can see the refugees landing at Heathrow already; coming to think of it, I can smell the state subsidised curry. Well, you got to be positive, the building industry is in a bit of a slump; increased Mosque construction might be a short term blessing for a few Polish labourers. I am fed up with our special relationship with the Americans; it is is far too expensive in our dead military, culture and money!