12 June, 2007

The Three Faces of the Modern Moloch: Liberalism, Judaism, Nihilism

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By Michael O’Meara

Translator’s Introduction: The Jews are our
misfortune. For more than 2000 years they weighed
like an incubus on European life. But not until the
20th century did they assume actual control of white
destinies. Their triumph over us had to await certain
basic changes in the way we live — specifically those
that came with the advent of liberalism and its
nihilistic assault on the higher values of the
European heritage.

Historically, liberalism was the ideology of the
rising bourgeoisie. The liberal revolutions of the
late 18th century and the concomitant industrial
revolution, both reflective of the bourgeois ethos,
made the market, with its “reign of quantity,”
dominant in much of the “Atlantic World.” In time,
the entire white West was drawn into its snare.
By the 1880s, in a period when Nietzsche had
diagnosed the spiritual crisis that came with
liberalism as a condition of “nihilism,” it was,
however, no longer simply homegrown capitalists who
were responsible for perpetuating its subversions.
Another agent — an alien one qualitatively more
deracinated, materialist, and predatory than native
white capitalists, especially in its orientation to
the financial rather than the productive side of
capitalism — had entered the scene.

The great 19th-century rebellion against the
nihilistic social forms associated with the
bourgeoisie and the Jews — against what Germans at
the time called “Judäoliberalismus” — took the form
of nationalism and socialism. The merger of these
two movements — beginning first in France in the
1890s and then soon thereafter in the German-speaking
lands, when elements from the revolutionary
anti-liberal wing of the labor movement joined forces
with elements from the revolutionary anti-liberal wing
of the nationalist right — would pose the most
consequential opposition to the modern Moloch. (See
Karlheinz Weissmann, Der Nationale Sozialismus:
Ideologie und Bewegung 1890-1933 [Munich, 1998]) It
was, accordingly, only in 1945 (some might say 1989) ,
when this counter-nihilistic movement was crushed,
that the Judeo-liberal forces were able to established
their unchallenged hegemony.

The following short excerpt from “La Fin du
Nihilisme,” written in a period when Hitler’s New
Order held out the prospect of a resurgence of
European life, ought to be of interest to VNN readers,
for it offers a view of our history that has been
largely purged from contemporary thought. — M.O.

La Fin du Nihilism: The French Revolution of 1789 was
the product of two converging, but fundamentally
different currents. The first, arising from the
people, was already present in the struggle of the
medieval communes, in the Albigensian resistance to
the Roman Church, in the peasant uprisings of the late
Middle Ages, and in certain facets of the Religious
Wars. The second current emerged from the materialist
and mercantile demands of the 18th century bourgeoisie
and the demagoguery of its Parliaments.

This second current, that of the merchant class, had
been cut off from the people for at least 150 years.
Its ideology was brought to France from England by
Montesquieu, Voltaire, and the Masonic Lodges and gave
voice to the dynamic, transformative character of
rising capitalism. Initially, liberalism demanded
only the abolition of antiquated economic statutes and
the reform of state institutions, demands made for the
sake of free trade and property rights. In time, it
called for freeing the bourgeoisie, the creators of
wealth, from all forms of aristocratic and monarchical
political domination. These demands were framed in
universalist terms that reflected not only the
egalitarian but the globalist pretensions of England’s
wealthy classes, particularly those of its Jews.
Previously, all the countries of the world had denied
the Jews citizenship. It was the French Revolution
that emancipated them and permitted them to play a
political role. For behind liberalism there lurked

Spurred by its ideologues, the Revolution of 1789
didn’t stop at imposing organizational forms native to
French popular tradition. The second current
prevailed. The revolutionary liberals endeavored thus
to create a universal democracy, a League of Nations
avant la lettre, based on . . . the “natural equality”
of all men and races. The result would be one of
confusion and disorder, for a liberty and an equality
indifferent to human and racial differences could not
but affront the laws of nature.

In its service to the new bourgeois plutocracy,
liberalism ushered in the age of money. Its principle
of free trade thus subordinated men to blind, amoral,
uncontrollable economic forces. Its monetary powers
subjugated small nations to powerful, wealthy ones.
Its liberty detached men from society, desocializing
man and dissolving society. And on the ruins of the
ancient sovereign states it destroyed, it gave pride
of place to the International Banker. . .

Amidst the anarchy this fostered, power became the
occult force of a small, coherent minority. The Jews
alone were able to benefit from this world delivered
over to the rule of money. Political power became
thus their supreme instrument, world domination their
avowed goal, wealth and venality their means of
success. Race, Disraeli said in 1880, is the key to
history. Eternally persecuted, but animated and
united by blood ties like no other race, even though
it is not a race, Israel derives from this persecution
its pride and will. “Antisemitism continues to grow,”
Theodore Herzl writes, “because its sources continue
to exist and will never be suppressed. . .” All the
problems posed by liberalism’s evolution since 1789 —
the reign of gold, the decomposition of democracy, the
preeminence of the financial powers, the emasculation
of the Western spirit — all, in the deepest sense,
are attributable to the prevalence of the Jews.

Source: André Mahé and George Soulés. La Fin du
Nihilism. Paris: F. Sorlot, 1943.

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  7. 11 Responses to “The Three Faces of the Modern Moloch: Liberalism, Judaism, Nihilism”

    1. Bill Says:

      Who You Calling Peasant?

      “The first, arising from the people, was already present in the struggle of the medieval communes, in the Albigensian resistance to
      the Roman Church, in the peasant uprisings of the late Middle Ages, and in certain facets of the Religious Wars.”

      I’ve never had anything critical to say about Michael O’Meara and his quotations before, but his embrace of “peasant” in the above quotation is an embrace of the ultimate Jewish mind which is the source of the derogatory term, “peasant.”

      For example, the Jews who dominated the small town tavern, the loan-sharking business, and often the church key in Ukrainian villages and towns consistently fought to impose derogatory terms like “peasant” on the Slavic rural workers, farmers, and mechanics. Anyone who uses “peasant” needs to sit back and think about how jewified his or her mind is.

      The persons called “peasants” are our ancestors from throughout Europe; the persons who invented the term “peasants” are the Jews who called our forefathers kulaks, goyim, peasants, and gentiles, and our foremothers, shiksas (meaning Christian whores).

    2. Rabbi Moishe Tapirman Says:

      Nihilism has run its course. We are what comes next.

    3. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Nihilism means nothing to me!
      A good article, but by focussing too much on the past we run the risk of failing to affect change NOW.

    4. Californicationer Says:

      …”If Americans understood the enormity of the deception behind the invasion of Iraq (and Afghanistan) and the pending attack on Iran, Bush and Cheney would be impeached and turned over to the War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague, and AIPAC would be forced to register as a foreign agent….

      “….Just as Goebbels said, some lies are too big to be disbelieved. It is this disbelief that is so dangerous. The inability of Americans to see through the Big LIe to the secret agenda allows the neoconservatives to escape accountability and to continue with their plot.

      The neoconservatives also believe that nuclear attack on Iran will isolate America in the world and, thereby, give the government control over the American people. The denunciations that will be hurled at Americans from every quarter will force the country to wrap itself in the flag and to treat domestic critics as foreign enemies. Not only free speech but also truth itself will disappear along with every civil liberty.

      Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Contributing Editor of National Review. He is coauthor of The Tyranny of Good Intentions.He can be reached at: [email protected] …”

      Paul Craig Roberts quotes Goebbles perfectly. LIES LIES LIES …
      Big Jew = Big Lie. Pathological. They are the father of the lie.

    5. Olde Dutch Says:

      Just becasue they are jews that makes them liberals? NO. Just because they are jews makes them jews.

      As far as Nihilism goes, nihilists believe in nothing. Total negativity. Although, jews may express nihilistic views—in the end they are jews.

      I do like the way O’Reilly started the story…:)))

    6. jigaboos j. jigabooze Says:

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      TITLE: I Got Plenty o’ Nuttin
      Lyrics and Chords

      [Porgy and Bess]

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      ‘Till de time arrive
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      Never one to strive
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      What the hell
      I is glad I’s alive


    7. Junghans Says:

      Excellent work Michael O’Meara, an important article that would have remained burried but for you. Thanks. Any chance that you might find time to translate Edouard Drumont’s classic – LA FRANCE JUIVE ?

    8. Carpenter Says:

      “In time, it called for freeing the bourgeoisie, the creators of wealth, from all forms of aristocratic and monarchical political domination.”

      The local noble owns the windmill, and only he is allowed to own windmills. He owns the bridge and demands a poll for anyone crossing it to sell his crops in the town square – only he is allowed to own a bridge. A time comes when people say, hey, we want an end to this, we want to have the right to own a windmill too – and according to O’Meara, that’s a dastardly Jewish plot.

      Whereas SOCIALISM is suddenly an anti-Jewish, anti-hedonistic movement!


    9. stop sign Says:

      Those damn eggheads,lawyers and bankers really aren’t interested in white, their interest is green and their shithouse philosophy… Has the Wall Street Journal ever attacked RACE MIXING ?? HELL no…Sell dem baggy britches ,football jerseys,Kools nigger jungle music, cadalaks, $80 sneakers and skin whiteners via coon models in the ads…

    10. stop sign Says:

      Get ole egghead michael (wasn’t that da reverend’s name?) to walk out of his revisionist rhetoric and project to a committed future of the whites !! ROMAN Catholic is UNIVERSALIST any shiny , greek, beaner or asian is welcome…Did he support the NEW NIGGER MAYOR in IRELAND ??? Come on Michael where are your columns against his election ?? GET BENT you SELLOUT !!!

    11. David Baker Says:

      Here’s a few sayings I’ve coined about liberals:

      Always vote for a liberal democrat. They’ll give you the shirt off your back

      Every liberal program in existence would end tomorrow if liberals were made the primary source of funding their programs

      You can always tell a liberal, but you can’t tell them much

      Q; According to liberals, what constitutes a “Hate Crime”?

      A: In order to save bandwidth, we will instead ask what DOESN’T constitute a “Hate Crime” to liberals

      The liberal response to a massive voter rejection of their proposals is “Tyranny of the Majority”. I remember when it was called “Democracy”

      Q: Why do liberals always resort to the State Court Appeals process?

      A: The Supreme Court judges want more money

      Q: What is the liberal SMR?

      A: The “Scalded Monkey Routine” Where they jump and babble to avoid answering valid questions