16 July, 2007

IRANIAN FOR ARYANS: Common Sense and Fatigue

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Common Sense and Fatigue

A Nordic female acquaintence once told me that she was born and raised in Glendale. She graduated high school in 1965 and, horror-of-horrors, her whole class was blonde-haired and blue-eyed! (Not even in my most opiate-inspired dream could I imagine an American suburban city high school to be comprised solely of ultra-Nordics!) She then waxed politically correct and dolefully told me that “African-Americans” weren’t allowed in Glendale after 6 P.M.! The good-ole’ days! Imagine that! Americans back then sure were more realistic and race-conscious than now-a-days.



Be that as it may, Glendale now houses a large Armenian population; indeed, the largest in America. If you are not familiar with Armenians, then consider this: they’re Iranians of a whiter-shade who wear crosses instead of “Ali’s” or “Allah’s” around their necks. Many Armenians are whiter than Iranians and their fellow
Levantines and therefore much more Aryan-looking. However, they have a large proportion of ugly, big-nosed, hairy, and greasy Mediterraneans. They are yet another de-Nordicized nation; a nation that has lost its Nordic upper-crust by mixing in with non-Nordic indigenes.

Actually, before I attack them further, let me praise them. For a tiny ethnicity, they have given a decent number of shining stars, none of which however outshine Aram Khachaturian. This twentieth century composer, identified by his ballets, has blessed the world with Gayaneh, Spartacus, and Masquerade. You probably know him best for his “Sabre Dance”.

Now on to the negative: hehe! :) Many of them are just as ugly and as pretentious as my fellow Iranians. They can add dyeing their hair blonde as one of their accomplishments, too. Oh, and now, like everyone else they are flexing their ethnic muscles. About three weeks ago, in honor of the Armenian Genocide (more anon), they were showing off their flags on their cars, and telling the whole world who – and what! – they are.

Now, I don’t give a rat’s ass about these Arab-look-alikes waving Armenian flags! Raus! They are for their own Levantine breed; whereas I am for down-trodden Nordics. I care about White America, which is the only America I accept: a nation of Nordics. Armenians, who for the most part are Mediterraneans, will, like other Levantines, bring disorder, mendacity, chicanery, duplicity, and a lowering of standards to this country. Go and look at them in Glendale. Look at their condescending big-nosed visages, their pretentious cars, their womens’ waxed fore-arms, and dyed hair, their greasy mens’ apparel and demeanor: it is not only immigration of non-Whites that must be shunned but also that of dark-Whites. They simply do not have what it takes to be a civilization and culture-bearing people; compare southern Europe to its
northern counterpart.

Keep in mind, I am not going to downplay the suffering of Armenians during their brutal treatment at the hands of their Turkish overlords. I’m not a sadist: I grow melancholic when I see African infants dying of famine. However, what the Armenians are doing by creating a brouhaha concerning their misfortune is exactly what is done to the hilt by the Jews. “Oh, look at us! Look how we have suffered! We, the center of the universe! Let’s all say ‘Oy vey!’ in Armenian!” Enough of this culture of effeminacy, of hearing everyone – save for the White Man – talk of his peevishness.


Perhaps one day I too will want to remember the day of Armenian Woe, but until I start hearing about East European, Slavic, GERMAN, and WHITE (!) suffering and genocide by Jews and their colored-peons, I have no patience for Armenian tears. Let them tell it to the rug-dealer. The son-of-a-bitch still won’t give them a square deal!

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    1. Tim Pennington Says:

      I think America should stick to celts and germanics. These are the purest groups, and the groups that founded it. Though I wouldn’t complain if America followed the Germans in pursuing an all-Nordic ideal. All it takes is one viewing of the “Eloi” in the old movie version of H.G. wells “The Time Machine” to appreciate the aesthetic.

    2. Mysterion Says:

      As a big-nosed, hairy and occasionally greasy product of Greek and German ancestors, I suggest that shallow idiots like yourself would do well to remember that the kikes just love it when some caucasian declares his particular subgroup “better” than other whites.
      The Armenian genocide IS important because it dilutes the “special” suffering of the sacred sheenys. They don’t want anyone to hear about it, as with the Allies’ plan to kill off large numbers of Germans after WWII and the ongoing slaughter of innocent Iraqis. But don’t worry, my little Persian friend, because if the jews and their lickspittle shabos goy have their way there will be an Iranian genocide very soon.
      Maybe when you’re beating your breast about THAT you’ll understand what the stakes here really are. But I doubt it.

    3. Will Stuteley Says:

      Well put, Mysterion. We don’t have the LUXURY of intra-Caucasian conflict anymore. That’s in the past. Now it’s Men against muds, humans versus orcs, and there are more of THEM than there are of us. Let’s hope that one day circumstances have changed, and in the absence of real enemies, we once more have the LUXURY of fighting each other.

      Regarding the Armenian genocide, anything that detracts from the 24/7 Jewish pity-party that is the Holohoax is fine by me. I hope they commemorate it more. Again, good points, Mysterion.

    4. Carpenter Says:

      As has been well established, Armenians are not White. They lack our bone structure, our muscular structure, our IQ level, our IQ spread. And they lack our phenotype. And they are hairy apes. And of course, they are far more criminal, their gangs already a serious problems in many cities, like the nigger and Mexican gangs before them. Enough said. All non-Whites should be expelled from White lands, with a thank you only to those few who helped the White race, like Iranian for Aryans.

      As for those who say “The Jew wants us to be divided,” is that the only argument you could come up with to support the idea that Armenians should mix with Whites? How about this: the Jew doesn’t want Whites and Blacks to cooperate against them, so we mustn’t say anything bad about nigger gangs?

    5. Revilo Says:

      The “young Turks” who exterminated the Armenians may have been secret Jews, though heretical ones, a muslim version of the Spanish marranos. They’re called the doenmeh, “descendants of the faithful followers of the 17th-century false messiah Sabbetai Tzvi, who converted to Islam in 1666.”

      Steve Sailer (half Jewish himself) talks about them here.


    6. Reck- Less, Abandon Says:

      Hey, you know what ? Fuck blond hair and blue eyes ! I have and do know some really fucked up blond hair and blue eyed people. I don’t have blond hair or blue eyes and am I sick and tired of this jew superimisests bull shit ! I know there are allot of fucking kikes with blond hair and blue eyes…..
      Most Franks { French } Greek, Italian Spanish And or what ever other Black haired brown haired red haired, brown or green eyed folk that are just as, or more white western modern civilized creators than some inbreed albinos period !

    7. Fr John Says:

      I have known many Armenians in my life. Most of them are VERY gracious, and often they are fair-skinned and blue-eyed- which would tend to corroborate your statements above, that they once WERE a biblical, noble, ARYAN people. I tend to find them sincere, pious, and thoughtful people.

      But, from a Christian standpoint, they are the theological equivalent of the Copts- both are monophysite, mixed-race, and heretical. As a student of racial and religious history, it is clear that ALL the great heresies (except for that of the ‘filioque,’ which is Aryan Man’s ONE great error!) originated among the peripheries of Christendom (i.e., Roman Empire’s boundaries)- in other words, outside the ‘pale’ of Aryan Biblical Adamic (i.e., ‘he who blushes’) WHITE man.

      Thus, there is a clear mark between RACIAL ‘fornication’ and THEOLOGICAL ‘fornication’… just as the OT clearly shows happened EVERY TIME the Israelite/Hebrews came into contact with the ‘nations round about.’

      As to “reck-less” diatribes, such vulgarity merely showcases the need for a clearly Biblically-determined program of racial monogamy within one’s own genotype, rather than the current ‘dogma’ of multiculturalism. Moreover, it is clear from reading books prior to 1960, that even the Orthodox Greeks saw blond/blue-eyed – ness as CLEARLY GREEK/ADAMIC, whereas the modern dark, semitically looking genotype that passes for ‘Greek’ today, is NOT. Remember, the Greeks were under Ottoman rule for 400+ years, just as the Copts were under Islamic rule themselves.

      NO MATTER HOW CAREFUL YOU ARE, the ethnic interbreeding (someting the OT cleraly FORBADE) will occur, and only a raciallly and religiously UNIFIED Weltanschauung will keep out the ‘mamzerim’ from the doors of the Temples.

    8. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      Well put Reck-Less Abandon! These ignorant hick cartoon Nazis like Pinheadtown should be sent back to the stables that these churls and yokels are just barely competent to shovel. They do the antikike pro Human movement a gross disservice by conforming to Holowood stereotypes. I just booted such an animal out of my compound about a month ago. Big yellowhaired village idiot with an IQ literally around 70 that literally didn’t have the brains to keep its pants up in front of a band full of young women. Real”rocket scientist” type!

      These germano-centrists dolt fail to mention that because the scandahoovian gene pool was isolated by the polar ice cap for about 30,000 years, that they INBRED SO BADLY that they produced all kinds of freaks that once again, literally, wound up populating their own mythology as giants and dwarves, not to mention idiots!

      The hue and cry for this kind of incestuous “purity” comes from masonic/WASP dolts who are more concerned with maintaining a stock of judeophile morons specially bred for docility to kikes, which most of these northern euro types are, thanks to the Church having run the kikes OUT of the traditional Roman provinces of Europe into the north and east of Europe. The idiot viking whose ass I kicked out of my facility was an incorrigible judeophile, in addition to being a pornophile. Real choice material, eh?

      Armenians, like Iranians, and high caste Hindus, still carry over 85% of the original Aryan genome intact. Their language, religion, customs and genetics all confirm their membership in our Race and we should welcome them, just as we should the Latini, Slavs and Gaels. Let the “dumb blond” pudpullers strut over to Holowood to audition for a “Hogans Heroes” remake and blow the kike producers. The fact of the matter is, there seldom is any higher degree of genetic fidelity even among Germanics than aforementioned, as they too have had their women spread em to the occasional thrall in the woodpile. The Prussians sure as shit DON’T resemble the Baerisch physically. the former is half Slav, the latter, half Gael. Both have more than a smidgin of mongol and semite in the mix, especially the so-called “Hochdeutsch!”

    9. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      Spaggetti Negroes are living proof that the Romans should have fed their slaves to the lions. As the Fuhrer, of Blessed Memory, loved to say; history can only be understood from a racial perspective.

    10. Tim Pennington Says:

      “still carry over 85% of the original Aryan genome intact”

      So gerald,
      You’re saying that people possessing 15% (I assume on average) alien genes are perfectly welcome in white society? I say get fucked. You have no right to impose your shit-standards on the unmixed. If you wish to bring these mongrels into white society, then my goal is to form another society where you crazy fuckers, and your mongrel pets are not accepted.

    11. HLH Says:

      “Iranian for Aryans” sounds like a crypto-kike agitator to me. His sole reason for existing seems to be stirring up internecine conflict among whites by provoking anti-Nordic sentiment among non-Nordics.

    12. Reck- Less, Abandon Says:

      Yes, The Vikings were such wonderful folks. Sounds like you all draw the line @ France. My father was French. With straight black hair and brown eyes. Its a scientifically proven fat that the franks were on the America’s { Alaska to the tip of South America } long before Vikings and or Asians. Not to mention the fact they saved America during the revolutionary war. My mother was Irish, having strawberry blond hair and green eyes. Guess in your blue eye, this makes me a mongrel unworthy to live among you ? Well I’m no ni666er lover, but I do think your an A$$~Con~Nazi jew, Kike !

    13. Mr. White Says:

      This woman was talking nonsense, don’t be so naive.

    14. Eurokrieg Says:

      Carpenter wrote: “As has been well established, Armenians are not White. They lack our bone structure, our muscular structure, our IQ level, our IQ spread.”

      It was my understanding, and I may be mistaken, that the lead singer from Rahowa (who later defected from the Cause and became a commie who sang in a band with niggers and Jews) was of Armenian descent. Now, I speak as a brown-haired brown-eyed white male, but as Rahowa created the best-selling WN album of all time, I vouch for the fuckers.

    15. SoarAndEnvision Says:

      Everyday I feel like I come across something more bizarre regarding Iranian Aryanism and a distraction to what should be the focus of the struggle for all Indo-European and Caucasian peoples living in a world where our common enemies celebrate any chance to create division and strife amongst us.

      As a co-found of the Iranian Aryan National Front, I have stood to promote Aryanist ideals specifically for nations with a Scythian past. To those of you who can see illusion for what is, you would know that any individual claiming to promote the legacy of our Aryan fathers could find a thousand more thoughtful topics to focus their energy that promote to strengthen our common goals.

      On this day, the so-called “Victory Day” of the those who promote cultural dissolution in favor of unrestrained profiteering, of the downfall of our Empire of a Thousand Years – no better time to remember who are our enemies really are and what they are promoting to destroy us with no sign of exhaustion.

      I urge you to exercise the same persistence to restore the Nobility of the greater Aryan race.