13 August, 2007

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Kalamazoo: Cops and Media Agreed to Pre-Event Blackout


The cops and the media are on the same side. No wonder you never get the truth, eh? Starting to see what’s going on? Note how the faggot reporter refers to my assaulting a cop, and words it so that it appears but the latest of my violent acts. Faggotry is inseparable from lying, as fags, being disliked, are devious and dishonest the minute they make up their minds for the low, brown route. Never been a fan of bloody revolution, but I’m starting to see the appeal. How about you, ordinary
White man?



The Jews Controlling the U.S.


Good list of the kikes who steal your money and kill your kid, whether by menticide in public school, by telepollution, by nigger in street, or by IED in street in Iraq. Here speculation on whether Daily Kos is a CIA front.




Conventional wisdom continues to be that the jews will (nuke) an American city to give them the pretext to attack Iran. …it seems Cheney has already chosen the casus belli for such an attack – a provocation that we will doubtless see occurring any day now. Here on the state of Iraq today. Iraq no longer exists as a unified country. The experiment that was Iraq, the cobbling together of disparate and antagonistic patches of the Ottoman Empire by the victorious powers in the wake of World War I, belongs to the history books. It will never come back. The Kurds have set up a de facto state in the north, the Shiites control most of the south and the center of the country is a battleground. Four million Iraqis have either left the country or been shaken loose. Here on the inevitable move of Russia and China into alliance, thanks to the paranoid loxists running our foreign policy, speaking and murdering in our name.


Law: So Cowards Can Get a Shot at Justice Too


In the real world, whatever works works. People who write books belong to the class scared by that fact so they pump for others handling your disputes and call that civilization. It is and it isn’t. If judges stray too far from the law, natural justice must kick in or the people are reduced to slavery.


Gas Tax for Bridges?


There is nothing that happens that won’t be seized on by zogpols to increase taxes. The taxes are always targeted in theory but general in practice. They’re for “education” or for “infrastructure,” but they always wind up, through one trick or another, in the general fund. The only thing for sure about taxes is that you pay them and people without your interests in mind receive them. How about a tax on jews? They’re rich, and they do nothing but start foreign wars that costs us hundreds of billions of dollars. It is only fair that jews be taxed to pay for the nation they’re wrecking. Or we can, per Shakespeare, cut it out of their hide. Here’s a story about successful little connector called Dead Nigger Bridge. Can nigs be made uncomfortable by scrawled words? Not if they can’t read.


VNN is Seven!


Link to our original page. I remember our first desist letter, sniff. I rememer our gambling counter we got the boot from, sniff. I remember our 85-colored page. I remember our custard story box. I remember the feel of being the first to scramble over a fresh continent. Here’s a graphic of recent activity at VNNF. Here are some words on Putin and media from one of our main guys, Dietrich, of CoolKidsRebel.com. What are they rebelling against? Not “whaddaya got,” but “a Jewish Tyranny that seeks to genocide normal Whites out of existence.” Fuck the System up any way you can! Here on changes at Yooman Events, a jewed-out palneo rag. You can only sell out once. For fear of the jews many an otherwise good publication has been ruined – but not VNN. Full up suffused with shitlicking East Coast Irish Roman Catholics and turd-hopping Texas ZioFundaments, we’re – NOT. Here was an editor of Human Events going ga-ga over that “great campaigner,” the “comfortable” Rudy Giuliani, and attacking Ron Paul, the race’s only defender of the rule of law, as a “Constitutional gadfly” because Ron Paul has the temerity to point out that the war in Iraq is unconstitutional. Which yet again proves Pearson’s Principle: Any institution that is not overtly anti-Semitic in time is taken over by jews. See Republican Party. See National Review. See Human Events. See our government.


VIDEO: People Hate Niggers For No Reason, Like This Guy Whose Car It Pissed On


Obese she-boon opens the meatsluice on random – your? – car while tot guards flank. Niggers are, sort of, people shaped, but they’re not people. Lions see buffalo and…set up affirmative action program for it? No. Rabbis: a little kid’s worst enemy.


Latin Kings Violence in Holland, Mich.


Just a “flip strength” come-across while researching Kalamazoo coverage. Some white woman’s apparently half-mex kid used “to roll with” the Latin Kings. Now they, apparently, are coming by and shooting up her pad and firebombing her car. Video report through this link, at least for a while. New study shows 1/10th of American counties are White-minority. How much of your city has turned nigrotic? Here on running gun battles in Kansas City. Because what’s more enriching than flying lead? Would you go to a place staffed by niggers if you wanted to get better? Not even ZOG can keep up the pretense any longer. Hospital CEO Antionette Smith Epps got a letter saying the serious failures included: a lack of supervision for ER patients who are a danger to themselves or others; patients placed at serious risk of exposure to tuberculosis; staffers unable to locate critical equipment and medications on the pediatric emergency cart, and unable to correctly calculate dosages for medication administered to pediatric patients; and staffers failing to analyze pharmacy data adequately for medication errors. This is AmeriKwa, echt and true: nig-staffed hospitals serving aliens. No one can read, no one can add, no one cares, no one pays.


Why Refined Sugar is Bad for You


It sucks calcium out of your bones and teeth to process the sugar. Long terms consequences are nastier than you might think.


AmeriKwa, the Ugliful


Anti-rat campaign needed… Here fighting the hate squeezing out of Nigger Pitts. Here a black talks about Whites making political hay out of black-on-human crimes. World to nigs: STFUYUSLM: Shut the fuck up you ugly stupid loud monkeys. Asians think that way too! If you get enough clam-chowderheads in one continent, New and Disimproved South Afreaka is the result. It doesn’t make you Whites whiter but redder. Here on foundation laws that could spell trouble for Paul-supporting LRC. Donations to VNN are not tax deductible because we oppose the System that charters the fake opposition.


Duggar Story Reaction Reveals Growing White Strength


White has 17 children, called “bitch in heat” by Semitically Correct NE-rag coward. The reaction forces him to backtrack. Online, at least, Whites dominate like water. Wherever there’s an opening they pour through. This is an objective indication of suppression. That is, the so-called mainstream media do not represent the popular attitude, and the Internet has revealed this and allowed like minds to find one another and target their enemies, principal among which are the jews running the media and the shabbos goy who scribble for them.


Political Correctness


The object of political correctness is to make society into a cult and whop the living shit out of anyone who objects to being gang-pressed. Words, in America, are farther from reality than they’ve ever been. Mexicans are citizens; blacks are humans; no one is uncreditworthy; everyone is college material. Ain’t so though. Dick Warman is a shabbos goy who serves as the face of political correctness in Canada, suing anyone who stands up to the multicult terrorist regime running the country. Here on the jewing of the Right.


VIDEO: NPD News in German


Daily tv news. Victor Gerhard did this years ago, you may remember. The Germans are now doing it, looks nice. Perhaps Americans will join the field soon?


Deniggering Newark


Dead niggers don’t rape. Dead niggers don’t murder. Dead niggers don’t reproduce. Not to like about dead niggers, whatz? Some residents told detectives that they saw a group of men running from the school just after hearing the shots, but no one saw their faces or knew exactly how many there were, Mr. Loriquet said. Witness intimidation and fear of retaliation has stymied law enforcement efforts to combat violence in communities across Essex County, and particularly in Newark, where drug trading and gangs fuel most of the crimes. Ms. Dow’s office has been reluctant to file murder charges in cases with single eyewitnesses because so many of those cases have fallen apart. Listen to this Detroit scanner (evening hours). Fun for the whole family! Niggers are just like us, stupid, violent and useless. You are stupid, violent and useless, aren’t you? So then why do you object to being put on a level with a nigger?


Books: Lincoln Unmasked


DiLorenzo tells the truth about Abraham. Does it surprise you that a politician called “honest” was not? Remember Mencken’s truth: there is only one way to look at a politician – down.” “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can not fool all the people all the time.” “He never said that,? DiLorenzo claimed.”


Movies: Pod People


There’s a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978), itself a remake of a 1956 film by the same name. The latest is called The Invasion, and it stars Nicole Kidman. Before it could be released USA jumped out with Invasion of the Pod People, a low-budget softchorror of the type it specializes in. Link is to imdb for “IPP.” Read the reader comment: Filmed with an HVX-200 (You can buy one at your local camera store), the production looks rushed. The commentary alludes to a short production shoot, and odds are it was tossed together to beat out the “other” pod movie starring Nicole Kidman. The editing is poor, but it’s not Kristen Quintrall’s fault; it’s clear she was given 70 minutes of film and told to make it 84. The original script by Leigh Scott was overruled by Asylum and redone to include more sex, a lot more sex. Actresses kept leaving the shoot for a variety of reasons (Which is usually a polite way of saying “we’re not getting paid enough to act in the nude”). And lastly, the crew for this film was paper thin, and during some shoots, consisted of the actors and one man w/ a camera. Combine all of this, and the result becomes academic; bad movie. Much to consider there for WN filmmakers. Make a movie. Even a bad one. Keep doing it. You’ll get better. Other snatchers-related links. In general Pod movies are good for Whites because they train people to see behind appearances, which is crucial to grasping the M.O. of the jew, who puts out a white false front (Sean Hannity; George Bush) to hide the fact that it’s a jew operating the mouth and brain. The most famous pod movie in White circles is They Live, starring the wrestler known as Rowdy Roddy Piper.


Diversity: What a Beautiful Choice


Beaners blasting boolies. I think I’m going to cry. You shouldn’t have. You really shouldn’t have. This is, sniff, the nicest things anybody has ever done for me.


All-AmeriKwan Story: Micronesians in Neosho


This has got to be some kind of record. It’s a story about a guy shooting a bunch of people in a church. There is no description of the shooter until the…eleventh paragraph. The suspect, a man in his 40s who was from the Pacific islands… as opposed to Pacific Islander. It would be funny in a sick way, this bizarre game the controlled media play, if the results weren’t Eurocidal. Bush plays up to Southern Baptists, who supply endless fodder for Israel-benefiting foreign wars.


Of Jigaboos and Jenkem


“With glue, I just hear voices in my head. But with Jenkem, I see visions. I see my mother who is dead and I forget about the problems in my life,” Luke Mpande, a Jenkem user, told the BBC, “It lasts about an hour.” There is nothing niggers won’t screw, smoke or sniff. Little hint: they aren’t human. To expect them to act like humans is unreasonable.
The drug is made by defacating in a bottle and then urinating in it, or, alternately, scooping a mixture of fecal material and urine from an open sewer. A balloon is placed on top of the jar containing the waste material, and the jar is allowed to sit in the hot sun for several days until it ferments, forcing gas into the balloon. The contents of the balloon is then inhaled. Thanks to jews, who rewrote our national admissions policy in the sixties, the other J. Crew is allowed among us. Why do we allow jews to do this to our land?


Land of the Scared


Criticism isn’t nice – women. Criticism of jews should be illegal – jews. Add these two and you get an environment in
which everything is forced one way. Here on the ‘Net changing controlled politics. Ron Paul campaign continues to highlight ‘media misconduct,’ which is nothing more than the media looking out for its owners, the jews. But if ABC did what it looks like it did in the video – if it deliberately gave the impression that Ron Paul had just one supporter when in fact he had many – then ABC should know that it has acted in the tradition of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, in the dangerous deceptive manner of totalitarian societies not democracies. As always the Catholic coward Woods avoids naming the jew, but blames the Nazis – the people who had the courage to name the jews. No one did a better job analyzing jewish techniques than the Nazis, not Orwell and certainly not libertarians.




Bush Adviser: Goy Resistance May Mean Need for Draft


Goyim grow increasingly unwilling to sacrifice their sons for Israel. So it’s time to look at bringing back the draft. You exist to serve jews. Anything less is anti-semitism. Don’t like that state of affairs? Help us change it. Five U.S. forces die for Israel. The latest deaths bring to at least 3,689 the number of Americans killed since the U.S.-led invasion began in March 2003… Those are admitted casualties. Actual number may vary.

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    1. Revilo Says:

      National Review was founded with Jewish money and one of its original writers, Frank Meyer, was a Jew. It was Meyer who cooked up fusionism, the ideological flim flam that got the old isolationist anti-New Dealers to endorse big government in the name of a global crusade against communism. Don’t forget that Jews turned against Russian communism when Stalin turned on the Jews.

    2. T.C. Lynch Says:

      “Ritual Murder,” abortion on demand, the draft: all ways that Jews can drain goy blood to compound their concoctions, in this case the security and expansion of their shitty little ethnostate in Palestine. This is what we get for allowing our foreign policy to be outsourced to Israel.

    3. Varina Says:

      Re: Why Refined Sugar is Bad for You

      There might be some truth to this. I lived in Spain from 1960 to 1965. When I arrived there in 1960 I was 18 years old. I had terrible acne when I was in my early teens which was finally getting better, but was still a problem.

      One of the first things that struck me when I first got there was that it was very rare to see a Spanish teenager with acne whereas in the U.S. it was very common at that time. (I guess we have better drugs now.) Anyway, I was struck by the beautiful complexions the young people had.

      I finally came to the conclusion that it was diet. The Spaniards might put sugar in their coffee, but that was about it. They didn’t snack on things like chocolate bars. Chocolates were actually a luxury. The women went to the market every day and bought fresh meat or fish, vegetables, and fruit. The meat or fish was cooked in olive oil. The vegetables might be boiled first, but were then thrown in a pan with olive oil and maybe garlic or a bit of their famous ham which is similar to prosciutto. The vegtables weren’t cooked to death. Dessert consisted of fresh fruit. Things like cakes and pies were only for the holidays or special occasions and they weren’t as sugary sweet as ours are.

      In addition, meals were a happy time to spend with family and/or friends. They drank wine with meals, but not to excess.

      Oh, I almost forget the bread. It was baked fresh daily, no preservatives. We had fresh bread every day. I can almost taste it now.

      By the way, within a few months my acne cleared up and I had a beautiful complexion just like all those Spanish girls.