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Letters Between Eric Thomson and Revilo Oliver (1992)

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Eric Thomson is a world traveler and a national socialist thinker. Revilo Oliver is a deceased classics professor and perhaps the most erudite jew-aware writer of the 20th century.


Dear Mr. Thomson:

Thank you for your letter of the twenty-second. You have probably sent a copy to Mr. Dietz, but I shall send him one together with a copy of this reply. You will have noticed that he gave considerable space in his March issue to the subject of your letter.

Your report is disturbing, even alarming.

I note first that Churchill’s mania for exhibiting his sexual equipment to both males and females was well known. (That is one reason why he was called “the Pig” by his subordinates, especially women.) There is some reference to it in the first volume of Irving’s Churchill’s War. Almost anyone could pretend to have witnessed so common an occurrence.

If, however, the claim to have done so is genuine, especially by a woman who was the head of the typists at his disposal, that suggests some interesting chronological calculations. Is the woman another Ninon de Lenclos?

There was a somewhat similar situation with an American anti-Communist in the 1950s. The woman (in her thirties) who engaged his attention for about two years was, I discovered, an agent of the British S.I.S., but evidently sought nothing more than information; she eventually departed, having done no harm, so far as was known.

In the early 1960s the egregious Willie Schlamm parked his wife on the small estate he had bought in connecticut and romped about Europe with the wife of Max Ascoli, the wealthy subsidizer of “left-wing” publications. That is all right for Jews (i.e., Schlamm and Ascoli; the woman did not look Kikish), but I should suppose that an Aryan husband, if a man, would be less complacent, especially if there is no reason to think that we have an instance of a common arrangement among Communist agents (a male and a female operative are ordered to marry to facilitate their work of espionage or sabotage).

With women who have ‘psychic’ powers, one never knows whether they are the victims of their own overheated imagination or are just seeking victims. I once knew (and witnessed a demonstration by) a woman (c. 40) who saw ‘auras,’ was so sensitive she could feel the shadows of coming events, and, doubtless inspired by the famous Canadian example of the face of a demon in Queen Elizabeth’s hair, discovered all sorts of Satanic messages on American postage stamps and even predictions of coming events!  A moderately wealthy friend of mine took her seriously — probably without an erotic interest, since he, in his early 60s, preferred girlies in their 20s — seriously enough, at least, to gave [sic] her some small stipend. She eventually accused him of having struck her and filed suit; her nuisance value, as I recall, was $10,000.

None of these partial parallels seem helpful. If the situation is as bad as it appears to you, it seems hopeless and we can only apprehend some singular defeat for ‘revisionists,’ such as God’s People like to contrive.

I wish you every success in your new endeavors, whatever they are.


Revilo P. Oliver


20 August 1992





Dear Mr. Thomson:

This reply to your letter of March 30 is so belated because I did not have your address, having somehow misfiled your letter of 22 March and my reply. I am so rushed and my energies are declining so rapidly that only today did I think of retrieving my letter with your present address from the computer’s disk on which it was saved.

I read your letter to Dr. Cantwell with great interest. Our great difficulty, of course, comes from the Judaization (i.e., corruption) of scientific inquiry, with the result that we have to be sceptical about any “scientific determination” that seems to serve our enemies’ purposes and, of course, frankly suspicious of anything that abets the Sheenies’ agitation for “One World,” such as the patent hoaxes about “global warming” and “ozone holes.” I suspect on principle such claims that the virus which causes immune-deficiency was artificially produced.

In Liberty Bell, November 1989, I noticed a story that the virus had been produced on Hitler’s orders and had infected the sweet African savages only because the German plane that was to carry it to the United States crashed in Africa.

Certainly the Jews would not have contrived a virus so deadly to themselves. I recently received from some Christian outfit a list of the approximately five hundred and fifty persons in Hollywood and similar communities who have died of “AIDS,” almost all of them certainly or probably Kikes.

It is quite true that the planet has an excess population of about four billion talking anthropoids, but it is hard to believe that there are microbiologists so sagacious that they would devise a virus that primarily infects and destroys the most pernicious part of that excess.

There is the further consideration that (if the anthropologists’ report was not fallacious) the virus was endemic in certain species of African monkeys, who were unharmed by it. It could also have been common among primates, because chimpanzees who are infected with the virus in laboratories are not harmed by it. There is great rejoicing over the discovery of a species of macaques that show a perceptible reaction when infected, although it is not yet known whether they will be harmed by the virus.

The current Instauration quotes a Professor Anderson of the Imperial College (University of London) as believing that the “virus has been around in Africa for hundreds of years” (presumably in monkeys, etc.) and forecasting its most beneficial effects on “Third World countries.” 

I noticed in Liberty Bell some time ago the only report of the racial incidence of the African Plague. It was obscure, since prudently couched in geographical, instead of biological, terms, but it seemed to prove that Europeans who had been exposed to the virus were less frequently infected than the residents of other continents.

You are, of course, right about the failure of honest historians to exploit the archives of the nations that Jews mobilized against Germany, including what is now available in Soviet archives.

You may have noticed the excitement about a part of Goebbels’ diaries recently found (or manufactured?) in Russia. What purported to be a paragraph about the Kristallnacht, that great Jewish hoax, was translated and printed in Actualite juive (Paris) on 16 July.  That purported excerpt is patently a crude forgery, perpetrated with the effrontery and negligent contempt for Aryan intelligence that characterizes Yahweh’s Yids. 

With every good wish,


Revilo P. Oliver


8 Sept. 1992

Dear Dr. & Mrs. Oliver:

I was pleased to receive your letter in reply to my long screed re the AIDS plague, Dr. Cantwell et al. Although I always enjoy reading your highly informative and entertaining thoughts, you are under no obligation to reply to my letters if you are otherwise occupied, as I am sure you are, with research and with your magnificent contributions to Liberty Bell. I had merely assumed that you were busy, as usual, when I received no reply to my letter.

Thank you for reminding me about the inherent jew “lie-ability”. As you may have gathered, I took Dr. Cantwell’s book on the man-created and jew-disseminated origins of the Plague as if they were trute in my analysis of the matter. If the persons, events and dates he mentions are correct, then the jew Szmuness may have been an agent in the dissemination of the plague, whether intended or not. In regard to suspicions raised that AIDS may have been man-made, I refer to the book published by Stoddard in Toronto entitled “Deadly Allies,” in which brief mention is made of the Allies’ intention to create mutant forms of deadly animal diseases which could “jump the species barrier” and infect humanoids. Then there is the report of Dr. Douglass which claims the AIDS virus to be identical to the sheep visna virus. I do not disregard the “African Genesis” possibility, however, as there are large life forms, including mammals, which have not been zoologically classified on that continent, as well as South America. A friend of mine, for instance, brought back from the Venezuelan jungles a species of cat which had long been thought extinct and another species of cat which was hitherto unheard of. Certainly, a virus of unknown ferocity could easily hide out on such a continent.

If the jews know the truth about AIDS, that it is killing them and their non-Aryan allies inexorably, then the Cantwell books may represent a desperate attempt on the part of the jews to foment a race war against the last Aryans on Planet Earth before they succumb to the Plague. That would be “the jew thing to do.” The problem with Cantwell’s “aim” is that he has so far only involved jews as the targets for ‘revenge,’ including America’s kosher kapitalist establishment. He seems confused as to the racial composition of his “Nazi menace”. I agree with you that Aryans would be incapable of creating and then disseminating the Plague, supervised as they are by their jew “scientist” masters, and subject as they are to maudlin sentimentality on behalf of all degenerate creatures.

In regard to jew domination of science, I refer you to the enclosed news article on genetic research. One which I read, but could not clip out, concerned the recent death of a female geneticist named MacClintock, whose laboratory was in Jew York State. In the article, a “Dr. Shapiro” praised her as a “genius” in genetic research andmarvelled at her uncanny ability to map out the workings of DNA/RNA structures before the advent of molecular biology and sophisticated electronic microscopes, etc. McClintock was likely an Aryan, for she worked alone and did not pass on her discoveries to other Aryans. Now that the jews have her work, they will guard it like the Dead Sea Scrolls. I always wonder why the jews so fear the escape of Truth. Whatever her discoveries, they would be unlikely to affect Gentile behavior in the slightest degree. The jews have nothing to fear from Truth because they have nothing to fear from Aryans.

I enclose an article which I hope L.B. will publish. I have already sent a copy of it to George Dietz, so you need not go to the trouble of forwarding it.

Please pardon the inferior quality of my carbon ribbon. I hope this letter is not difficult to read as a result, for I must retype certain words which have incomplete letters.

For the past two months, I have been working 8 and 9 hour days as a gardener for some fairly wealthy Gentile Americans, for which I earn the sum of $6 per hour. This is unlikely to pay for the expenses I incurred in obtaining the third-hand car which was necessary in order to obtain the job. This is a new meaning for “the American dilemma”: Owning and operating a car will break an ordinary proletarian, but he cannot work without one, for distances and public transportation preclude the avoidance of car ownership. To add injury to injury, I am told that this job will end sometime soon, so I shall then be looking for work, probably of a $5 per hour nature. Eventually the car will eat into my tight budget for food, clothing and shelter. Luckily, I have the genetic stamina at age 53 to undertake work of the sort I did when I was 18, but this capital can only diminish, especially when I am almost paying to work this hard. Basically, I am marking time in hopes of finding better employment, anywhere on Planet Earth, especially work in which I can bring some of my hard-earned knowledge to bear on behalf of Our Race.

This reminds me of my erstwhile career at Samisdat. I hear that Ernst Zundel has won his Supreme Court appeal and the ancient “false news” law has been declared “unconstitutional”, but the so-called “hate law” has been upheld by the same court, so Ernst can look forward to new charges. What baffles me is why he continues to sit in Toronto, wilfully unprepared for raids, seizures of property, which he insists upon acquiring and sitting on, and new legal problems. It also baffled me why he did not permit me to make a much greater contribution of my talents to the “cause” which he claimed to represent, although he now claims, himself, that he is the Cause. I find that fitting for LouisXIV, but not for Ernst. I gather that his dominatrix, “Anne Burton”, led him to believe that “I was an infiltrator”, so the longer I stayed, the more I was distrusted by Ernst. According to press reports, the most popular book in the former East Germany is “Mein Kampf”. Erst has sat upon a mountain of these books which he republished with a donor’s funds, so they cost him nothing. He has been sitting upon them for almost two decades, so they are being gradually destroyed by moisture where they are being stored. He will not distribute them, but prefers to pay taxes upon them every year, for they are listed, along with other undistributed titles, as assets. He will not give the books away, but prefers to throw them into the garbage as they become too moldy to sell or even to read. I witnessed this behavior for almost two decades and it was always a source of anxiety and frustration to me. For ten years, I was forbidden to write and to publish articles such as those which have finally appeared in Liberty Bell. “Anne Burton” said that “Ernst would go to jail” because of my writing. Ernst believed her, so as long as I worked at Samisdat, I was forbidden  to publish articles in Liberty Bell or anywhere else. Every time I used the typewriter, I was periodically overseen by him or Mrs. Burton. I was to wrap and ship, take out the garbage and very little else. The only reason I remained was that I thought I was making a contribution, however slight, to The Aryan Cause, but now I know that The Cause did not reside with Ernst Zundel, if it ever did. Some former supporters say  Ernst was scared and sold out to the Zionist Occupation Government. If that is so, the litmus test I offer should prove this one way or another: If Ernst keeps his property and continues to attack the Z.O.G VERBALLY, without creating an organization to combat the Z.O.G. politically, then I would agree that he has “sold out”. If he loses his property and goes to prison for thought-crime, then I could only conclude that he is the victim of his own delusions and inability to surround himself with people at least as conscientious and competent as myself.

I hpe you enjoy the enclosed essay. ALL THE BEST!

Eric Thomson

P.S.: After rereading this letter, I remembered a few more thoughts which I would like to pass on to you.

In regard to my writing, I am still searching for a copy of the hoaxer Raul Hilberg’s “Destruction of the European Jews” in the single-volume edition which I was hoping to use during Hilberg’s appearance on the witness stand in Toronto, but was precluded from doing by Dr. Faurisson, who “admires” Hilberg and never read his book which is a compendium of patent falsehoods and comically absurd contradictions. Dr. Faurisson was put in charge of the Hilberg section of the Holohoax Trial by Ernst Zundel, which saved Hilberg’s kosher bacon. Faurisson sought to “impress” Hilberg with his knowledge via cross-examination by Doug Christie. I am sure Hilberg was impressed by Faurisson’s knowledge, but nothing he offered served to rebut Hilberg’s often ridiculous contentions, as would the bringing out of the howlers in Hilberg’s own book. As I recall, Hilberg always had the wrong color for gassed bodies, i.e., blue for carbon monoxide (instead of red) and grey-green with pink polka dots or some such for hydrogen cyanide (instead of brick red). Jews who were to be deloused were driven naked, but wearing gasmasks, into the “gas chambers”, and jews who were to be killed received the same treatment, but received no gasmasks. Of course, HCN kills on contact with bare skin as well as by inhalation, so Hilberg’s hoax is exposed again. Hilberg claimed in his book that the “Einsatz Gruppen” went ahead of the regular German army to kill jews. That means they had permission to go behind Red Army lines as long as they promised ‘only’ to kill jews! Then there was the extermination of the jews of Kiev — but after being “exterminated”, they returned to the city in such numbers that there were insufficient places to house them all! I finally got through to Faurisson when he was on one of his pet topics: the Hitler Extermination Orders on page 177 of his book, which in those days was the same section of the Canadian Criminal Code under which Ernst had been charged. The Canadian bolsheviks later renumbered their criminal code, including that section known as the “false news” law. Both Faurisson and Doug Christie were miraculously receptive to my suggestion that they ask Hilberg how he was aware that such orders existed. Hilberg suffered a day of purgatory on that one point. He needed all the skills of an octopus to obfuscate and wriggle out of his own written statement. I said that was only one point among many which would make Hilberg squirm, but Doug and Dr. Faurisson had gone back into their trances and I was heeded no more. Hilberg quietly dropped the “Hitler Orders” from his more expensive sequel. The entire mishandling of the trial was, of course, due to Ernst Zundel. I said we should seek to win. He said “winning was not as important as involving the maximum number of people possible.” I said as diplomatically as I could that 20 cripples do not make a gladiator. After Ernst lost the first trial, he told me that “Anne Burton” congratulated him, saying: “If you had won, the jews would have killed you.” Now that Ernst has won, are the jews going to do him in? We shall see. Ernst was always ‘pulling his punches’. I said, time after time, that the jews would not give us a second chance to hit them where it hurts. I was correct on both counts. I cannot explain Ernst’s choice of losing strategies. It is inscrutable to me. I left Hilberg’s book at Samisdat, so it is unlikely that I shall be able to write my article for some time, as the book seems unavailable in secondhand bookstores here. What a shame, when I had the material, I had no time and now that I have the time, I lack the material.






18 September 1992

Dear Mr. Thomson:

I was pleased to have your letter of 8 September, although what you tell me about Ernst Zundel is distressing. It is amazing, for example, that he should not have a storeroom or warehouse sufficiently weatherproof to protect his stock of books from deterioration. I also wonder that he should reprint Mein Kampf when the book is available in several editions from Liberty Bell Publications, and his reprinting of it could damage his cause in a country in which the Kikes and their war have induced an hysterical fixation in most of the Aryan populace.

I do not wonder that so many regard the future as absolutely hopeless.

I am, of course, glad that Zundel was set free by the four honest members of the Canadian Supreme Court, but it is most unfortunate that their decision cancelled the law about “false news” as unconstitutional, instead of holding that it did not apply to Zundel. The law was enacted to avert swindles on the stock market, such as the famous one by which the Rothschilds were so vastly enriched in England, first by a false report of a decisive victory over Napoleon with the consequent reaction when the “news” was found to be false, and then by an equally false report of a British defeat at Waterloo. It is admitted that in both panics the Rothschilds, thanks to their use of carrier pigeons, knew what had actually happened and took advantage of the deception of English investors. It is a logical inference that they also planted the false news, and it is even possible that they aranged the conviction of Admiral Cockburn for the first hoax to divert suspicion from themselves. (The Admiral was almost certainly guiltless, but was involved because he had aided the perpetrator of the first hoax to disappear, believing the man’s story that he was seeking to escape bailiffs who wanted to arrest him for debt.) If the Canadian law remained on the books and was honestly enforced, hordes of Sheenies would be convicted of the great Holohoax swindle and stuffed into prisons that would have to be built to hold them or concentration camps. It was pleasant to dream of such application of the law.

I shall try to obtain for you a copy of Hilberg’s first edition for you.

Since your present address is probably known to few, you may not have received a copy of the long screed of which I enclose a photocopy, in which you are mentioned. It came to me and to others in an anonymous mailing from North Carolina.

The pseudonymous writer sounds like Harold Covington. He is probably right about Carlos Porter, but his vituperation of Ben Klassen is so frantic that it defeats the purpose for which it was written.

I have never met Klassen, but have talked with him three or four times by telephone. The first time was around 1967, when he was a life member of the Birch Society and wanted out.  The last time was a week or so ago when he told me that his wife had died last January and that he would continue to publish his books, although he had turned his Church of the Creator to a pair of young men now in Milwaukee. Soon after he organized that Church, I refused to participate in it, although I recognized that he had a formula that might have some potential of success.

I can judge him only by his publications. His Racial Loyalty was always well written and ideologically sound, although one could question some minor details of the exposition, here and there. (E.g., in what will almost certainly be its last issue, he attributes the assassination of Jackanapes Kennedy to the Mossad instead of the C.I.A., an ally of the Mossad and one more likely to be charged with an operation in the United States that must have involved the participation of the Secret Service.) I do not know how many members or subscribers he had, but the monthly tabloid was obviously published at Klassen’s expense. I regret that it has ceased publication.

Klassen, by the bye, is still living in Otto, North Carolina, in what was the headquarters of his Church. His retirement as “Pontifex Maximus” of the Church was, however, a fiasco that must have greatly damaged its prestige. Klassen first announced that his successor was Rudolph Stanko, the author of The Score, and when Stanko came to see me on his way to Otto to take over, he appeared to be pleased with his new office and determined to make a success of the Church; but when he reached Otto, something happened to make him change his mind. Klassen then announced that the next Pontifex Maximus would be a man named Charles Altvater, whom he praised highly, as you will see from the enclosed photocopy on colored paper, but evidently when the man reached Otto, the same thing happened. So Klassen in desperation gave his Church to a pair of youngsters from Milwaukee. Obviously, something was wrong in Otto. It may be, of course, that both Stanko and Altvater were disappointed by discovering how few members the Church really had, or by the amount of financial subsidy that Klassen was willing to provide.

Whatever the explanation, one must regret the disappearance of an effort that was apparently made on behalf of our self-doomed race.

With best wishes,








14 December 1992

Dear Mr Thomson:

I was astonished by your removal to the Northwest and disappointed, since it means that you are so much farther away. While you were in Louisville, I could hope that some errand might bring you near to Urbana so that Keith and I could meet you again.

I haven’t been in the Yakima Valley for fifty years or so. When I was last there, it was a climatically invigorating, sparsely settled region with fine orchards, held together, it seemed, by a rather unusual electric railway, which, I suppose, has long since vanished.

I have been trying to find for you a copy of the 1961 edition of Hilberg’s Destruction of the German Jews, and I supposed that some Antiquariat with which I have dealt would have a copy but none has been able to supply one; I finally asked a librarian to obtain for me a copy that I could photocopy for you, and hope that she will do so soon.

Zundel’s adoption of the young Jew is disquieting. Since you have been moving about, you may not have seen the announcement of Carto’s Institute, from which I enclose a photocopy.

The difficulty is that there actually are some Jews who seem to defect from their race, although one does not know whether they are really Jews by orthodox definition or the sons of Jews by White women, i.e., Mischlinge. Klein, who was a Jewish attorney and was ruined because he refused to betray his client in the great War Criminal’s “sedition trial,” is certainly to be counted on our side, and so, I am sure, is the Berg (Ginsberg) who testified for Zundel, and probably the Jack Bernstein whose booklets I have reviewed in Liberty Bell. But against these we must set the whole Yiddish tradition of infiltrating and betraying societies of goyim. Everyone knows the exemplary tales in the Jew-book which have no slightest basis in history, but which were devised to teach God’s children how to destroy civilized nations. The famous Joseph (with some help from his tribal god, of course) wormed his way into the confidence of an Egyptian king and, by acquiring a monopoly of foodstuffs, was able to make all the Egyptians sell themselves into slavery to escape starvation. And then there was the Kikess who, masquerading as a White woman under the assumed name Esther, got into the harem of a Persian king and, copulated so efficiently with the uncircumsized pig, whom she secretly loathed, that she not only induced him to suppress the wicked Aryans who understood what the Sheenies were doing, but made her Sheeny boss the real ruler of the Persian Empire.

We could, perhaps, count as an example of similarly successful infiltration that really occurred the famous Kike named Saul, who is known by a Latin sobriquet, Paulus (“shorty”), and who cozened the gullible goyim into imagining that the Big Jew up in the clouds had opened for them the privileged position of being his pets, if they would become “converted” to the racial position of Christianity.

You mention Cohen & Shine who ruined Senator McCarthy. One of them, — I have forgotten which at the moment — achieved a reputation as the crookedest attorney in all of New York City, and you must admit that was a real distinction. The pair of perverts, incidentally, used their newsstand service to subsidize National Review rather heavily, but really at great profit to themselves, for that gave them a means of securing block orders from patriotic or just respectable drug stores and other newsstands that would otherwise have thrown out the mild pornography they were chiefly peddling.

The vermin are ubiquitous and the stodgy minds of Aryan boobs think it an honor to have their blood sucked by such godly creatures.

It is true that according to Hindu cosmology we are living in the Kaliyuga, but that is no consolation. I once went through the requisite calculations to reduce Hindu chronology to our system. The Kaliyuga began, immediately after the death of Krishna, on 17 February 3102 B.C., and it will end at 9 A.M., Greenwich time, on the morning of the sixteenth of February in the year A.D. 188,890 — and that’s too long to wait for an end to the Kikes’ One World. (That’s by the shorter computation; the other gives you the date as A.D. 426,890.)

Have a merry Winter Solstice and joyfully celebrate the rebirth of Sol Invictus, the true creator of all life on earth.

With all good wishes,


Revilo P. Oliver

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  7. 16 Responses to “Letters Between Eric Thomson and Revilo Oliver (1992)”

    1. GB Says:

      Re: exchange about Zundel between Thompson & Oliver

      A most interesting history of the Zundel trial in Canada is compiled here:


      Frankly, I didn’t know much about Zundel and the Holocaust trials in Canada. Hilburg, Verbe, and other falsifiers were exposed. Fascinating.

    2. GB Says:

      FYI: the above history is a video. Don’t let the shaky intro throw you off.

    3. Scipio Americanus Says:

      Thanks GB for the information and web site. Also, a big thanks to Alex for taking the time to transcribe and publish these letters. It’s very much appreciated.

    4. Curt Maynard Says:

      I was saddened to read Thompson’s take on Ernst Zundel, a man I greatly admire. There is no doubt that Zundel is a prisoner of conscience, and say what you will, he’s suffering for us and Germany. I’m sure he could have copped a plea, voluntarily shut down the Zundelsite and got off with time served, but he didn’t. Zundel will be the first to tell you he’s no historian, despite the fact that the man is incredibly well read and familar with 20th Century European and North American historey. Zundel is a great thinker, a true nonconformist and a tremendous intellect [he calls it peasant sense].

      Did he suffer from an ego? Perhaps, but nonetheless, we can all learn what it is to be a man and to hold an idea above all else from Ernst Zundel and his cry “never surrender.”

      The future bodes ill for many of us, what will we do, cowardly recant? I hope not. We’re all going to die someday, I hope when I do, I can make a statement on the way out.

    5. Scipio Americanus Says:

      The future bodes ill for many of us, what will we do, cowardly recant? I hope not. We’re all going to die someday, I hope when I do, I can make a statement on the way out. (Curt Maynard)

      I’m afraid many will recant but some of us will fight to the end rather than submit. In the immortal words of General John Stark, New Hampshire’s most famous soldier of the American Revolutionary War: “LIVE FREE OR DIE: DEATH IS NOT THE WORST OF EVILS.” Better to fight and die as a lion than yield and live as a sheep. Here’s one more inspiring quote for the road:

      “We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who, during the eruption of Vesuvius, died at his post because they forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honorable end is the one thing that can not be taken from a man.” — Oswald Spengler, Men and Technics

    6. GB Says:

      I was much impressed with what Zundel did in Canada. He had a real organization, a theme, look, and they put boots on the ground.

      Oh, and about these letters of Thompson, it is my understanding that Alex types into the computer from paper. That’s a lot of work. Maybe somebody can send Alex a good scanner from Christmas?

    7. skeptio halfricanus Says:

      There is no greatness in our position. And like that Roman soldier, so punctilious he forgot to survive, we are destined for the ashes.

    8. Celtic Warrior Says:

      True, it is better to die fighting rather than kiss the jew ass.

      Better still, LIVE for your people and pass on your genes through your children so they might fight and free our people.

      I am reminded of Jean de Vallette who was commanding the knights defending Malta during the Turkish siege of 1565. On seeing that the ragheads had made a breech in the defenses, grabed his sword and exclaimed, “I am 70 years old and have no wish to die in my bed”.

    9. gw Says:

      “like that Roman soldier, so punctilious he forgot to survive, we are destined for the ashes.”

      Sorry to disagree with such a personage as Spengler, but that Roman soldier in Pompeii was, in a word, stupid!

      It reminds me of the people in the Twin Towers on 9/11. They were told to remain in their places and wait for rescue. Those who obeyed , died. Those who heeded their instincts and fled, survived.

    10. Alex Linder Says:

      Some points –

      1) we need heroism less than we need grunt workers.

      2) i apologize for slow updates lately, have been not been well.

      3) have huge amounts of unposted Thomson material. simply can’t type in everything he sends. Anybody who can help with this, write me at [email protected]

      4) not crazy about Thomson’s remarks about Zundel or his frequently borderline-querulous tone. But I don’t know him to be a liar, and he did work directly with Zundel, so I think his comments are worth noting.

    11. Alex Linder Says:

      i should also say:

      – thanks to Socrates for his excellent material

      – with this post i have put online ALL the Thomson-Oliver letters i have.

    12. hepkat Says:

      I wouldn’t call him stupid. White people are easy to control when the mechanics of state are in full working order. Tell a law-abiding Roman, German, or American to sit booboo sit, he’ll sit through anything. It is at once the overpowering instinct for duty which thrills nationalist daydreamers, and the reason white men become goyim so easily under Jewish tutelage.

      Actually, yea, I would call him stupid.

    13. aa Says:

      by Revilo P. Oliver

      I. The First Republic, established as result of the Civil War (the only one in our history) in the British colonies, 1775-1783, which made the several colonies independent states. This republic, based on the Constitution, lasted from 1789 until 1860, when it was forever destroyed by the war of aggression launched by a league of Northern states and their invasion of the South.

      II. The Second Republic, established by the Northern conquest, 1865 to 1932. Some parts of the original Constitution were salvaged and adapted to a regime of “democracy” and political corruption that was fundamentally incompatible with that Constitution, although the boobs were made to believe that that document had been preserved by being destroyed.

      III. The Ochlocracy, sometimes called the Dictatorship of (the thugs who own) the Proletariat, 1932-present. Established by the Jews’ capture of the government of the Second Republic in 1932 and the gradual assimilation of the United States to the governmental system used in the Soviet Union, including the establishment of the Revolutionary Tribunal in Washington (still called the Supreme Court), which has repeatedly made it clear that ‘Constitution’ has become merely a word that is used in bad jokes. No one should be misled by the fact that the management still stages elections to amuse the boobs, some of whom find them almost as exciting as football games.

      The future of our stultified and brutalized race depends on so many imponderables that it would be rash to venture any forecast. The only hope, as I see it, is that the present owners will make the blunder of precipitating or permitting a total collapse so drastic and sudden that its physical effects will penetrate to the consciousness of the boobs and induce something like thought, and that if and when that happens, there will be a nucleus of men who understand the situation and have the courage and intelligence to organize and lead the boobs to regain independence from the world-conquerors.

      I continue to write, at constant sacrifice of my own convenience and peace; to write, in the hope that I may possibly contribute a little to the formation of such a nucleus that will be able to act intelligently when the time comes — if it ever does.

    14. Scipio Americanus Says:

      “There is no greatness in our position. And like that Roman soldier, so punctilious he forgot to survive, we are destined for the ashes. “(Skeptio Halfricanus)

      “Sorry to disagree with such a personage as Spengler, but that Roman soldier in Pompeii was, in a word, stupid!” (GW)

      Our fearless Roman soldier was “Dead Man Walking” whether he punctiliously obeyed his command or not. Nature via mighty Mount Vesuvius ultimately determined his fate. But both of you miss the entire point of the quote.

      Revilo P. Oliver, however, understood its meaning quite well. Writing about it, he stated:

      “Now, whether or not the stern prognostication that lies back of that conclusion is correct, no man fit to live in the present can read those lines without feeling his heart lifted by the great ethos of a noble culture — the spiritual strength of the West that can know tragedy and be unafraid. And simultaneously, that pronouncement will affright to hysteria the epicene homunculi among us, the puling cowards who hope only to scuttle about safely in the darkness and to batten on the decay of a culture infinitely beyond their comprehension.”

      Revilo P. Oliver is speaking to both of you from beyond the grave. Perhaps some reflection and soul searching are in order, don’t you think? Of course what Spengler was praising was our intrepid soldier’s character which was non-negotiable; he perished with his soul intact! It’s about high standards of personal honor and knightly virtues which mean more to a man than life itself because life is simply not worth living without them. In one word: INTEGRITY.

      Regarding the pronouncement about our race’s destined demise and eventual extinction, I’ll let New York Yankee great Yogi Beara reply: “We made too many wrong mistakes,” but “it ain’t over ’til it’s over.” So what’s up with the defeatism? Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Dumped by your girlfriend? Nursing a nasty hangover? What gives?

      Obviously, you have underestimated the spirit and vitality of our race. Sure, we are currently down but not for the count. Remember, without the white man, the rest of the world goes down the cosmic toilet with him, including the Self Chosen People. But that is not going to happen. As Revilo P. Oliver pointed out:

      “The instinct of racial loyalty lies deep in men. And though it may be crushed over with sophistic blabber, although it may seem to have disappeared under the powder of words sprinkled over it, it remains dormant in the flesh, dormant in the soul and it will awaken when that crust is broken.”

      And trust me, that crust is starting to break. What you do not understand is that the white man is like a slumbering 1500 lb Alaskan Kodiac that’s deep in hibernation. He’s just beginning to awaken from his long winter slumber to notice a pack of coffee-colored wolves nipping at his tail. When the bear is fully awake, there’s going to be HELL to pay.

      What you also fail to understand is that there is such a thing as a collective spirit at work. As one colleague of mine wrote: “At some point, the survival instinct of that collective mind will come to the fore. It will take over but only when it’s time. No one knows when that time will arrive, but the realignment of feeling and thinking will come with startling rapidity and force. Literally overnight we whites will see through our own lowlife preening and see what our enemies have wrought. A terrible fury will seize our minds. A very fine day it will be. ”

      Eric Thomson has stated that our situation is hopeless but not desperate. When things become desperate, then our outlook will no longer seem hopeless. So long as the “bread & circuses” continue unabated, nothing will change. But this status quo will not remain in place forever. The storm clouds are gathering overhead at a breakneck pace. Only when the gods of thunder and lightening begin to rain upon us their fury will people take heed. No sooner, I’m afraid.

      As Curt Maynard pointed out, we are all destined to meet our Maker. That is the one fate we cannot escape. But we can certainly choose to remain loyal to our race’s spiritual ideals and instinctive values, even in the face of a diseased, degenerate and dying culture.

      Surely you have heard of Edmond Rostand’s masterpiece Cyrano de Bergarac? It’s a romantic work of unbelievable genius and perhaps constitutes the last fading ember of Western cultural greatness. The story is about a brilliant but ugly man — poet, playwright, philosopher, musician, soldier and dualist — in love with a beautiful woman, who attempts to win her, not for himself, but for his handsome but conventional rival.

      The author called it a heroic comedy but it’s really a tragedy in disguise. The hero of the story “a soul clothed in shining armor,” loses everything in the end – his love, his poetry, even his death. However, it has a benevolent quality in that the hero maintains
      his values to the very end. NOTHING broke his efficacious spirit, symbolized by his white plume (panache).

      In the dying words of the greatest hero in the annals of Western literature:

      Yes, all my laurels you have riven away
      And all my roses; yet in spite of you
      There is one crown I bear away with me,
      And tonight, when I enter before God,
      My salute shall sweep all the stars away
      From the blue threshold! One thing without stain,
      Unspotted from the world, in spite of doom
      Mine own!
      And that is…
      My white plume…

      Rostand was convinced that the great spirited individual was doomed to defeat in a malevolently crafted physical universe.
      Hence Cyrano’s two soul mates: Socrates and Galileo. Of course, I ardently disagree with his view and believe values are achievable in this world. Despite my ideological differences with the author, the play has such an exulted sense of life that it makes it my all-time favorite and one that I wholeheartedly recommend. It’s timeless message is even more relevant to us now than ever before.

      There’s two ways to look at the proverbial glass of water: half empty or half full. Eric Thomson’s close friend and colleague, Robert Frenz, summarized our situation in this manner:

      “The young White men and women of today should be exuberant over the massive challenges which now lie before them. What a glorious time to live! White men didn’t climb Everests, colonize jungles nor explore the moon because they wanted security and comfort. Like the pleasures of sex and hot fudge sundaes, this is not the essence of the spirit of our race. We inwardly crave challenge and the more severe it is, the greater our glory and joy in conquering it! There is nothing more exhilarating than to be shot at (this is within my experience) and not hit. The inner spirit cries, “The bastard missed!” The fight is not over.”

      With this in mind, I’ll leave you with these parting words:

      “The technocrat might hold the world in his hands, while the white Christian men are banished to the underground. But when the great Cavalier makes his final charge, He will look for the men with the white plumes. And we will be ready to ride with our King in the great and final conflict.” (D.E. Thomas)

      As always, strength and honor! – Scipio Americanus

      [email protected]

      A few inspirational scenes taken from the finest movie adaptation of Edmond Rostand’s masterpiece, staring Academy Award winner Jose Ferrer as Cyrano de Bergerac.

      Cyrano de Bergerac Theatre Scene:


      Cyrano’s “No, Thank You” Monologue:


      Cyrano de Bergerac, Brian Hooker translation (the finest translation available):


      Cyrano de Bergerac, (DVD, 1950 with dialogue taken from Brian Hooker translation):


    15. Ein Says:

      Curt Maynard Says:
      I was saddened to read Thompson’s take on Ernst Zundel, a man I greatly admire. There is no doubt that Zundel is a prisoner of conscience.

      Actualy, I think Thomson was saying that Zundel is also a prisoner — a prisoner of that woman, allegedly Jewish, who seemed to have him so totally under her control. He’s not finding fault with Zundel — but with her.

    16. Ich Bin Laden Says:

      “The Kaliyuga began, immediately after the death of Krishna, on 17 February 3102 B.C., and it will end at 9 A.M., Greenwich time, on the morning of the sixteenth of February in the year A.D. 188,890…”