4 November, 2007

Free Talk Live Sunday 11-04-07 With Mark Faust

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Do you still don’t think that Jews are NOT out to rule the world? Do you still think us “Racists” and “Haters” are just crazy people? I suggest you tune in.

Join me Sunday 9pm est 11/04/2007 for “White Education” Part 2
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Jews in Congress – Let’s explore how OVER represented Jews are in congress.

The White House Cabinet – If you think the numbers in congress are bad wait until you hear about Bush’s cabinet!

Presidential Advisers for both Clinton and Bush – Guess what? MORE JEWS!!!

The Talmud – Learn all about this evil anti-White book of hate that the Jew reveres so much.

Racist Hoaxes Against Whites, NON WHITES BUSTED! – We will take a look into how Jews, Blacks, and other non-Whites are blaming us for their bad behavior by painting reversed swastikas and other such failed tactics.

Music Starts at 8:00pm EST, White Education Starts at 9pm EST

Feel free to call in and speak your mind!

Skype ID: vnnfreetalklive
Phone: 660 675 4388

For those with plain old telephones we have a conventional phone number: 660 675 4388, though we prefer skype calls. Regardless, please send a chat message with skype before calling.

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  • 11 Responses to “Free Talk Live Sunday 11-04-07 With Mark Faust”

    1. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Well, hopefully there won’t be problems from the you know who hackers. As of right now, VNN forum has been reduced to garble.

    2. Mark Faust Says:

      Music is playing folks…enjoy

    3. MikeTodd Says:

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    4. Schnee Weiss Says:

      Perhaps a little announcement on the front pages here to keep us informed on what is going on with the forum and when it might be back up?

    5. Linder pull the plug? Says:

      This don’t look good.

    6. Stan Womack Says:

      While it is somewhat infilicitous to refer to Jews seeking to “rule the world,” it is fair comment that “tikkun olam,” their word for reforming and perfecting the world actually means the reform and perfection of the world to suit the Jewish worldview, society, and politics.

      “Tikkun olam” does not refer to a better world for everyone. There is no universalism in the Judeo worldview.

      A world shaped by “tikkun olam” would mean death and destruction to the society and governance of European-based culture and the imposition of the Judeo-based culture. This amounts to “ruling the world,” but identifies the ideological and intellectual tool used to make it happen. “Ruling the world” has a magical component, but “tikkun olam” is an operational term providing content to the kind of world desired, and the methods to be used to achieve it.

      Whether this is the same as “ruling the world” or not, it means the same death and destruction as visited on East Germans, Poles, Russians, and most particularly on the Ukrainians during the last century, and as visited on Hungarians during this century.

    7. r Says:

      ” “Ruling the world” has a magical component, but “tikkun olam” is an operational term providing content to the kind of world desired, and the methods to be used to achieve it.”

      That sentence fails shortly after the first comma, and the rest of your post is waffle, but you make a very good point. Ironically, to any impartial observer, tikkun olam would appear the magical formula. Only Jews and anti-Semites take Jewish religious literature seriously.

    8. sgruber Says:

      I think everyone takes the results of tikkun seriously. The handful of Dresden survivors, for instance. Or the Palestinians. Or the victims of commies or oligarchs. Etc.

      The more anti-semites created from jewish behavior, the better. Itz coming.

      There is a solution to the jewish problem.

    9. r Says:

      “I think everyone takes the results of tikkun seriously. The handful of Dresden survivors, for instance. Or the Palestinians. Or the victims of commies or oligarchs. Etc.”

      None of those people matter. Nor does propagandizing them. Womack’s point is much subtler than the ghost of numerical suffering — indeed, he doesn’t even realize its significance, seeing that he, too, is stuck on the victim approach. “It” is coming, but it isn’t what you think.

    10. Stan Womack Says:

      Dear “r”:

      Interesting that you should make a point about the “victim aproach.” Just to enhance the discussion, our group has long emphasized that (in the area of defamation) it is the pathologies in the mind of the speaker, not the feelings (offended) in the mind of the “victim” of the slur that matter. I think this was partly what you were getting at.

      You are the only poster we have ever seen to grasp the notion that it is the speaker or actor or tikkun olamite whose mind matters. Check out our application of your approach in our online syllabus:


      http://www.resistingdefamation.org /sub/g48.htm

      However I think you meant your remarks in a much larger sense. And I would be very interested in hearing about or reading about them.

    11. r Says:

      Well, that isn’t a fruitless way to look at defamation, but it would seem your site is devoted exclusively to playing up the caricature of whites as victims par excellence — not incorrect in the postmodern age, of course, but certainly quite fruitless apart from the few souls it may gather into the fold. The key here is to not get lost in particulars, but to focus always on the operational.