9 February, 2008

Gangs Work: Brown Drives Black out of L.A.

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Gangs Work

Mexes hate niggers, just like Whites hate niggers. The difference? Mexicans form gangs and drive niggers from their territory. That has the SPLC making goose bumps. Word to the wise, White man. Use it or lose it. We won’t liberate ourselves by negotiating or voting. Words are necessary but insufficient. Force is needed too. “The way I hear these knuckleheads tell it, they don’t want their neighborhoods infested with blacks, as if it’s an infestation,” says respected Los Angeles gang expert Tony Rafael… Yeah, as if it’s an infestation – as opposed to as if blacks are humans, or, as if blacks are productive non-littering peaceful workers. They aren’t. They are supersized bipedal cockroaches. Even 90-IQ mexi gangbangers can smell that.  […] a longstanding race war between the Mexican Mafia and the Black Guerilla family, a rival African-American prison gang, has generated such intense racial hatred among Mexican Mafia leaders, or shot callers, that they have issued a “green light” on all blacks. A sort of gang-life fatwah, this amounts to a standing authorization for Latino gang members to prove their mettle by terrorizing or even murdering any blacks sighted in a neighborhood claimed by a gang loyal to the Mexican Mafia. The very definition of a win-win situation. Since 1990, the African-American population of Los Angeles has dropped by half as blacks relocated to suburbs, and Latinos have moved into historically black neighborhoods. Translation: the mexes have won, and keep on winning. Notice too that it took very few murders to get the nigs on the run: no more than a handful and the nigs stampeded into the suburbs. Shite flight, if you will. Racial and ethnic warfare are not unnatural; forcing races to live in the same space and running non-stop Telmudvision saying everything is hunky-dory is unnatural. Same thing in Kenya. Ethnic riots flare up over an election. The minority group gets driven back to its original homelands in the west, and out of the capital city, Nairobi. The way of the world, itz. What’s unnatural is to allow the hostile, predatory alien to persuade you that your race does not exist. The only way the jew can defeat the White man is by persuading him to hate himself and deny his group existence.

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    1. Tim Harris Says:

      Alex, urban whites did do the same thing in eastern cities until maybe 20 or 30 years ago. Boston is possibly the most thoroughly segregated city in the country, with never a law needing to have been passed. It was done at the street level by irish and italians. Similarly, in NY, Philadelphia, Wilmington, etc. I don’t know what caused us to lose our collective nerve. I assume it was addiction to TV entertainment and government school education, whose propaganda finally bore its evil fruit in the intimidation of our people from within.

    2. Ceallachain Says:

      I don’t know what caused us to lose our collective nerve. >>>

      White are punished much more severely for “hate” crimes. Plus, a Mexican or black goes to jail and it equals free room, board and family reunion. I white in jail is constantly harassed, raped and brutalized by the humanoids.

    3. Ceallachain Says:

      These cunty little websites with stories about “aging Aryans” and Pat Buchanan’s “racist” book never allow feedback. Intellectually, their petty little “we’re all equal” crap doesn’t hold up. Even the few that do allow feedback pull anything that doesn’t agree with them.

      A country with Blacks, Mexicans and jews can’t have freedom of speech. Freedom of speech makes blacks and mexicans feel bad. Freedom of speech exposes the jew.

    4. tennyson Says:

      I was talking to a guy a while back at work. He said his black friend took a trip to Lodi Ohio. His black friend had a white woman with him. He was pulled over by the Lodi Police and they held him for 14 hours on no charges. I thought to myself “He got off easy”. The negroid telling the story was dumbfounded by the “injustice” of it all. I felt zero sympathy for the race mixers. We white people cannot safely traverse thier jungle any time of day without potential physical violence occuring(and that is in a car, forget walking unless you have a death wish). The Mexicans are doing a bang-up job. We should too.
      To answer the question of collective nerve, we are being head-fucked on 20 different levels from the crib on. I have fought niggers on the street and they are not the great fighters they are painted up to be. Don’t try boxing with them, get them on the deck and you own them. They are cowardly, herd beasts who run at the first prospect of injury. Whites are known for valor and guts throughout history. Nowadays that vital trait is suppressed.
      I was in a store last year and a kid’s bike was lying on the sidewalk.The bike belonged to a white kid who was buying candy in the store. A teenage nigger walked up and stomped on the front wheel. “Get this out of the way” he said. The little white kid protested his bike being stepped on. I felt instant rage and said “Get the fuck out of here nigger”(in a loud voice). The niggers were shocked and did nothing. I stood up for the little aryan and it felt great. I was ready to battle the fucking monkey and he knew it.
      The niggers are not “all that”!

    5. R. James Says:

      I´ve been saying this for years, and I still do. By whatever name you want to call it, we need to ORGANIZE ourselves into groups, whether you call it gangs or associations, clubs, corporations, any word you want to use, but we need to organize ourselves into groups that will fight for white interests. We need to do some of this “above ground” in legal, real-world political organisations, and at the same time, we need to organize ourselves into “underground” cells, groups, gangs, or whatever that will fight dirty, direct, and HARD! This “organization” is not something that is run by a bunch of “volunteers” that do things if or when they feel like it, but by people that take orders from a qualified leader. And this hypothetical organization is not financed by ten bucks a month by members, but by any means possible that brings in big bucks to fight for our cause. But, sometimes I think I´m preaching to a group of wide-eyed children playing in a sandbox with a plastic pail and shovel! Get with the program white people, your ass is on the line!

    6. honkey tonk man Says:

      Even the COPS are afraid of these spic gangs…..Good!!
      ….Because the worst gang of them all is the “blue mafia”(COPS).
      Any white gang would be ruthlessly hunted down if it tried to assert itself anywhere in the Kwa. thats a fact!
      ……you see without COPS that hate whites, the niggers,spics and other sub-humans would be slaughtered.

      ….I look forward to the day when the nigs and spics turn on the COPS. Maybe the next disaster or riot…..where ever it happens white warriors must take advantage and join in the fun and attack the COPS and any fags from blackwater.
      We don’t have to be allies but I’m sure the nigs and spics would wecome any white gang that helps destroy the COPS.
      …Personally I hate COPS more then I hate JEWS. They enforce genocide against the white race and with or without the JEW they would do it for anybody that paid them. That makes all COPS mercenarries! Remember that!… There is no Geneva convention rules for rental soildiers, therefore shooting COP prisoners or torturing them is justified not just by white warriors but also by the nigs and spics.
      …..With the COPS out of the way we can then get down to the business of killing all JEWS (this time we finish the job) and driving all non-whites out of the kwa.
      … All self-hating whites who have had a hand in the destruction of the white race should be dealt with in a most savage way. Kill the self hating white males and sell the women traitors to the niggers and spics so they can get a taste of some real diversity by getting gang raped every day until their dead!
      ….My point here is not to promote mindless savage violence but rather to promote intelligent, savage,ruthless violence. We must resort to being blood thirsty barbarians hell bent on revenge and conquest to have any chance of winning back our white homelands.


    7. Mike Quigley Says:

      I think it’s great someone is giving the spooks a hard time.We white people end up being the niggers doormat.I don’t think I would endorse killing cops though.I seriously considered being a cop at one time.The reason white people dont have gangs is because we’re civilized human beings,not monkeys.We try to do things the right way,like becomming cops.Unfortunately the system is against us.Maybe we should do the same thing to the niggers that the insurgents are doing to our troops.There must be somebody with the resources to do it.

    8. tennyson Says:

      I think many cops are waiting for the gloves to come off in regards to the nigs and spics. Any person in general that takes sides with our enemies will be our enemy, cop or no cop.
      Not all cops are vile traitors. Remember, they are still standing between us and the shits running the streets at night. I wish they would come over to our cause, but that is still in the future. They are still too comfy now. Give it time, and don’t discount the whole lot of them, there are some real fighters of our race in the blue uniform.

    9. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Organize the White resistance? Not yet. White people won’t organize because they don’t even know that they should organize. And they’ve been told all their lives that to do so would be EVIL. After all, isn’t that what the “Nazis” did.

      Build a White mass media organization first. Once enough whites have been woken up — a half million? a million? — then plan and carry out the oh-so-badly needed White revolution with FORCE, of course. It’s the only way. But the first step is propaganda.

      And along with that… kill the cops? Get a clue, pal. The situation we’re in now is the same as the Soviet Union. The state would crush any rebellion against the ideology and forces of Marxism. Law enforcement are indoctrinated by the kikes like everyone else and get “training” by the ADL directly. BUT, they also listen to the radio and watch television. Once we’re on both TV and radio with just 1 station 24 hours a day in every major city, the tide will turn. Many cops will be insiders on our side as the awakening spreads just as there will be many in the US military and other government positions who will be on our side.

      I’ve heard no real plans here just pipe dreams and fantasy that can only end in defeat. And what I’m saying isn’t defeatism, but realism and common sense. I know the hour is late, but let’s not be childish and impatient, folks.

    10. honkey tonk man Says:

      tennyson says:”give it time and don’t discount the lot of them”
      The COPS will help us in the future when things are really bad…right? Wrong!! ….just ask the white South Africans and the Rhodisians and all those COPS in France and Germany who side with whites
      …… No matter how bad it gets the COPS will not help the white race. These cunts are a special breed of trator. Remember these are mostly the guys who couldn’t get laid in high school and where never one of the boys.
      ……As long as COPS are getting paid plus what they can steal when things get bad they are happy to fuck over anybody especially whites who fight for their race. Saying there are good COPS is like saying there are good JEWS. The COPS are mercenarries and the join up willingly knowing that their job entails fucking over white nationalist. They are the ultimate gang that have a badge that says its legal to kill and crush white resistance.
      …I’am sure there where good COPS that where involved in the Randy Weaver incident and good COPS didn’t aresst Matt Hale and there where no good COPS involved in the slaughter of Robert Matthews right?
      …….Get it the fuck out of your head that there are any COPS you can trust.
      ….I will say it agian.”There are no Geneva convention rules for hired killers..(COPS and Blackwater fags) To think otherwise is a deadly mistake. As soon as you join the blue mafia you turn your back on the white race.
      No COPS = Dead JEWS
      No COPS = our freedom
      No COPS means we can slaughter our enemies.

      Whites anywhere don’t need a police state where you have a bunch of COPS telling them what to do.

    11. Friedrich Braun Says:

      Multiculturalism works!

    12. Booger Says:

      Looks like the MSM Jews aren’t trying to focus too hard on the fact that the Niggers in LA are being “Ethnically Cleansed” out of their traditional porch-monkey areas.Hmmmmm,why isn’t there more coverage of this?I have heard some folks say the Boons will be our “natural allies” against the Mexcrements.Personally,i think its a a stretch of the WN imagination.What WN worth his Salt,wants a armed moon cricket to his side or back.I felt like i wanted to kill the ones i was in the service with as most of them,are worthless and lazy,natural shirkers they were,spending more time and energy trying to get out of a task than just doing it.When the SHTF there will be LOTS of guilty white liberals who’ll have to die too.The mud violence in LA is just more proof that Multi-Cultural tripe that they continually try to shove down our throats,is irrelevant on the street.Get your guns,get your ammo,while you can,before Uncle ZOG tries to make us defenseless.Many of our people will die or be brutally massacred by the muds,many screaming they don’t “hate” anyone.The muds will just laugh at these poor brainwashed victims of “tolerance” as they rape,mutilate and defile them in unspeakable fashion.The good news is that many kikes will die this way too,being mistaken as White by the mud predators.Tolerance=Genocide for the White Race.

    13. Muckraker Says:

      Originally (and incredibly without censoring) posted on American Renaissance by me:

      What can we do against a federal Leviathan that intends a complete police state, enslavement, and possessing nuclear weapons? Why we put our pretty little heads together and devise, devise, devise…

      Here’s my oft-repeated plan/fantacy for dealing with our traitors:

      Try this on for size… Whites (yes, even your lesser intelligent, sufficiently motivated and angry women) can be very ingenious in coming up with avenues for fighting back.

      Identifying our White traitors is easy; it’s all a matter of public record. We know WHO they are, and thanks to the taxpayer-funded Library of Congress (at least we pay for SOMETHING of worth) HOW they vote, and WHO SPONSORS WHAT. Lower-league criminals we know by what they write, and what Zionist publication they work for. Our universities are INFESTED with White-hating liberals. Here’s my plan for making A difference:

      Befriending our low-level traitors engaged in hate-Whitey indoctrination (zeroing in on the university traitors) is especially easy; enlist a beguiling White woman for the seduction or in the case of greedy, treasonous politicians, offering a substantial covert campaign donation, taking them out for a night-on-the-town, getting them (shell out the money for the booze) inebriated, being the “designated driver,” asking to “borrow” your “friend’s” cell phone, carefully and with great relish/subterfuge quietly chuck it out the window.

      Take a bypass through the worst, most dangerous ghetto (ALL our once majestic cities that White men built have THEM thanks to THEM), stop and force them out of your car (after all, it’s YOUR car; threat of 1,000,000-volt stun gun could be handy) preferrably in close proximity to throngs of sleep-challenged blacks congregating in large numbers typically found in any jew-engineered urban ghetto, and wish them “fare thee well” (not really MEANING it of course; just for the satisfaction of knowing the inevitable and a well-deserved chuckle).

      No crime COMMITTED simply because our culture is erected upon an edifice of lies about blacks/diversity which precludes telling truths about “no-go areas” for Whites who will DIE if transgressing such boundaries (but WE are the racists). What the fuck are they going to charge you with? Dumping in the ghetto? Sorry! No can do…. Diversity is glorious!

      Anyone who MIGHT survive (not likely BEING the goal – especially if yelling racial epithets out the window to the bored, racist, throngs before zooming off to safer territory) such an ordeal would be permanently cured of the disease of liberalism and hating Whitey.

    14. Get Real Says:

      Honkey Tonk Man needs to wake up. Most of the cops are as brainwashed as the rest of the public in certain. After a total collapse we’ll see what happens. As it stands now, Honkey Tonk Man is coming off like some goof who hates the police because they get in the way of his shoplifting and other criminal activity. Maybe HTM received too many speeding tickets.

    15. Jim West Says:

      Keep in mind that the beaner gangs have taken over many city councils and mayoral positions thereby providing official protection for their gang activity.

    16. Ernest Says:

      The Mexicans can fight the Blacks because the Jew controlled media doesn’t try to paint them as “racists”, and the Mexicans know it. So the Mexicans are never made to feel guilty for fighting, in fact just the opposite, they feel justified.
      The Jews are in a catch 22, if they report the fighting that is going on between the non whites, they know many Whites will lose faith in racial diversity, and the Jews can’t have that. If they don’t report it, the fighting will only continue and intensify.
      The greatest threat to the Jews are racially aware Whites, and the only way Whites will fight is when they have leadership and a White controlled media.

    17. America First Says:

      honkey tonk man Says:

      9 February, 2008 at 4:39 pm

      Like your thinking!

      In 1923, the ju’s had bought out “The Business” haa.

      They have preyed on our women and our people

      Look at the actor playing Herod, whoa! haa.


    18. Cormac Says:

      Hey what about Puerto Ricans , they’re nigger/mestizoe indians… so where do they fit in ?

    19. -jc Says:

      Years ago, I had to deal with bar fights. I’ve written about this before. Such fights last less than a minute so why wade into them? Use your head and deal with them after the contestants are spent. In the old West, bartenders often had a crudely carved mallet for putting the bung back in a barrel and that was all that was necessary.

      Same thing with people who are eventually going to try to kill one another. Wait until the shootout and, when the smoke clears, deal with who’s still standing.

      As long as the Mexican gangs are hunting Blacks, more power to them. If you look at who the voters are swooning over, you know that rank & file America has not been touched by enough race trouble yet. You have to have a reasonable expectation of your own people supporting you rather than turning you in before you can actually operate efficiently underground. And that takes a lot more lemmings being abused by those the government supports– the banks, welfare bastards, and third world refuse.

      But its coming and there’s no stopping it. Patience. Anyone whose been in the middle of such a situation elsewhere will look at these times as the good old days.

    20. Sunday morning hangover Says:

      Niggers left Compton in large numbers because HUD provided them with subsidized apartments and homes in the White ‘burbs during the Bush I and Clinton regimes. Spics had little to do with it at the time.

      Linder is a fucking idiot if he thinks a few hundred (or a few thousand) drunken skinheads spurred on by a team of not-so-badassed Internet “warriors” will drive Mexico out of southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

    21. ED! Says:

      Working for one spic infested construction company, I was often the only White on the job because spics are too stupid to be surveyous. Then the spics go into the port-a-cans and write pro White anti-Mestizo remarks and it looks like the White Man is doing it! Yes they do operate as gangs. It took 1.5 years for the spics to completely rid the company of Whites. After loosing that job and not being another I was stoped by two Nigger Metro Police officers while riding my motorcycle at age 50. I was hog-tied and beaten then spent 27 days in jail because of these two liar, nigger apes. 5 years later I still suffer from those injuries! At the time Metro had a damn jew lawyer as board chairman. I moved out of Houston to get away from the niggers, spics, and the fucking jews. Niggers and spics drive like assholes, act like assholes, and smell like ass-holes. Now, police are gangs, niggers and spics work as gangs, world wide jewery is a gang. What we need to do is form a mighty WN army in America and deal with them. The jews turned our women into cunts, killed our jobs, forced niggers and spics down our throats, while making them selves rich in the process. The masonic christian chicken-shits in law, law enforcement, and government made it happen! There are many churches out there that need to be turned into beer halls, restaurants, and librarys or just torn down! I believe in Thor not jesus (jew on a stick) the god of multiculturism. My White Skin is my religion! The dream of an All White Nation (crime free, gang free) is a dream we can make happen! I am ready whenever you are!




      Extra shekels for Holohoax mini-vacations

      A project taking thousands of brain dead and not so brain dead English and newly arrived Africian teenagers to visit Auschwitz is to be funded for another three years, says the ZOG-government.
      Two sixth formers from every ZOG-indoctrination center in bloody old England are currently funded to visit Auschwitz in Poland, to encourage an “understanding” of the world’s foremost garganchuin fairy tale.

      The project will receive an extra £4.65m to extend it until 2011.

      “Every young person should have an “understanding” of this,” says Schools Minister Gym Dark.

      The project, in which 6,000 teenagers per year spend eight weeks visiting the former Auschwitz internment camp and meeting “survivors” (born after 1945) of the Holohoax, was launched in 2005.


      The government provides £200 funding for each pupil, with ZOG-indoctrination centers expected to contribute a further £100.

      Mr Dark, extending the funding, says that the “Holocaust was one of the “most significant” events in London’s and it’s suburbs history”.

      “Six million people “died” not for what they had done but simply for who they were (kissing cousins of the Bolsheviks & Jews in the Turkish army around 1915)).”

      “What strikes me is the sheer up and down scale of it and how “industrialised and mechanised” the process of “killing” people became at Auschwitz.

      “It was not hot-blooded brutality, it happened in a “very planned” way, with some people “designing” the process of “death” and others “carrying it out,” said Mr Dark.

      Teaching the Holohoax as well as homosexualality, miscigenation, beastiality, White self guilt and scatology is compulsory in all secondary schools between the ages of 5 and 14 and can also be studied in the A thru Z alphabet history courses when “studying” the Second World War.

      A fibbing Ashkenazi pupil who took part in a visit last year, Rachael Saffer, from Queenswood Indoctrination Center in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, described her reactions to Auschwitz: “It has been “difficult.” As much as I want take a peek, I really find it “hard” to.

      “It does strike a lot of “buried emotions and old bones” that I didn’t think I would take a gander at by coming here,” she said.

      The SCHEME is run by the Holohoax “Educational” “Trust” – and the “trust’s” chief executive, and another Ashkenazi being Karen Pollock, says that the trip makes the young visitors “eye-witnesses” to what “happened” during the Second World War.

      The experience can be “life changing”, she says. “They suddenly fantasize what they “value” besides their FUBU Urban Street Ware and they see it is “important” to “challenge prejudice” today.”

      Sir Andrei Yustschinsky reporting from Scotland Yard in London, UK

      Story from BBC NEWS:

      © BBC MMVIII

    23. Shana Says:

      I liked this article because it is about something I have been saying for a while now. Blacks are now a minority of a minority. Hispanics are now the number one minority in this nation and that is even by government admission. So why do we as a nation keep bending over backwards for these idiots? Why are we having to watch our speach, yet I can be called a bitch or a cracker, or whatelse by some mouth breathing black idiot and NOTHING ever gets done about it?

      As an aside I am so fekking pissed off with this election. I swear if Obama wins this, it will prove to me how stupid and useless Americans are as a whole. It will be the third stab in the back from my “fellow” countrymen. The first and second being electing that idiot monkey Bush, not once but TWICE, and the second time knowing how dumb he is.

      I just wish there was another country in the world that had such a lax immigration policy as the US does because then I would go live in that country if Obama wins. I am tired of sharing air and national resources with mouth breathing idiots who are so easily brainwashed by 15 second soundbites on TV.

    24. Muckraker Says:

      Andrei: I originally saw that absolutely nauseating story on (I think) Rense. Is there anything MORE evil/degenerate than forcing Whites to fund their OWN destruction.

      Shana: There is the distinct (at least since the transition to electronic voting) possibility that our elections have been fixed for some time. There have been excellent articles on rense and newswithviews about “Diebold” voting machines and how easy it is to tamper with them. Oh, and need I mention that Diebold just HAPPENS to be owned by jews?

      Another way to demoralize and deceive Whites is to have them think a majority of their fellow White citizenry are actually repeatedly selecting the Marxist puppets of the jews while ACTUALLY fixing elections.

      As to why Whites can’t organize against multi-culti invasions into their previously white refuges, I had to repost this exceptional analysis from “Brutus” for those who might have missed it previously:

      “Every single one of those cities were built by White men. And the jew destroyed them using biological weapons. Niggers are the jew’s biological weapons.

      The inner city ghettos of America are indistinguishable from the bombed-out cities that we’ve seen in photographs from the various wars of the 20th & 21st centuries.

      Those cities on that list were once the apex of White civilization. The zenith of White technology. They represented untold man-hours of coordinated labor and cooperation to construct.

      Many of them had large, safe and convenient residential housing sections that three, four or more generations of White families called their homes. Today, those grander houses in the once wealthier neighborhoods have all been carved-up into squalid rooming houses. Where once a proud and hard working White family resided, now is infested with brown troglodytes who tear down the finely hewn mahogany and priceless marble and then crudely replace it with cheap particle board garishly painted in the bright colors that appeal to the savage. Houses that were built to last 200 years or more, barely last one generation of nigger defilement before they’re abandoned and set afire by drug addicted nigger squatters.

      The jew then announces urban renewal to be funded at taxpayer expense and plows under the irreplaceable dwellings of our ancestors, and rebuilds again at taxpayer’s expense, cheaply built townhouses that are given to niggers simply because they are niggers and Whites are so gullible to believe the jewish lies that they somehow owe the niggers a new house.

      This pattern has been repeated in every single city listed. The jew has used the same tactics in each those cities to bring them down. The jew has a well-oiled machine of destruction consisting of millions of unwitting niggers.

      This is how the jew’s bulldozer worked:

      Whites tried to defend their cities from the nigger onslaught. The ineffectual protests by the Whites were always overcome because the Whites would invariably focus their ire against the niggers, this resulted in the White folk being called racists by the jew’s media and thus most were cowed into silence. No one dared stand up to the glaring lights and TV cameras of the jew media, and those who did, found that their protests were never shown on TV. The net effect was to leave Whites feeling powerless. So they ran away. It was called White flight. They were fleeing the deadly weapon used so cleverly against them by the jew.

      This list of the most dangerous cities slaps White people in the face and yet most remain oblivious to how much has been stolen from them due to the jewish induced anesthesia brought about by booze, drugs, being overworked, having a dumbed-downed education, going to co-opted churches, media omission, distortion and lies and finally cowardice to face the truth.

      Only when we recognize that it was the jew who has made our cities into the hell on earth that they are, then we’ll be able to put a stop to these jewish crimes. Because once we realize that it’s the jews hurting and killing us and that it’s the jews using weapons of mass destruction called niggers to beat us into oblivion, then we can focus our wrath where it belongs. Squarely on the enemy, the filthy jew.”

    25. Sgt. Skull Says:

      The good news is that the nig nogs are getting a taste of their own medicine and are being hunted and killed much like they prey on white people. The bad news is that the jigs will be fleeing to mostly white living space. When the going gets tough, shack up with wicked whitey!! Niggers instinctively know that whites will accept them, are weak and raceless, and that they face no physical danger from living in close proximity with us.

      The mexican gangs are successful in their ethnic cleansing campaign because the gangs conducting the war know that the average mexican is either sympathetic with their actions or too afraid to rat them out to the police. Then you have mexicans who serve on the police force and local city governments who are either in cahoots with the gangs or are indifferent to the safety and well being of the coons. All of this makes it much easier for the gangs to avoid detection and carry on their work of ridding the hood of unwanted groids.

      The white insurgent, on the other hand, lacks these advantages. He will have to avoid the suspicion of his cosmopolitan white friends and neighbors, politically ambitious and do gooding white cops and even more politically ambitious local white politicians. I must say that there are racially conscious and aware white cops, but that doesn’t mean they would help facilitate the work of the white insurgent.

      Bottom line is that the conditions don’t exist at this time for racially conscious whites to use guerrilla tactics against violent blacks, their enablers and others that would do us harm. Let’s hope that changes sooner than later.

    26. Muckraker Says:

      Did it ever occur to anyone that WE could use THEIR bioligical weapons used against WHITES against THEM – BLACKS? Who doubtless could be hired to kill for cheap.

    27. Bret Ludwig Says:

      I agree with the poster who says let them take care of one another and mop up the mess later. White yuppies need to be cold, scared and humiliated and have their BMWs burned like in France, then when they are in a corner, as Dr. Pierce correctly said, we need to be the cogent, rational alternative: them or us.

      What Dr. Pierce realized, but maybe not enough, was that it might be a long wait.

      We’ll get one shot at it, and it has to be exactly right or it won’t work.

      If we do it right, we go to the stars. If not, there will be no memory of us left anywhere in the universe. It will be as though we never lived.

    28. James Hawthorne Says:

      I have been watching the US election with interest. All this wonderful talk of “Change” by the son of an African goat herder, all fine and dandy. The Mexes moving niggers from terrority and moving their people in, is sound organising by them, they have a PLAN.

      You can only fight a war, when you realise your in a war. The Aryan folk (at this moment) have no clue that they are in a war for their very survival on this planet.

      Thats what we are about, pushing the message, that our Aryan people ARE IN A WAR. The war of racial determination, of who is fit to survive on this planet. The Mexes get it, the niggers get it, the other coloured hordes throughout the earth ‘get it’. It is our job through building our Aryan White Media, to get OUR people to finally understand, that THEY are in a WAR –

      Nature has cruel standards when a species fails to understand this fact!

    29. Marwinsing Says:

      Why I hope Barack Obama becomes next President of the United States.

    30. Marwinsing Says:

      Work on the ground guys. Sow seeds and pearls of wisdom with your brains and your tongues. Whilst I too HATE many cops (and I’m ex-cop) from the very depths of my soul, there are also just as many white cops who must be smelling a rat — ???by now??? — that something’s gone seriously amiss in this be-screwed up system that we’re caught in. Convert them! We’ll need every set of hands on deck that we can find!

      FeralWhiteMale Says: Build a White mass media organization first.

      Damn right! (though easier said than done) – but once again, LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Dissuade friends, family and loved ones from even owning a TV set – cut TV out of your lifestyles! Spread the news as fast you can by word of mouth – it’s all available here and on the net anyway.

      Dedicate every spare moment of your waking time to KICKING those sheeple out of their comas!

    31. Marwinsing Says:

      There are endless creative methods that Whitey can conjure up for drumbeating COVERT OPERATIONS when planning for CIVIL WAR – and it needn’t cost ONE CENT. The brain, the tongue, are mightier than the pen which is mightier than the sword.

      Imagine Fox News Network broadcasting to a White audience of ZERO. Imagine Hollywood cinemas with not one White in sight. These must be our ideals, our objectives. Desist from feeding the enemy with cannon-fodder which they only use for our destruction. Put them out of business.

      I have not watched one film this millenium. I pawned my joo-box in for a paltry FIFTY BUCKS way back in 2000. Best thing I ever did! I walk my talk.

    32. Rudolf the Red Nosed German Says:

      Sunday morning hangover: You’re right. We should start by skinning and hanging closet mud-lovers like you.

    33. Prozium Says:

      We are no beyond the point of no return in the USA. Maybe we could have voted our way out of this 20 years ago. It’s too late for that now. We have to establish a power base somewhere. Our best prospects are still in the Deep South: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, and South Carolina.

      Take over a few states. Force a showdown with the federal government. Hope for the best.

    34. Mondayeveninghangover Says:

      The only skinnin’ n hangin’ Rudy Red-Nose ‘n pals are gonna do is in dreamland. Take your lips off little Lindy’s cock, creampuff, and start thinking for yerself.

    35. M. Kraus Says:

      Whites don’t need numerical superiority to defeat any of the mud races. The Aryan Brotherhood dominates the prison environment, and they are hardly a majority there.

      A small group of determined and ruthless Whites will always dominate a larger group of inferior people. Always.

    36. America First Says:

      Prozium Says:

      11 February, 2008 at 6:11 pm

      We are no beyond the point of no return in the USA. Maybe we could have voted our way out of this 20 years ago. It’s too late for that now. We have to establish a power base somewhere. Our best prospects are still in the Deep South: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, and South Carolina.

      Take over a few states. Force a showdown with the federal government. Hope for the best


      The Ferral Government is a ju regime. Their media has demonized all Whites who have stood up. Duke being one example. 98% of our Reps don’t give a fig for US, but support homoland insecurity all the way, with open borders.

      For those of US staying here taking some state capitals, is our last ditch. If we were successful, I do not believe our White pilots would attack US. They would get UN forces, AKA as N.K. or Chicoms etc.

      They hate us/internet.

      Linder posted this a little while ago.

      This 59 year year old White Canadian born man, has told by the regime commandering Canada not to purchase a P.C. and to not the internet.


      Terry Tremaine is scheduled to make his first court appearance Feb. 25.

      Accused hate-monger says he’s eager for trial

      Monday, January 28, 2008

      A Regina man accused of promoting hatred on the internet is welcoming the chance to air his views in court.

      Terry Tremaine, 59, who was at one time a math instructor with the University of Saskatchewan, was charged by the Regina police last week.

      Police allege that earlier in decade he used the internet to wilfully promote hatred against Jews.

      In an interview Monday,Tremaine said he will use the criminal proceedings as a platform for his views. He wants all Jews to leave Canada, calling them a “destructive force” in society.

      “We want to see the issue of race put back on the table in this country. And this trial will do so,” he said. “It will become a point of discussion in Canada again.”

      Tremaine’s writings on the internet led to a complaint that took police 18 months to investigate.

      “I was surprised that they charged me, because the trial will be a platform and I’m surprised that they took the chance of giving me such a platform,” he said.

      Tremaine said he has been told not to acquire a computer to replace the one police seized last summer. He’s also been ordered to stay off the internet.

      He said he is following those conditions.

      Tremaine also said he is working on getting legal assistance in time for his first court appearance in February.


    37. America First Says:

      Alex Linders post, start after Tyranny. I should have proofed it. Pardon me.

    38. lily Says:

      all you people need to get a life and stop with the racist comments. its shit like this that makes good white people like me and my family look racist when were just trying to live our life. remember our ancestors stole this land from the indians so this is not our country so if you can’t stand being in america with all the mix races then you can always get on a plane and go back to europe or mexico or where ever your suppose to me.

    39. WilliamjSimmons Says:

      The white race is the strongest and will survive all the other mud races. This is how nature intended.