8 March, 2008

Free Talk Live Monday 3/10/08 – Target: ADL

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Abe Foxman (Executive Director – ADL) demonstrating the grip of the jews
The Anti-Defamation League has for too long been allowed to infringe and dictate jew values upon Aryan citizens of this planet. The time has come to expose this jew terrorist organization to any and all, and to speed their demise.

Free Talk Live Monday Night will begin a series of discussions focusing on removing the ADL from Aryan life starting with the ADL’s methods of birth and entrenchment in modern society.

Know your enemy White Man and Woman.

As always, pre-show music begins at 8pm Eastern – Talk at 9pm

Click HERE to listen.

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    1. nick Says:

      Great photo juxtaposition Stan!

    2. Kievsky Says:

      I have a book by Lyndon Larouche about the history of ADL as an organized crime group, “The National Crime Syndicate.” My darn microphone doesn’t seem to work though and I don’t have much time to get a replacement. I’ll try to do so in time and call in.

    3. no mercy Says:


      After Mahathir’s speech before the Organization of the Islamic Conference, “heads of state, kings, potentates stood on their hind legs and gave him a standing ovation,” Foxman said.

      The ADL at one time had this up on their webpage but for some reason the whole article is gone. Or atleast I can’t find it. What is really telling of the ADL is that they actually had that part of the above quote in their press release but a week later removed that part. Now it seems they got rid of the whole article from their webpage.

    4. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Anti-Defamation League needs to be obliterated from the U.S. along with SPLC permanently and soon!

      These sons-of-bitches are fueling the hatred from mexican groups like La Raza to state that we are the hateful ones. What I like to see are these lowlife pieces of shit rounded up and shot. We can not live these people and they don’t debate with rational dialogue. They do not belong in this country and they DO NOT have the right to live here, knowing they are skewing hate and hate crimes.

      If we allow these lowlifes to continue to exist in this country, we will be murdered until we are wiped out. We are threatened by these people and the jews and mexicans and all the other non-whites are truly the terrorists. The U.S. was founded by Whites and our laws are only for Whites to have the right to exist and live in the U.S. It was not made for non-whites, including jews. Somehow that got changed by a bunch of rotten, lowlife jews who slipped through the cracks while they went through law school. Jews are invaders that need to be dealt with severely once and for all.

      Here is a video which Lou Dobbs tries to debate with an irrational piece of shit mexican, Janet Murguia, who represents La Raza. Lou Dobbs tries to soften his debate with his sometimes regurgitated verbiage of “I like illegals” crap while he puts Murguia in her place. Murguia wants free speech suppressed and taken away from Lou Dobbs, Roy Beck, Chris Simcox, and many others who want illegals and radical groups like La Raza out of this country.

      Get the drift how these La Raza and mexican shits are so irrational and the damn jews are mentioned in support of them. They need to die!


    5. govnn.com Says:

      When I see the filth my children watch on TV and in the movies, I see the work of the jew

      When I see the murder of millions from communism and two world wars I see the jew

      When I see the coming of a third world war I see the jew

      When I see our monetary system hijacked by the Federal Reserve I see the jew

      When I see the majority of the Democrats’ funds and the majority of the Republicans’ funds are both being received from AIPAC I see the jew

      When I see my people portrayed as evil and idiotic on sitcoms, and movies, and commercials, I see the jew

      When I see 30 million illegal aliens from Mexico crossing our unguarded borders, and driving wages down, and bankrupting our hospitals, and creating ganglands in our cities, I see the jew

      When I see the tremendous tax burden on my people I see the jew

      When I see the looming Federal deficit I see the jew

      When I see the murder of innocent Americans in false flag attacks in the Lavon Affair, and the King David Hotel, and the USS Liberty, and the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center, I see the jew

      When I see the banishment of nativity scenes, the Ten Commandments removed from courthouses, the word “Christmas” replaced by “Holiday,” Washington and Lincolns’ birthday combined into President’s Day, and the enactment of a Federal holiday for Martin Luther King, a communist, I see the jew

      When I see my children taught to honor anti-heroes and being told falsehoods about their own history and being made to feel guilty for it I see the jew

    6. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Amen to all what you posted, govnn.com!

    7. Graham Wellington Says:

      David Irving, the beloved English historian, claims the SPLC is a front organization for the ADL.

      Irving’s dossier on the ADL:

      Irving’s dossier on the SPLC:

    8. govnn.com Says:

      Why Mel Gibson was correct:

      (1) The Rothschild Banking family plays the financial role in war.

      (2) AIPAC plays the political role in war.

      (3) Western media, which is jewish owned and operated, plays the propaganda role in war.

      (4) Rabbis play the preacher role in war.

      (5) The balance of jews play a passive or supportive role in war.

    9. leeluttrell Says:

      Lets not forget about our Evangelical Christians!

    10. .338 Says:


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    11. jackumup Says:


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    12. Marwinsing Says:

      Lou Dobbs = WNW (White Nationalist Wannabee) but the jew-bait’s just too tasty for him to fully-commit to The Cause. “OBEY!” Checkmate.

    13. saltriver Says:

      Right on the mark,Marwinsing. This piece of shit Dobbs wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for his jew masters. He spouts misdirection and would never be allowed to say things on a jew controlled network if it doesn’ benefit the jew.

    14. Old Physicist Says:

      Jews always take credit for gentile ingenuity. Then the jewish owned press inflates their jew as the inventor. We all know how Einstein stole De Pretto’s E=Mc2 formula.

      Well, here is another. Gentile Germans made plans for the first atomic bomb. German Otto Hahn did the work, and his jewish slut assistant Lise Meitner stole the plans and delivered them to the allies. At first, the jewish media was poised to puff her up as the inventor, however her relationship to Otto Hahn was too close to pull that off, so they gave the credit to jews Einstein and Oppenheimer instead.

    15. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “Then the jewish owned press inflates their jew as the inventor.”

      Another example of fractional reserve, with a zero reserve requirement.

    16. govnn.com - (Andrew) Says:


      Here’s some weasly kike behind-the-scenes power moves that the ADL has made:


      • In 1979, the ADL pressured Pres. Jimmy Carter to fire United Nations ambassador Andrew Young when he protested the one-sided U.S. policy that was biased against the Palestinians.

      • In 1983, the ADL launched a racist attack on Black presidential candidate Jesse Jackson when he pledged that his Middle East policy would be fair and balanced, with consideration of the plight of the Palestinians.

      • In 1992, the ADL vigorously opposed the election of Nelson Mandela to the presidency of South Africa. They openly supported a man funded by the white apartheid government to undermine Mandela’s own organization.

      • In 1993, the ADL was indicted for spying on 12,000 individuals and organizations and sharing their illegally obtained information with the white apartheid South African and Israeli intelligence agencies.Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. “We hope that Soyinka was speaking out of lack of knowledge, that he didn’t know of Minister Farrakhan’s long record of Jew-baiting and racism. Perhaps he simply wants to ignore it as insignificant. Whatever the reason, we hope that he would reconsider his words and repudiate his praise of Farrakhan.” Farrakhan was not available for comment, but he has long denied charges he is anti-Semitic and in the past has met with Jewish leaders to try and mend fences.

      Your information of the filthy murderer and rapist kike Leo Frank
      has been disseminated so far to 22 unawoken forums.

      – Andrew (govnn.com)

    17. govnn.com - (Andrew) Says:

      From October 2000:

      “Governor John M. Slaton, a law partner of Frank’s lawyer, commuted his sentence to life”

      A rabbi wants the National Football League to censure an investor in the Atlanta Falcons for remarks he made about the notorious 1915 lynching of Leo Frank.

      The rabbi’s target is Tom Watson Brown, who owns 6 % of the Falcons and whose great-grandfather was editorialist and U.S. Sen. Tom Watson, whose writings are blamed for whipping up anti-Semitism before the lynching.

      Brown contends Frank, a Jew, was properly convicted of killing 13-year-old Mary Phagan, and Frank was lynched because his supporters bought off the governor to get him to commute his sentence.

      Brown recently was quoted in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution saying, “Maybe the Frank people should apologize for bribing the governor.”

      Rabbi Steven Lebow of Cobb County says those words perpetuate the stereotype of “rich Jews” controlling the system while most historians believe the governor acted ethically.

      “As a Harvard-educated lawyer, Mr. Brown should be more careful of what he says when he slanders people,” Lebow wrote the NFL. “An NFL owner should not be making bigoted statements.”

      Brown said he will not retract his statements.

      NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue will respond when he receives Lebow’s letter, said spokesman Greg Aiello. The Falcons aren’t commenting because the dispute involves a minority owner whose role is as an investor, said spokesman Aaron Salkin.

      Frank, a Northern-born Atlanta factory manager, was sentenced to death in the killing of Phagan, whose family lived in Marietta.

      Gov. John M. Slaton, a law partner of Frank’s lawyer, commuted his
      sentence to life. A group of Marietta residents kidnapped Frank from his cell and hanged him.

      Brown claims that, because the governor was a partner in the law firm, he shared in its proceeds — including a promised bonus if it won a commutation.

      Steve Oney, a writer who has spent 13 years researching and writing a book on the case, said there is no evidence the governor was bribed into an action that ruined his political career.

      “I think Slaton made a decision of conscience,” he said. “That said,
      there was a clear and troubling appearance of a conflict of interest.”

      (source: Miami Herald)

      – Andrew

      “When I see the housing market collapsing by design, fuel and food prices rising as a result of a devalued fiat currency, and America being pressured into another war, this time with Iran, I see the jew.”