19 April, 2008

Gentlemen, We Have Coontact

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Well, I’ve enjoyed 2 coontact episodes in as many days! Yesterday, I went into Ace Hardware to buy a new cordless phone. A rotund brillo in a red Ace vest loped up to me (almost gave him a quarter for the organ grinder):

“Kin ah hep ya?”

“Do you have cordless phones?”

(One eye closes right, the other goes Full Rochester with the tremendous thought-strain): “Ova heah”.

Cuffey directed me to a locked cage, then wandered off. I could only see the price tags though the mesh, not the phone details. I didn’t have enough money with me, so I had to walk out to the car (at the far end of the midday parking lot, of course) for more wampum. When I get back in the store, the boogie has gone on his banana break or something, so I ask an old White employee to open the cage so I can choose a phone:

“Oh, I’m sorry, sir – I’m afraid we don’t carry cordless phones.”

“But – are you sure? The black guy said…”

“No sir. No cordless phones. Sorry.”

Today’s mandatory multicultural enrichment suppository was inserted in Kroger. First, I laid the store savings card on the conveyor, thinking that the shaniqua posing as a cashier might have just enough sense to swipe it without being told to – ya know, like human cashiers always do – but I was disappointed. Then as I was waiting in vain for it have the common courtesy to tell me the total, the rubba-lip’t nigho actually started perusing a magazine I purchased:

“Look at dem pitchas!” it said to the spic puta bagging the groceries.

Welcome to da Jungle/We got fun ‘n’ games……..

N.B. Forrest

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    1. sgruber Says:

      The Latter-Day Saints had some coontact recently, too. The caller who brought down the tanks on them is a she-gro.

      The time has come to get rid of the jews.

    2. Howdy Doody Says:


    3. -jc Says:

      Well, those Mormons may claim they are upholding the historical LDS Church but Mormons officially claimed to believe that Cain (who killed his White brother, Abel) was Black. They didn’t let ’em inside.

      At the San Jose State vs. BYU game in, I think about 1970, niggers in San Jose’s stands unfurled a banner that said “Fuck FYU.” The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints capitulated shortly thereafter.

    4. -jc Says:

      This would make a good executive summary thread category: Close Encounters or something like that, since we’ve all experienced it so often. My favorite were always California DMV offices staffed thusly.

      Yesterday, I met a fellow who worked for some time at the federal maximum security prison at Blythe. He tells me that those there, serving 25 to life, are approximately 80% mestizo or otherwise confusingly mixed, 15% mulatto, and 5% White.

    5. Mike Quigley Says:

      I would love to see a coontact section on this site. Better yet, I would love to be allowed to cotribute to it. My life has seen an abundance of such things. My first was in kindergarden. The only nigger in my class found me on the way home from school and surrounded me with his older brothas and sistas. He punched me in the face as his tribe cheered him on. I ran home crying. What else could I have done? Now I’m 43 with a face full of scars from a lifetime of multiculturalism.

    6. Wagner's Pal890 Says:

      “Then as I was waiting in vain for it have the common courtesy to tell me the total, the rubba-lip’t nigho actually started perusing a magazine I purchased:

      “Look at dem pitchas!” it said to the spic puta bagging the groceries.

      Welcome to da Jungle/We got fun ‘n’ games……..”

      Hopefully, it was a copy of that totally low-class, jack-off material known as Vogue magazine with Giselle and that Clyde the Orangutan b-baller on the cover! It’s time to use Photoshop!

      Try this: Take the Vogue cover. Edit out Giselle and insert your favorite Jew scumbag (male or female). Let’s see, how about:

      1. Barbara Walters
      2. Jon Stewart
      3. Steven Speilberg
      4. Alan Greenspan
      5. Dan Abrams
      6. Any Jewish producer of child pornography (well, even the Jews mentioned above indirectly support it, so use them too if you like).
      7. Dr. Laura
      8. Judge Judy
      9. Joran v.d. Sloot (Yeah, I read somwhere that this punk, a possible murderer and/or kidnapper of Natalee Holloway, has Jewish roots).

      Or you can choose a really sick, butt-kisser of a Gentile:
      1. Dr. Phil
      2. Ryan Seacrest (and that other White idiot from American Idol).
      3. Rush Limbaugh
      4. Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie
      5. Paul Haggis (who directed the very anti-White, “In the Valley of Elah”).
      6. Hepatitis Klum (or is it Heidi or Hiedi??)
      7. The very strange and obviously hurting for media exposure White BOY who married and impregnated Halle Berry.

      If Jews can generate “media” for our consumption, then we can take their media images and put their own members on the cover, or on the computer screen, or on the TV screen. Give them a large dose of their own medicine.

      Ah, the Jews. For all their skill in lying, manipulating, bribing, extorting, back-stabbing, etc… they still don’t have the guts to come out and admit that they’re running the circus. You couldn’t surgically attach the Jewish race a pair of balls.

      What gutless losers.