24 February, 2009

Free Talk Live 02-24-09 With Mark Faust and Bud White

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Tune in as Free Talk Live Tuesday host Mark Faust and his special guest Bud White cover this week in organized Jewry. The Jews have been busy destroying the Western world, and tonight on FTL we show you how (although the picture above says it all).

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    1. Andrew from jew-infested Delray Beach, FL Says:

      When I see the filth my children watch on TV and in the movies, I see the work of the jew

      When I see the murder of millions from communism and two world wars I see the jew

      When I see the coming of a third world war I see the jew

      When I see our monetary system hijacked by the Federal Reserve I see the jew

      When I see the majority of the Democrats’ funds and the majority of the Republicans’ funds are both being received from AIPAC I see the jew

      When I see my people portrayed as evil and idiotic on sitcoms, and movies, and commercials, I see the jew

      When I see 30 million illegal aliens from Mexico crossing our unguarded borders, and driving wages down, and bankrupting our hospitals, and creating ganglands in our cities, I see the jew

      When I see the tremendous tax burden on my people I see the jew

      When I see the looming Federal deficit I see the jew

      When I see the murder of innocent Americans in false flag attacks in the Lavon Affair, and the King David Hotel, and the USS Liberty, and the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center, I see the jew

      When I see the banishment of nativity scenes, the Ten Commandments removed from courthouses, the word “Christmas” replaced by “Holiday,” Washington and Lincolns’ birthday combined into President’s Day, and the enactment of a Federal holiday for Martin Luther King, a communist, I see the jew

      When I see my children taught to honor anti-heroes and being told falsehoods about their own history and being made to feel guilty for it I see the jew

      You should too

    2. wow Says:

      wow im white and im offended by the cartoon… rimshot?

    3. Reck Says:

      I just don’t get the Anti-Christ CRAP ! Ignorance or stupidity. Sure turns me off….. Ciao!

    4. Truthteller Says:

      Thats your average Kwan family

    5. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      If you leave, the site will be even more reckless than it was!

    6. Quest Says:

      Christian-Dom and Islam are nothing more than stems of the Jewish Slave mentality.

    7. Luek Says:

      One of the best “political” cartoons I have ever seen.

      Who ever drew it has a talent to say a 1000 words in just 1 picture.

      Unfortunately, I have actually known an American white family that fits the stereotype in this picture.

      Still, it is a keeper.

    8. Howdy Doody Says:

      Luek Says:

      24 February, 2009 at 10:24 pm

      One of the best “political” cartoons I have ever seen.

      Who ever drew it has a talent to say a 1000 words in just 1 picture.

      Unfortunately, I have actually known an American white family that fits the stereotype in this picture.

      Still, it is a keeper.

    9. VNNB Says:

      I believe it was a VNNer who did that gem of a cartoon.

    10. Socrates Says:


      Hey, it’s good to see you; I thought you vanished.

    11. Varg Says:

      Archive posted

    12. James Hawthorne Says:

      Global Warming is a scam. The Sun is growing larger, hence the Earth’s ‘problems’ on “Global Warming”. In 3 Billion years time such is the growth of the Sun, the Earth WILL BE FRIED. That is why Mars is becoming attractive for the Earthlings to venture too.

      Global warming has NOTHING to do with huimans, but a lot to do with NATURE.

    13. Doug Says:

      The jews know what they’re doing. As Rockwell said, you should have memes that appeal to all parts of the society you wish to change. The Jews have the nigger-sports-praising meme for the adult males, the nigger-emotional-daytimeTV meme for the adult females, the mish-mash of niggerized fashions for the young males, and for the young females, slutty nigger-screwing bitches for role models. All bases covered.

    14. Zarathustra Says:

      That cartoon is quite accurate, except the kid’s b-ball cap should be on sideways and he should be rocking a big gold chain. A Tupac t-shirt would complete the ensemble.

    15. Blue Collar Brad Says:

      Wow, I am glad that Free Talk Live is back. Here comes the criticism, everybody is a critic. You call that so-called President Obongo, I’ve been calling him the Zulu War King. Wait a minute, let’s meet halfway, let’s call him Obongo the Zulu War King!!! All the best, I am sincerely glad that your show is back.

    16. Chonodomarius Says:

      Somebody define KWAN for me please.

    17. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      A resident of the ‘Kwa. Kwa is short for “Amerikwa”- Amerikwa
      means degenerated America, or jewed America. The kwa is where the unfit (mentally and physically) and thought controlled reside. The kwa is land of the clueless, where authorities are seldom questioned.

      The guy with the loud sandrail across the street is surely a member.

      This video got 2.7 million views. . .


    18. Chonodomarius Says:

      Thanks shabbos

    19. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      You’re quite welcome.

      >>>Breaking news

      Here in Aztlan- a White SUV just drove by with a flag like this


      The SUV had a small flag pole at the back.

      I have never seen anything like it, in these partz. The high school just got out.

    20. Blackshirt Says:

      “Reck Says:
      24 February, 2009 at 6:41 pm

      I just don’t get the Anti-Christ CRAP ! Ignorance or stupidity. Sure turns me off….. Ciao!”

      Get used to it, more and more of us true racists are shedding the cult of Christ-insanity every day, so if you continue to worship the Jew god you will be in the minority. I’m so happy you jewsus lovers are upset- it makes my day!

      Don’t bow before Jew gods!

    21. Reck Says:

      BS: Im not up-set. I will not “get used to it” and I “don’t bow before Jew gods!” Yahshuah caused more harm and grief to the jew than all of you (jew term) “true racists” put together.

      Comrade Quest: If Christianity and Islam are truly some kind of jew tool, why does it seam to shake them up so much, go against there immorality and, what’s up with the Talmud and cabala then?

      Basically, my point is, just drop the Anti-Christ crap. What’s more jew than that? Gold, silver, theft, porn, fag’s,paedophilia, feminist’s, lying, murder etc. ….. It’s, shedding! I just think we have different perceptions of the matter and, it wasn’t written in English. And hey, If you don’t believe in good, how can you believe in evil! Any way, I could give a damn about being “the minority”.

    22. Mirror Says:

      Well said Reck.

    23. Blackshirt Says:

      Yes Reck, the Jews apparently don’t like Christianity, and according to your logic because they don’t like it we should support it. OK, if you are going to operate on that logic then we should support Islam and Muslim communities in this country and the entire western world. Your argument is absurd.

      “Yahshuah” sure sounds hebrew to me. Oh yeah, you CI weirdos think the “real” jews are white people. Please!

    24. Blue Collar Brad Says:

      Hey Reck, join the club. This is why many people get burnt out with this movement. Here’s my 2 cents, who did the jews hate more than Hitler? It’s Jesus Christ. People call themselves National Socialists and don’t even realize that Adolph Hitler himself was a Christian.

      I think you would enjoy Peter Schaenk’s point of view because he gets slapped around for his spiritual beliefs. Hmmm, let’s see why Jesus died, because he stood up to the money changers in the Temple. The jews did to him, what the jews do to all the lemmings today, had the Romans kill him. I believe there is one true anti-Christ and it is the jew. Who is more Anti-Christ than them and their 6-pointed star of David. How many jewish carpenters do you know?

      To think something is bigger than yourself shows that you are not self centered. I didn’t know that Lutheran bowed down to a jew God. Part of being an NS is not being self serving. No really now, this is simply the truth. I don’t give a shit who I piss off at this point. People get burnt out on this movement because they get tired of this fucking constant boxing match. They look at the jewtube and all these groups are on it like the NSM, IKA, Skinheads with tattoos all over their body and other Klan groups, the National Alliance. Was that Label 57? They make us all look like neanderthals.

      What hurts this movement is people going on the jewtube. They come out looking as sharp as a rock. Nobody is a team player, they are just mini Fuhrer’s with huge egos. We always boast about our IQ. Well, I haven’t personally met any rocket scientists in this movement yet. So keep pushing people away from this movement and Blue Collared men who are Christians, even in this darkest hour we will go extinct. That’s my 2 cents.

    25. Zarathustra Says:

      Didn’t Dreck write “ciao”, as in HE’S LEAVING????

      Christians are the most flaky, hypocritical and untrustworthy people around. And they are forever accusing, condemning and conspiring against each other. So much for the myth of Christian “unity”. Whenever you see a Christian minister coming towards you, lock up your wallet, your wife and your daughter.

    26. Blue Collar Brad Says:

      See, that’s the point. Do you think you have to be in an organization to be a Christian? I didn’t say Catholic. That is why people think we are all fucking retards. Why would they want to gravitate to this mess instead of to the Libertarian Party. Everybody knows more than the next guy. We tear each other apart. I didn’t say you had to be a Christian, but just keep fucking running people off why don’t you? All there are is smart asses. All this will ever be is a small clique of NS wannabe’s. Do you even know what propaganda is? It’s supposed to persuade people to like you. This has the opposite effect. Why don’t we just all go to picnic’s, get tattoo’s & be drunkards? That’s what our ancestors were, weren’t they? We’re a bunch of swastika wearing, tattoo’d, skinheaded know-it-alls that have no morals who leave their women and children at the drop of a dime for another piece of pussy. We fall right into the enemies hand by being ignorant & getting locked up in jail. Hmmm, I’m certainly proud that I am an NS because those are my most favorite values. I’m starting to think there are 2 kinds of lemmings, like the NS lemmings. Let’s just quote Rockwell, that movement never got off the ground or let’s just quote Dr Pierce. Let’s just keep scaring off people who might be the next person who might be the next Pierce or Rockwell. Know why the jews & commies won? Because they stick together.

    27. Blackshirt Says:

      Blue Collar Brad:

      I’m going to say this as concisely as possible- Christianity is probably the single biggest problem the White Race has. Yes, even bigger than Jews in general (gasp! did he really say that?) Why? Because the Christian mindset is one of a cult dedicated to an individual who probably never existed (Jesus) and a ethos rooted in the Jewish law and nationalism. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, you cannot be a true racist and a Christian at the same time, they are diametrically opposed ideologies. Christianity glorifies weakness and defiance of natural law (walking on water and turning the other cheek, anyone?) and racism is based on evolutionary fact, eugenics, and natural law.

      So, I say this to you Brad and all of the other kosher conservative Christian types: If you don’t like what real racists have to say or you feel dejected because you want to hold on to your belief in Christianity and try to be racial too, GOODBYE. You Christian folks are always talking about how we are pushing away recruits, etc. but you fail to realize that real racists are unconcerned with attracting masses or large organizations. Some massive Nazi party isn’t going to save this nation, but small cadres of dedicated racial White men will save the White race. Tom Metzger has it right. Brad, why don’t you go and join the myriad of conservative organizations and Christian Identity groups they feel the way you do and you can eat, meet and retreat like these groups have been doing for decades.

      Honestly Brad, I’m not concerned whether you or any other so-called “NS” like me. I hope people like you will one day realize how useless using the old tactics of trying to attract the masses is. Until then you keep doing what you want to do, and people like me will be doing what we want to do.

      One final thing, I have been guilty of generalizing about most kosher conservatives in the past and I suppose there are some folks of that variety that may be of use at some future time if they change their minds in regards to Christinsanity. On the other hand, Brad you have generalized people such as Zarathustra and I as being a “bunch of swastika wearing, tattoo’d, skinheaded know-it-alls”. I can assure you that I look quite normal, I have no visible tattoos, and I don’t wear swastikas.

    28. Blue Collar Brad Says:

      Ok, little mini Fuhrer, push away more white men. I didn’t say you had to be a Christian. I don’t care if you are a Pagan or in Wikka, or an atheist. I don’t care if you are a bow tie wearing geek. I don’t care if you are a long haired hippie. I don’t care if you worship a pencil sharpener. If you don’t want VNN to grow, which through the years I have said many great things about, then keep this boxing match going on when any newcomer comes around. You think that you are the center of the universe and the sun circles around you and don’t realize that Christianity or whatever spirituality you choose to be means that there is a bigger picture and that the world doesn’t revolve around you.

      Believe me, I understand that VNN isn’t neo-nazis but now I am coming to realize that there are 2 different kinds of lemmings and in this community there seems to be the second kind of lemmings, or should I say communist agitators. I promise that this will be the last thing I say about Christianity on this website, if you guys feel like you don’t want a family unity, a community full of whites with moralistic values, if you can’t understand that there are decent white Christians out there then this website will surely implode. You need to make the tent bigger and let Christians, Wikkans, Pagans, atheists, etc. all be included or people will go to the other channel, you know the Voice of Reason. If anybody wants to post and be a part of the solution and kick around ideas with more sincere people then I would just go to North East White Pride. They have well over 2000 members and growing. As a matter of fact, Mr Blackshirt, you make VNN sound more like a cult. That is just my opinion.

    29. Blackshirt Says:

      Blue Collar Brad, it is obvious that everything I said completely went over your head. Your response is rambling and incoherent, about the only thing I could understand about it is that you think we all need to be one “family” and that people like me don’t want “family unity”. I guess the point I made about not wanting to attract the masses just didn’t sink in. Also, I’m not concerned about making VNN grow or helping White Nationalist websites to grow. The only thing I care about is the survival of the White Race.

    30. Blue Collar Brad Says:

      Ok, let me talk to you like the third grader you are. I’m sure VNN wants to grow. Because the people like Alex Linder, Mark Faust and Bud White spend a lot of time and their own resources (money) to awaken the white masses. I apologize to anyone on VNN if I offended them. I even spend my own money and time to promote this network by putting leaflets under cars windshields and making videos like this:


      Here is the originator of NS:


      Oh yea, you are a black shirt, so that makes you a fascist. Was this coherent enough for you? Yes you are the poster boy for the second lemming that I speak of. Let me dumb it down a little more, when VNN grows, that means there are more white people becoming interested in saving their heritage. Get my point. There are a lot of people who care on VNN. I guess the NS care a lot more about unity than the fascist. You know, Mussolini.

    31. Blackshirt Says:

      Brad, you silly, delusional little man! I learned a long time ago that passing out fliers was a waste of time and money. You are obviously still in the playpen. Good luck doing the same useless things that have gotten the White Racial struggle nowhere for the past 60 years.

      Here’s a website for you to further your education and to get yourself out of the playpen: http://www.resist.com/

    32. Blackshirt Says:

      “awaken the white masses” lol! FOOL.

    33. Zarathustra Says:

      Bradley, lighten up. You Identity types always get so damn carried away with your Edomites, Canaanities, 10 Lost Tribes and Yahweh. Please give it a rest. Believe what you want, just don’t get a hissy fit when other Whites don’t share your peculiar beliefs. And c’mon, that’s a funny cartoon, you know what the artist was driving at. I’m sure Jay-zus wouldn’t mind a few laffs at his expense.

    34. Blue Collar Brad Says:

      LOL, Tom Metzger, he’s a turd in the punch bowl. Let me clue you into how low of class Tom Metzger is. He claimed that Yankee Jim’s wife was a Mexican on his show. That’s how low life he is. I didn’t say that the comic wasn’t funny, Zarajewbroad. As a matter of fact I downloaded it & passed it around to a couple of my friends. I’m not in the identity movement, lol. So I support people & try to do my part & I’m the fool? Tom Metzger is washed up and talks about the same bullshit day in & day out. I loved how he almost pissed his pants when that spic Geraldo almost beat him up, lol. Talk about somebody that is older than the dinosaurs and did nothing for this movement but use the jew media to make us all look like fools, oops I mean people like you. Damn, is this network scraping the bottom barrel these days or what? Tom Metzger, hahahaha! Thanks for the laugh buddy. Go play Mussolini now while you flex in the mirror looking at yourself.

      PS The day he talked shit about Yankee Jim was the last day I ever listened to him

      Here’s your hero, Mr jewtube prison bate himself. He must have set the movement back about 30 years.


    35. Reck Says:

      Thanks Mirror!

      Well said Brad, I got your back Brother. I am a very big follower of Peter Schaenk, have been for well over 5 years. Black Shirt is obviously a very young, self centered, self worshiping, destructive, canaanite LOSER! Done with him. If it really cared about the White “Race” this wouldn’t have gone this far, other than the fact “WE DO!” And I smell a jew…..

      Zarathustra: Ciao is a polite way of saying Hello and or good-by… Latin, French/Italian

    36. Spaceman Says:

      It’s very unfortunate to see that one cartoon has created such a divisive pissing contest. I’m not gonna bother addressing the whole Christianity/Religion thing, personally, I just wish everyone could keep their religion to themselves.

      I think you’re being too hard on Tom Metzger though. To me, he is a real hero, one of the few “real-deals” in the WN Movement, among so many phonies, hucksters and con-men. Metzger has been out there for decades, trying to wake people up, and he’s caught a lot crap for it, to put it mildly. He got railroaded badly by the system, but he never gave up and hid. I think he’s someone WNs should be listening to. I did not know about what he said about Yankee Jim, and if it’s true I’m sorry to hear that. Still, I wouldn’t write Metzger off as old and washed up.

    37. Zarathustra Says:

      Tom Metzger was a self-employed, happily married man who raised 6 or 7 well-adjusted children with his late wife, a woman whom he obviously loved very much. Despite all the dangers, hardships and betrayals he has experienced, he’s still alive and has avoided being sent to prison by ZOG. He has a lot of things to say that are worth listening to and he has NEVER tried to portray himself as some kind of Fuhrer.

      I don’t know much about Yankee Jim Leskovich, other than he was apparently mentally unstable, fought a lot with his neighbors and with his unfaithful wife, finally killing her and then himself. I may be kind of naive or crazy, but I think Metzger’s life is a much better example to follow than Leskovich’s.

    38. Blackshirt Says:

      Well said, Zarathustra.

    39. Reck Says:

      I do listen to and respect, some, not all of Mr. Metzger.
      {Yankee} Jim now, he lived in the “jew infested catskills” and, supposedly, killed his wife for cheating him, then killed him-self, I don’t know.
      I listened to him as well, not much.

      BS, Spaceman, Zarathustra the rest-: No one here is cramming Christianity down any-one’s throat…..
      My point is simply this, JUST LOSE THE ANTI-CHRIST CRAP, PERIOD.

    40. Blue Collar Brad Says:

      I’m sorry if I was the only one who heard Metzger’s show. Maybe he took it off the archives, I am not sure. If you like Metzger, fine, I was getting a little wrapped up in the moment and being a little immature. I am a White Separatist, so that makes me human. I am not a White Supremist, I make mistakes. I am not a conservative or a republicrat. I am a third party voter, or an independant. I’m sorry that this became a pissing match. I’m sorry I brought Yankee Jim up. Nobody walked in his shoes so nobody knew what was going through his mind. I could give a damn about a cartoon, actually I think it epics the judeo Christians quite well, now doesn’t it? I thought the Free Talk live show was great. I laughed my ass off when they called into the Kosher business. I know we all have different opinions. I just think we have to evolve. Do I have the solution? No, I do not. I believe in diviersity in the white race (minus the jew). Religion is ones choice. It’s personal like music. Some people like heavy metal, country or classical. I am not going to try & be argumentative anymore & I wish people would consider growing the tent bigger because at this point and time is the moment we can finally start tipping the war of perception. I just pray that no loose cannons out there gets violent and/or kills because it will further damage our goals. Those are just my thoughts and 2 cents.

      PS When I mean diversity of the white race, it means I don’t care if you are polish, russian, german, italian, french, australian, etc. I do not care if you are an odinist, pagan, christian, etc. That’s what I mean about diversity in the white race.

    41. Zarathustra Says:

      Well said, Blue Collar Brad! If only there were another 30 or 40 million White people who thought like you do, then we would be getting somewhere.

      I suppose the biggest thing that bothers me about Xianity is the compulsion so many Xians have to try and convert others to their specific form of Xianity, whether it’s Catholicism or Evangelicalism or whatever. As you stated, religion is a personal choice, just like choosing a mate or deciding what kind of career you want or the kind of music you listen to. Once I hear that “Whoseover does not believeth on the Son of Man, even he shall not recieveth eternal life” stuff, I get really ticked off. Religion is one of the big problems that is dividing White people against each other.

      Believe what you want to, just respect the right of other people to believe or not believe what they want to, I say.

    42. cyber d.b. cooper Says:

      Do you have any fucking idea how long I’ve waited for someone to explain this shit to me in a language that I can understand? THIS IS, bar none, the most eye fucking opening goddamn web cast I’ve ever fucking listened to in my fucking life. Slowly, slowly, I am beginning to wake up and realize that my gut was right. I always knew that something was deadly fucked up with the economy. I knew it, but being a public school educated brain washed fucking indoctrinated lib-tard… I couldn’t fucking figure it out. The part of this webcast that knocked my dick in the dirt was the explanation of how they bundled all these filthy fucking loans, housing, credit cards, all the rest of that shit. That knocked my fucking dick in the dirt.

      Let me explain to you what dragged me out of my lib tarded brainwashing… Alex Linder in Knoxville. That’s what. I kicked this shit around in my head for years and thought there was something wrong with me… and there was… but it wasn’t that I was wrong for feeling what I was feeling. What was wrong was the guilt that I felt for absolutely fucking nothing but being unable to ignore the truth. Why in hell I felt guilty for realizing that the Jews are shit, I can’t tell you. I was mind fucked. For that I am ashamed, but that’s all. The truth does set you free, especially the ugly truth. This economy is FUCKED! The stimulus package is the equivalent of paying off a debt with a credit card, then paying that credit card off with another credit card until you are absolutely positively “flipping fucking rocks and looking for grubs.” So anyway, thanks for this broadcast and the explanation about what the fuck happened to the housing market. The good news is that I won’t be mind fucked again. In fact, I feel like I have a built in Jew-dar. Shit, I’m so sick at my stomach. I can not believe it has come down to this shit.

    43. Dawn Landry Says:

      What in the hell is a ass hat? This needs a poster boy.

    44. Dawn Landry Says:

      Ass hat=yamulka