3 March, 2009

VNN Free Talk Live Tuesday 03-03-09

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Go ahead, grab a cold one and sit back for the show

This Tuesday Mark will be joined by the one and only Todd from the sunny (and Jew infested) state of Florida

Topics we will cover are:

1. The current state of our Western World.

2. Steps we need to take to take back our White homelands.

3. Predictions as to what we can expect in the next few years.

4. Jews, hooked nose kikes and/or Yids.

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    1. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Music Starts at 8:30pm est

      “est” means erhard seminars training

      created by jew used car salsman jack rosenberg

      i mean salesman

    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      It is Not Playing.

      It starts at 5:30 PST time, before most finish work.

    3. Varg Says:

      Archive up. I had to remove the Audio from the youtube clips they referenced because it was too choppy.. Just do a youtube search for the clip they name. There’s some chopping throughout the discussion but it isnt terrible and is still listenable. Should fix these issues within the next few weeks

    4. markedone Says:

      What are the names of beer in the picture? I’m especially interested in the second bottle on the left.
      Thank you.

    5. Charles Martel Says:

      Great show Mark! This was by far one of the most informational shows I’ve heard in a very long time. You guys are awesome!

    6. Zarathustra Says:

      Very good stuff! Funny, informative……and no useless talk about YWHVH, the Ten Lost Tribes or Edomites. That kind of nonsense is a guaranteed audience-killer.

    7. Charles Martel Says:

      100% agreed Z. This show was like something Guerilla Radio man (from W.A.R.) would do!

    8. sgruber Says:

      Unusually good show. Thanks

    9. subrosa Says:

      nice show. haven’t heard good content like this in a while from VNN. the whining over shit like e. michael jones got old real quick!

    10. cyber D.B. Cooper Says:

      Wow! This is the second show that I have listened to and I am flat fucking amazed that this guy is from Jersey. (Don’t take that the wrong way) I have lived all around the world, but am originally from the South. I’m impressed that anybody from the north is talking about bug out bags and shit like that. Of course, having never lived in the north I wouldn’t know. Anyway, I’m really impressed with the level of awareness that Mark posseses. There are a couple of things that I want to share, and a lot of it will probably sound like crazy shit, but here goes:

      1. You will notice that you are probably getting pings (footprints) from places like the department of homeland security, the US Army, and other such .gov i.p.’s. We’ve noticed an increase in it lately amongst such sights as firearms blogs and the like. What the fuck is this? It’s a data mining program run by the government. It crawls the web in search of keywords. It compiles matches, cross references them, and organizes the data. That’s what they are running. They are in fact “googling dat shit”, all this shit, and have been legally since the patriot act. (illegally before that for many years no doubt) When you see a reoccuring i.p. it is probably a data miner. You can find out by using “whois” (Arin’s I think) We were doing that when this website was attacked by a denial of service attack. Anyway it’s a big fucking mess.

      2. Speculation about the FEMA camps: They do a crazy little thing called “readiness” or “disaster preparedness” and have stepped it up since Katrina. Mostly because niggers went crazier than fuck in New Orleans. They were like… whoah! These niggers are crazy. So they are establishing these sorts of containment camps in the event of a pandemic outbreak of some fucking virus, nuclear, chemical, biological, (NBC) disasters. This was developed after 911 anthrax outbreak. What you are seeing on top of the ground IS FUCKING NOTHING compared to what they have built beneath the ground. You’ll notice super fucking walmarts everywhere these days, many of them are stocked, but NOT OPEN or have been fenced off and closed. These buildings, supermarket style areas with fences around them, are going to be used for citizen reorientation facilities in the event of a disaster. What is there stocked in Super Wal-Marts? Only every fucking thing you need for a two week to two month training course for reorientating citizens in the aftermath of some disaster. These areas will be reserved for the docile and useful members of society, the rest will be carted off to concentration style camps where they will be separated and classified. The classification process is pretty simple. You’re either a feeder (someone with no value and a burder to the collective), a criminal, or someone who would make a good candidate for employment or reorientation. If you are determined to be a feeder, criminal, or the like… your fucking ass will be executed right there. So if you ever find yourself in such a camp, behave your goddamn self and you may get to live. How do we know?

      The logic of a decontamination line is simply this. We would be washing the shit off them as they undress in stages. Anyone who attempted to run forward in the line, tug at someone else’s gas mask, or just panicked would be shot in the back of the head by an intelligence officer who was posing as an ordinary soldier. I used to be the guy trained to clean your fucking ass off if you had shit all over you. It was a shit job, I quit. Anyway, that’s the logic and they ARE NOT fucking around with that shit.

      3. What will indicate that such a catastrophe is imminent? Before 9/11 there was a ramped up effort to recruit military personnell. The fucking t.v. was just one big advertisement for various branches of the military after another. If you begin to see a lot of military recruiting commercials… look the fuck out. Another definite indicator that something is imminent is a sudden jump in the price of gasoline. I’m not talking about pennies, I’m talking about either a steady increase in which the price goes up by a couple of dollars within 2-3 months. This is their method of rationing gas so that it may be readily available before war. Their not going to come out and say: “hey everybody stop using gas cuz the shit’s about to go down.” Why? Because everyone will get hysterical. So they just make it so high that you can’t afford to drive unless it’s absolutely necessary. Another indicator of imminent threats is a lack of antibiotics or a sudden increase in the price of antibiotics, specifically Cypro. Cypro is the only thing that might keep you from shitting your guts out if you are exposed to various NBC contaminents.

      I hope that you find some of this useful, and I know that I am speculating, but this is as much as my little brain can muster so late at night. I’d be happy to listen to more of your program to learn more from you. Please make more. Thanks again guys.


    11. Mark Faust Says:

      markedone –

      That beer is called Yuengling beer. my favorite Lager of all time.


    12. Igor Alexander Says:

      I’m only about halfway through the show but I thought I’d share these thoughts, before I forget them…

      In regards to the story that was brought up about the Orthodox Jew cross-examining his daughter who he is alleged to have sexually abused, I want to first of all make it absolutely clear that I am not condoning rape or child abuse and I am not taking a position as to the guilt or innocence of this individual. But the following point needs to be made:

      Feminists have been working very, very hard these last few decades to try to change our legal system so that men accused of rape, sexual assault, or child abuse are no longer “innocent until proven guilty” and no longer have the right to confront their accuser. The feminists have been largely successful at this. So even though the accused is a Jew, this case is nothing any self-respecting man should be cheering about, since it could very well be *you* who’s in that hot seat one day having to prove your innocence to a hostile judge or jury. Don’t ever think that when it comes to divorce, your spouse won’t be willing to goad your children into making these kinds of allegations against you. It happens all the time.

      As for rice and beans providing a complete protein when eaten together, this is only true if you’re talking about whole, unrefined rice (e.g. brown rice, red rice). It doesn’t apply when you’re talking about white rice. White rice, like white flour, has no or very little nutritional value. The problem with whole rice, however, is that it tends to go rancid quickly, whereas you can store white rice indefinitely. If you’re going to stock up on whole rice, make sure it’s fresh, that it’s sealed in a plastic bag when you buy it, and store it in the fridge, freezer, or at least someplace cool.

      In my experience, dried beans/legumes don’t store very well either. I hardly ever buy dried beans/legumes anymore because I find that most of those sitting on store shelves are already past it (you can tell because they never become completely soft, no matter how long you soak and cook them). A better option if you’re going to stockpile beans is to buy the canned variety. Or go to a store that sells Japanese stuff and buy your own Miso making kit: Miso can be aged for years, is full of enzymes and “good bacteria,” and is even reputed to protect against radiation. It’s usually made with soybeans, but it’s even better if you make it with other kinds of beans (red kidney beans being a favorite).

      But a better option, IMO, is to buy a dehydrator and some kind of vacuum-seal system and make your own jerkey from good-quality meat. Some jerkey, a source of fat like creamed coconut or extra virgin olive oil, and a source of Vitamin C, like old-fashioned (meaning lacto-fermented) sauerkraut or pickles and you’ve got your nutritional bases covered. Old-fashioned sauerkraut and pickles are amazingly easy to make at home and much better for you than what you can buy at the grocery store.

    13. Igor Alexander Says:

      Two more food items that are good to stockpile: canned sardines, and those spelt/rye/whole wheat crackers that are made in Scandinavia (make sure they’re vacuum-sealed if you expect to keep them for any length of time).

    14. Igor Alexander Says:

      Oh yeah, when you buy canned sardines, get the ones with the bones: they’re a good source of calcium.

    15. Igor Alexander Says:

      “These areas will be reserved for the docile and useful members of society, the rest will be carted off to concentration style camps where they will be separated and classified.”

      If this is what ZOG intends to do, then why are Jews also spreading Holocaust propaganda? Doesn’t that propaganda work to their disadvantage if they’re planning to put people into concentration camps?

    16. Igor Alexander Says:

      “I hope that you find some of this useful, and I know that I am speculating, but this is as much as my little brain can muster so late at night.”

      You make some interesting points, though at this point I wish people would start thinking less like survivalists/conspiracy theorists/fortune tellers and more like people who want to start a viable political movement. A political movement can’t be composed of guys hiding in the backwoods with guns and rations, scared shitless that they may end up in one of Big Brother’s concentration camps or databases. It should be ZOG that’s afraid of us, not us that’s afraid of ZOG.

      What good does it do to be able to predict future dire events if you’re not going to do anything to stop them? That passive, spectator attitude is what I find infuriating about the conspiracy subculture. People who refuse to organize for fear of winding up in a government database are next to useless, no matter how insightful their observations.