6 July, 2009

VNNB Free Talk Live Tuesday July 7th 8pm EST with Bud White and Mark Faust

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“On the road to nowhere”

Join us  for another broadcast of “This week in organized Jewry.”  We’ll be covering all things jewish, unethical and illegal.    Tunes start at 7pm est, show time is 8pm est.

[Archive is up. Sorry I fell asleep on the job last night. I was unable to start the recording process for the show, luckily Hayden recorded most of it, but it cuts in about 30 minutes already in to the show. I let you all down, but worse of all I let myself down :( -Varg]

  • 10 Responses to “VNNB Free Talk Live Tuesday July 7th 8pm EST with Bud White and Mark Faust”

    1. old dutch Says:

      Maybe they can give our pal Hal a little boost; one New Jersey wonder to the other. LOL.

    2. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      Panzer’s all-right…@ least he’s havin’ a fckn GO!…..wtf don’t YOU get on there & do the same, eh?!?

    3. beavis Says:

      I hope Mark does his ‘whiny New York jew’ immitation again. That’s funny.

    4. JewTracer Says:

      Sound quality is good.

    5. Shyl0ck Says:

      Is this on Shoutcast?

    6. Joey Says:


      Hey you guys, check out Rev. Manning of Harlem. He be my kina brotha.

    7. whodareswings Says:

      Was this show archived? If so, where?

    8. Varg Says:

      Archive up. read my editors comment in the original post.

    9. walt hingerty Says:

      So glad yer back!!!

    10. Mack Bartlow Says:

      I downloading this show to play in my car. In NJ today one could drive with the windows open, not too hot/humid. Just my luck while driving in a very ‘mixed’ community with a pop. of only 5% White; I was at a red light with the show blasting and one of you guys mananged to say all the words “nigger, spic and kike” with 15 seconds. There were about 10 people within earshot standing to cross the street.

      As I drove away I could see all the people looking not angry but confused as if the show was from broadcast radio(my guess).

      Now I’m sure most WN’s will think this is laugh riot. Especially since I drove away with my head still attached to my body. But sadly, I cannot play your broadcasts in my car with other passengers because of the um..brusk tone. Unlike other WN flavor shows. Of which I call “White’s Rights” advocates.

      On a more positive note I heard the incredible notion finally bought up about “Taking a stand” vs. “White flight”. When the discussion focused upon Whites moving to the NW United States. And the reality that even there the infestation is rampant including Seattle that was mentioned. Also Denver is now a shithole and even Boise, Idaho, the so-called White refuge has been invaded by illegals the White man hires.

      Those ruff and tuff ‘survivalist’ assholes have even ruined the very place they ran too.