16 December, 2009

The Google Game

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It occurs to me that the tiniest percentage of passers-by of this delightfully fermy hovel might take shrimpy issue with my call to exterminamate the jews. Fair enough. Because I’m a reasonable man, and because I utilize the international language of love, evidence and the logic that ligaments it, I propose to doobious yous the following fairful test.

Go to google.

Click news.

When the headlines uppen-poppen, write down first ten jews you come across.

Record your honest reaction to them, whate’er inspires it.

See what I mean?

I defy any among you to score better than 3-7, and more likely 2 neutral and 8 awful.

In the sense of Clint Eastwood shuddering at bloody hotdogs, “No one – I mean no one – puts jews on a society!”…

…we can say:

No one, I mean, NO ONE, can deny that jews are a


The Google Game proves it.

Play it as many time as you like. You’ll never get a different result.

Thass wha ahm sayin’, dog nutties.

  • 5 Responses to “The Google Game”

    1. alex Says:

      Non-relevant posts will be deleted.

    2. Kuda Bux Says:

      OK Here’s the first one I came across:

      NewsPoliticsJust plane rude: Sen. Charles Schumer refers to female flight …
      New York Daily News – Michael Mcauliff – ?1 hour ago?
      Just plane rude: Sen. Charles Schumer refers to female flight attendant as the b-word BY Michael Mcauliff Sen. Charles Schumer was busted for referring to a female flight attendant as the b-word.
      Hot Air: Schumer Curses Flight Attendant NBC New York
      Schumer Calls Flight Attendant a Bitch After Cell Phone Admonishment Gothamist
      WRGB – New York Post – WKBW-TV – FOXNews
      all 28 news articles ┬╗

    3. zoomcopter Says:

      One set of rules for the likes of Chuckie Schumer, and quite another for the likes of us.

    4. alex Says:

      Not the same jew ten times. Obviously.

    5. Shyl0ck Says:

      On a related note, here is what a former CIA official has to say about a country populated by Jews:

      No Fault Espionage
      Spies are traitors in every sense of the word, unless, of course, if one is spying for Israel. Israel aggressively spies on the US both to influence policy and steal high technology, but getting caught only very rarely has any consequences. Leading neoconservatives like Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, and Stephen Bryen have all been detected in flagrante providing classified information to Israel but the investigations were halted and their security clearances were godfathered so they could continue to hold high office. FBI counter intelligence officer John Cole has reported on the frustration of his colleagues over the many cases of Israeli espionage that are dropped under orders from the Justice Department. He provides a “conservative estimate” of 125 worthwhile investigations into Israeli espionage in the US involving both American citizens and Israelis stopped due to political pressure from above. Israeli citizens and diplomats who are caught in the act spying are routinely freed without criminal charges and allowed to return home.