10 June, 2011

Smell That? It’s the New World Odor, Part II

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cultural marxism

The EU doesn’t want families. It wants feminism.


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  7. 5 Responses to “Smell That? It’s the New World Odor, Part II”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      None of those so-called Communist states would have put up with all the feminism, homosexual pressure groups and multi-cultural sludge we are forced to endure. They inflicted all of that subversive garbage on us as a weapon in the Cold War.

      That’s all feminism, homosexual activism, environmental activism and multiculturalism are…weapons to undermine and ultimately destroy society with.

    2. Bigduke6 Says:

      All the fucking ism’s

    3. Miller Says:

      The EU will get death.

      New, faster AIDS is coming!

    4. Luke Says:

      “The EU doesn’t want [white] families. It wants feminism.”

      Feminism is a jewish weapon of white racial destruction. It is designed to deliberately, and with premeditated malice aforethought – brainwash white females, who seem to be the only racial group who are dumb enough to be vulnerable to this jewish poison, into hating the idea of being mothers and having cute little white babies, and to instead choose careers and remain either completely childless or to drastically restrict the number of white babies they do have.

      Meanwhile, while millions of white females drink this jewish hemlock and abandon motherhood, effectively decommissioning their wombs for the primary purpose Mother Nature gave them one – they charge off into the workforce – and the jew controlled tax systems then confiscate ever increasing portions of their hard earned wages to subsidize the massive and irresponsible breeding habits of non-whites – who the jews have been importing by the millions into every white majority nation.

      All of which then makes it increasingly unaffordable – by responsible white standards – to afford to have any cute little white babies, since white couples are struggling to make ends meet and have less and less discretionary income leftover that might help them afford another child.

      The EU is really the JU, friends. The sooner this racist, anti-white entity is killed and has its evil head cut off, the better.

      As Alex says: There is no way out except through the jew.

    5. joeglas1 Says:

      Many in the West should be tried for treason for enabling parasitic murderous entities like the former Soviet Union to survive for decades.Without food aid (the Soviets,despite having the largest tract of the most fertile land in the world couldnt feed their own people and had to import grain from Canada,theUS,Argentina,etc.),the Soviet Union would probably have collapsed years earlier,not to mention technology,industry,etc..The only guy in Moscow with a Porsche during the 1970-ies was Jew “reporter” Vladimir Pozner.Schooled in the US,no accent.This piece of garbage frequently pops up on US talk shows and is stiil considered an “expert” on things Russian,Soviet,etc.The slime-ball was just a propagandist who knew he spouted shit but still plays the role and jerks in the western press still buy his crap.He wasnt even an ideologue,he was and is a scam artist.