16 August, 2014

The Different Types of Justice in America

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In 2003, the Bush administration lied America into the Iraq War (for Israel’s benefit). Thousands of people – on both sides of the war – were killed. Billions of dollars worth of property was destroyed. Billions of White tax dollars were wasted. America’s relationship with the Arab world was significantly damaged. Was anyone in the Bush administration charged with a crime? Nope.

Now, Texas governor Rick Perry faces a possible 109 years in prison (!) if convicted of minor political misbehavior.

Isn’t America great?


  • 11 Responses to “The Different Types of Justice in America”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Funny how Perry gets indicted a few days after announcing that he wants to send Texas National Guard troops to patrol the border with Mexico. I’m sure the Barry Soetero Regime has nothing to do with it.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      There certainly are different types of justice in the Kwa. Once the jigs go on a rampage, like they are now in Missouri, the kwaps back down and pretend not to notice, lest they be accused of waysithim. Check out the Simian-American with its pants halfway down its tookas on the left. “Justice for Michael Brown” my foot. http://rt.com/files/news/2c/22/c0/00/1.jpg

      “You can take the coloreds out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the coloreds.”

      Geraldo Rivera

    3. jayhackworth Says:

      Successful liars such as the 25+ PNAC neocon kikes and their cohorts in bigjew media, as well the bought-off Kwangress, who pushed the USA into the Iraq invasion, have continued lying to the hapless suckers.

    4. fd Says:

      The self-conscious law enforcement in Amerca seemingly has no confidence. A White cop kills a black teenager and the city cops, county cops, state cops, governor and Federals are guided by race rather than sagacious council.

      Governor Perry mentioned Texas secession a few years back. Apparently the S word is Worse than the N word.

    5. Sgt. Skull Says:

      We all know the mulatto in chief is working through his left wing minions and proxies in the lone star state to harass and discredit Rick Perry. His kikeocrat advisors are clever enough to know this can’t be traced back to the the halfrican potentate so they are using cutouts to bring state charges against Perry since federal charges would spill the beans.

      Africa DNA = third world despot. And that’s exactly what we have with Hussein Obongo.

    6. fd Says:

      Super Negro Ron Johnson is promoted by the media as the greatest Captain of the Age. He’s the Ferguson Guru that has warmed the hearts of the citizens. Time will tell how far his conversation will go in an attempt to keep the unrest at a minimum.

    7. jayhackworth Says:

      Obongo was promoted installed by (Chicago) Jews, so the moniker “Hussein” , well, I don’t know, kinda reminds me of all the jewspaper wmd propaganda aginst the guy in Iraq we lynched a while back. I hear the “he’s a muslim” everyday, usually from people who picked it up from the fat guys on jew conservatard radio.

    8. jayhackworth Says:

      rd – I hear Ben Carson ‘s name coming up for 2016 as the latest republicrat house nigger, ‘the great black hope” to curtail the “Number One Problem”, “communistic” health care .

    9. fd Says:

      I said about a year ago, Obama is a manufactured character/celebrity president. Electronic robot, almost. The Monkees and Britney Spears are examples of hyper-aggressive promotion. Artificially generated talent. But they managed themselves in a healthy way. Southern girl Britney is a magnet for money. The Jews have moved on to younger prospects.

      Captain America Ron Johnson praised by the media for his wise counsel to keep the unrest in Ferguson to a minimum was shattered last night by Negroes who didn’t buy his conversation. I saw it coming. No doubt the media is looking for a new hero.

    10. jayhackworth Says:

      The HNIC’s administration main accomplishment was the legitimization of queer marriage and military service. Laughable to whatever is waiting in the wings to overrun us.

    11. jayhackworth Says:

      The HNIC’s administration main accomplishment was the legitimization of queer marriage and military service. Laughable to whatever is waiting in the wings to overrun us.