30 August, 2018

Alex Linder on the Radio

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Sound the trumpets: VNN founder Alex Linder is back in top form! He talks with Jan (who’s in South Africa) about the FBI, White activism and other things. Duration of radio show is approx. 2 hours. [Here].

  • 2 Responses to “Alex Linder on the Radio”

    1. J├╝rgen Says:

      EXCELLENT SHOW, you guys!
      Thanks for posting.
      I found the show to get better and better as it progressed.

      I’ll tell you: I think Alex Linder is one of the best spokesmen
      ever for White Nationalism; he gets on a roll and speaks clearly
      and directly to the problems we face. I’m not sure what the
      health problems are that he faces, but it saddens me to hear
      that he is going through anything like that, and I so hope he
      is able to have lots more opportunities to speak more. Someone
      please tell Alex that many of us here in Pennsylvania think this
      man R-O-C-K-S.

    2. robert ferrara Says:

      It was great to hear Alex speaking. His knowledge and humour made it a delight.