16 January, 2021

Free Speech in America: How Quickly It Is Vanishing

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In just a few years, free speech will be but a memory.

Is it my imagination, or are liberals today way more liberal than they were just 20 years ago?

A liberal “democratic socialist” and Lt. Governor says: you have no First Amendment right to say that the 2020 election was fraudulent (even though experts have given sworn affidavits saying that it was) [1]. The last time I checked, the only speech that was illegal was speech that threatened or endangered human life (e.g., threatening to kill someone, or yelling “Oops, I dropped a nickel!” in a crowded synagogue, thereby causing a deadly stampede for it, etc.).



[1] “Fetterman’s campaign focused on progressive values and building support through grassroots movement, drawing comparisons to Bernie Sanders. Fetterman, a self-described democratic socialist, was the only statewide Democratic candidate in Pennsylvania to endorse Sanders.” — Wikipedia, January 2021

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