18 April, 2021

Black Privilege: the Real Privilege

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Unlike “White privilege,” Black privilege really exists. The Blacks get everything for free (i.e., the White taxpayers pay for it all: food, rent, medical care, even college). “White privilege” is a phony, Judeo-Marxist term coined circa 1967 by the Jewish communist Noel Ignatiev and the White communist Ted Allen. It was originally called “White skin privilege”; but anybody who has been to the Appalachia region can testify that there are many Whites in Appalachia who are poor and do not have “White privilege”; also, my father worked his butt off to get into college — which required working endless crappy jobs but also required a lot of luck since that was the era of Affirmative Action and Blacks got into college then merely because they were Black (i.e., more Black privilege) which displaced a lot of smart White people. How many smart Whites didn’t get into college because of Affirmative Action negroes? Probably several million since A.A. first began in 1964. And most Blacks who go to college never complete it, so, all those Blacks going to college via A.A. was largely a waste of time and White tax money. That stinks.

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