21 April, 2021

Funny, But a Good Point About Feminism, Too

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This is a funny cartoon about feminism. But it makes a great point.

I read something interesting about feminism recently. It said “feminism has made women less valuable to men.” That’s why men don’t want to get married or have serious relationships today. A feminized woman is not something that men want. They find no value in such a woman. Only a burden. Only trouble. Hence the MGTOW movement [1]. A man wants a woman, a mother, a yin to his yang, an opposite to his masculinity, a life partner. He doesn’t want “a short man with tits” as someone said.

Feminism, which became The Next Big Thing circa 1972 with the horrible and unconstitutional Equal Employment Opportunity Act (created in March 1972, flooding the workplaces with women, even in the FBI and jails/prisons), has ruined women, which of course was the whole idea: to pit women against men, just like communism, socialism and labor unionism pits People A against People B; all were adversary movements, a.k.a. “liberating” movements, and were dominated by Jews.


[1] MGTOW = Men Going Their Own Way (avoiding marriage and serious romantic relationships)

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