21 May, 2021

Blacks: Slow Learners

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Do the Blacks think that they are going to denounce, assault and kill Whitey forever? They must really think that.

But it looks like things are changing after 2 years of Black domestic terrorism in America: 2 years of rioting, looting, burning, assaulting and murdering over imagined “systemic racism” and other negro nonsense.

Here’s a quote from KirksvilleToday.com, 5/20/21:

“My parents are boomers with typical boomer mindsets, conservatives in name only, a year ago if I were to talk about black criminality around them, or the horrific shit blacks do, they would respond with either disgust at my “racism” or would completely dissociate and trail off before changing the subject. Now, the things they say about blacks when I’m in the room (and the shit I overhear) sounds a whole lot like what I say on here, and in some cases is more extreme…”

Whites still hold considerable power in America, and they have nearly reached the point of “we’ve had enough of this negro crap.” Your average White person wasn’t racist 2 years ago. But he is now.

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