26 May, 2021

International Relations: What is the Best Foreign Policy Between the Nations?

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Isolationism is the best foreign policy. It prevents wars.

On the other hand, internationalism/globalism causes wars. Yet, strangely, globalism is popular, or at least widely tolerated [1].

America was relatively isolationist until circa 1900. But today, America fights a new war every 10 or 12 years.

Just after the UN was created, guess what happened? In 1950, 10 White countries (and a few non-White countries) went to Korea to fight a war, that wasn’t their war to fight, under the UN flag. That should have raised some alarm bells in peoples’ minds about the UN! But don’t worry, it wasn’t a war. It was a…wait for it…”UN police action”! Said president Harry Truman. What a liar.

President George Washington said in 1790 that America should “avoid foreign entanglements.” How do you do that? By limiting your interactions with foreign countries. There’s nothing wrong with a little trade deal between nations. But that’s all there should be. That means no war-mongering outfits should exist: the UN should not exist, nor NATO, nor the EU. None of those types of “global” political organizations should exist.

Globalism causes wars. Isolationism prevents wars.

Consider World War I (which was called “the war to end all wars.” Ha-ha-ha-ha!). That war started out in 1914 as a feud between two countries: Serbia and Austria-Hungary. It ended as a global war between at least 10 countries [2]. Had those countries practiced isolationism, there could never have been a global war from 1914-1918 with 6 countries on one side fighting with 4 countries on the other side. Had the various countries refused to band together into gangs and fight each other, there would not have been a world war in 1914. Nor in 1939. It was all about allegiances between the nations: Country A was “buddies” with Country B, and Country C was “buddies” with Country D, and so on. They all moved in 1914 to protect their “buddies.” The result: many deaths, and much destruction, suffering and misery. Picture 10 different street gangs from different neighborhoods fighting each other at once. It cannot end well, no matter the circumstances.

Again, isolationism prevents wars. Globalism causes wars. But guess who preaches against isolationism? Right: the Jews. Old saying: “wars are the Jews’ harvest.” The Jews want wars. Don’t fall for their war-mongering. (Recall WWII: the Hollywood Jews warned Americans of the “dangers of isolationism”!). And guess who is often called “the father of international relations/global government”? “Sir” Alfred Zimmern (1879-1957), a “British” Jew, who was “the first Professor of International Politics (also known as International Relations) in the world….Zimmern contributed to the founding of the League of Nations Society and of UNESCO” — Wikipedia, May 2021.

America must return to isolationism.

[a .PDF file, 12 pages].


[1] America frequently attacks global targets that have nothing to do with America, e.g., when the U.S. military killed the Iranian general Qasem Soleimani in an armed drone strike in January 2020. Nine other people were killed in that assassination. America hates Iran only because Israel hates Iran.

[2] many of those countries in WWI had colonies, so the actual number of countries fighting in the war was actually larger than the number of countries normally listed as combatants.

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