27 May, 2021

Liberals Politicize Everything. Now There is Queer Cereal

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Look at the difference between liberals and conservatives: it’s not enough for liberals to be “seated on the liberal train.” No. They have to get everyone else seated on the liberal train as well. Everyone in society must get onboard the liberal train. Conservatives? They don’t do that. Liberalism is therefore like a cult. The liberals have to “recruit” every man, woman and child.

It has been said that liberals politicize everything. Yes, they do. Liberals come out of the womb ready to argue for bannings and boycotts. Contrast that to conservatives, who just want to live their lives in peace without some idiot confronting them in a parking lot for voting for the “wrong” candidate.

(Trivia: a Jewish lesbian [Gertrude Stein] coined the term “gay” to describe homosexuals. That shouldn’t surprise you since Jews have coined nearly everything since 1900, including the bogus word “homophobia”) [1].



[1] “George Weinberg (May 17, 1929 – March 20, 2017) was a Jewish-American psychologist. He was the author of several books. He coined the term “homophobia” in the 1960s, it first appearing in the press in 1969.” — Wikipedia, May 2021

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