3 June, 2021

Beyond Treason, or, Even the So-Called Best Liberals Are Rotten

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Many people believe that president Harry Truman was a decent, honest guy — you know, “the buck stops here” and so forth.

Well, no. Truman was a traitor, like all liberals. He had no sense of, and no concern for, national security matters.

There were at least 2 Soviet spy groups operating in America circa 1945 (Truman became president in April 1945). Those spy groups were made up of American citizens who were spying on America for the Soviet Union. Those spy groups were both run by Jews: the Silvermaster group (headed by Nathan G. Silvermaster) and the Perlo group (headed by Victor Perlo). Perlo was a big man in the U.S. communist party.

When Truman was told about these spy groups and their activities, what did he do? Did he have them arrested? No. He did nothing. That’s right. He dismissed the matter with a wave of his hand.

But wait: it gets worse. Shortly after the spy warning, Truman appointed one of the major spies in the Silvermaster group, the notorious Harry Dexter White, to a high position in the IMF (International Monetary Fund) [1]. Despite Truman later insisting that White had been fired due to the spying charges, White was not fired and, in fact, White resigned from the IMF two years later, in June 1947, after the U.S. Attorney General began an investigation of White.


[1] “When Attorney General Herbert Brownell, Jr., appeared before the Senate Subcommittee to personally address these issues, he said it was the public’s right to know “that the Truman administration was put on notice at least as early as December, 1945, that there were two spy rings operating within our Government…the public is entitled to know what safeguards the Truman administration established to protect the national security…the matter to be determined by Mr. Truman and his associates was whether Harry Dexter White should be advanced to a post of high honor, great trust, and responsibility and of vital importance to the security of our country…my report of some 71 pages covered the entire subject of Soviet espionage in this country both before, during, and after World War II. It named many names and described numerous Soviet espionage organizations. Harry Dexter White and the espionage ring of which he was a part were among those referred to in this report…that summary, brief though it may be, constituted adequate warning to anyone who read it of the extreme danger to the security of the country in appointing White to the International Monetary Fund or continuing him in Government in any capacity…the documented report was delivered to the White House December 4, yet six weeks later President Truman, on January 23, 1946, publicly announced his nomination of Harry Dexter White for appointment to the International Monetary Fund. I just do not understand this. It still seems completely incredible to me…”

— From the book “In the Presence of Our Enemies: A History of The Malignant Effects in American Schools of the UN’s UNESCO and Its Transformation of American Society From The Lips of Those Who Did It” by Ellen McClay, 2008, page 125.

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