11 June, 2021

The Glorification of the Gypsy, and Why

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(Above: gypsies in Russia).

Seen: a 1960s movie featuring gypsies in it. The gypsies were, of course, featured in a positive way. They always are. They’re never portrayed negatively.

The glorification of the gypsy has been going on in America since at least 1941 with the Hollywood horror movie “The Wolfman” starring Lon Chaney, Jr. There must be 100 movies featuring gypsies in a positive way. Gypsies are also found in many famous books, e.g., Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre” (1847).

Gypsies (also called the “Roma” or “Romani” people) wander from town to town, stealing and swindling to earn money. They originate from India and they entered Europe circa 900 AD. (Dr. William Pierce used to sell a book about the gypsies called “Bury Me Standing”).

Why glorify the gypsies — oily, non-White vagrants who live only to lie, steal, and swindle? Guess why! “Bad is good and good is bad” has been the Jewish propaganda method for decades and the Jews push gypsy romanticism in many of their movies and TV shows. In other words, the Jews dominate gypsy romanticism. That romanticism poisons traditional White culture and that’s the whole plan. Hollywood is all about immorality and culture-wrecking; glorifying the greasy gypsy — the outsider, the stranger — is good for the Jews because it’s bad for us.

(Have you ever considered how many modern pop/rock songs glorify gypsies? Dozens! I counted 55 rock songs featuring gypsies in June 2021 and no doubt there are many more than that).

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