22 June, 2021

Why Multiculturalism is Doomed But Nationalism Will Thrive

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Newbies: nationalism is not patriotism. A nation is “a group of people who are alike” (such as the Japanese). Patriotism is loyalty to a country, which can contain 6 or 7 different nations, such as America (i.e., Black, Mexican, Asian, Indian, Jewish, White).

Multiculturalism is a loser. There’s nothing to unite the people under multiculturalism. How do you unite 6 or 7 groups of very different people within a state? You can’t. Consider America: the Blacks want one thing, the Browns want a different thing, the Jews want something else, and the Asians want still another thing. Bringing them all together is nearly impossible; infighting among the non-Whites of America is frequent but well-hidden by the media; such infighting will only increase as multiculturalism and immigration continue [1].

Nationalism, on the other hand, requires very little effort to unite a people because those people are all alike. That’s what a nation is, e.g., the Sioux Indians. A nation is already united. You need not try to unite a united people. Nationalism is people only. It’s flesh and blood. The White people in Sweden are a nation. Mexican (mestizo) people are a nation. Israel is a nation (because it is officially a “Jewish state” although you could argue that it isn’t a nation due to Arabs living there, too). America was a nation of White, mostly-Protestant people until the “civil rights” laws were created beginning in 1964.

Since nationalism is natural, easy to grasp, and emotionally powerful, it’s a winner. That’s why the Jews and leftists fear White nationalism. That’s why they feared Donald Trump, who “symbolized White nationalism” even though he wasn’t a genuine White nationalist. (One Jewish writer actually suggested that the Republican Party be “burned down” in order to extinguish all public enthusiasm for Trump!).

White nationalism will soon bloom on a large scale in the Western world, by default. As White people lose political, social and financial power due to immigration, multiculturalism and leftism, they will band together to form a huge nation. They will have to. They won’t have any other choice. (Hence the current “cancel culture,” which is an attempt by Jews and leftists to prevent White nationalism from blooming; Twitter permanently banned Trump in January and he was just banned from Facebook, the largest social media company in the world, for 2 years! Here’s a news quote about Trump’s Facebook ban: “the former U.S. president will be reinstated in 2023 only if the risk to public safety has subsided.” Risk to public safely?? Incredible! Twitter also permanently banned Trump’s good friends Mike Lindell and Roger Stone. They are very desperate to silence Trump, his associates and his followers; Trump symbolizes “Whiteness” in the minds of Jews and leftists).


[1] Jews are both an ethnic group and a religion. Jews have “white” skin but they are not genetically White. Jews founded communism (Karl Marx) and socialism (Moses Hess/Eduard Bernstein/Ferdinand Lassalle), and they have led left-wing political movements in the Western world (e.g., feminism and pro-homosexual movements). Jews are the greatest enemy the White race has ever faced.

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