13 July, 2021

Communism is an Economic Ideology?, or, Racial Nationwrecking

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Seen: an online video which talked about “the 3 main ideologies of modernism” (liberalism, communism and fascism). In the video, the narrator, when talking about Cuba, called communism an “economic” ideology. I disagree. Economics has nothing to do with communism, it just seems that way on the surface.

You will no doubt ask: “Well, if communism isn’t an economic ideology, then what is it?” Simple. It’s a Jewish racial ideology, based on historic Jewish communal living [1]. Economics is just the window dressing — a cover if you will.

More pointedly, communism was designed as a “racial time bomb” set to explode 10 years or so later (i.e., circa 1860) by pitting White citizens against other White citizens, making them fight endlessly (just like all Jewish “liberation ideologies”: feminism, socialism, labor unionism, etc.). Communism wasn’t meant to succeed (in fact it couldn’t succeed and Karl Marx, communism’s founder, surely knew that). It was meant to destroy the White Western nations.

Marx was racially Jewish, and all of the people who spread communism in the early years were also Jews (e.g., the people who spread it to China such as Grigori Voitinsky and Adolph Joffe) [2]. Marx designed communism to destroy the Western world but most especially England. In fact, Marx said that any revolution that didn’t spread to England would be pointless (“a storm in a teacup”) [3]. But sadly for Marx, his plan didn’t work: communism turned East instead and ruined Russia, China, Vietnam, etc. But unknown to Marx, other Jewish intellectuals would later “tweak” his communism to create a more-deadly form of it, which is now called Cultural Marxism, which is “much easier for the fools to swallow” [4][5]. Cultural Marxism is now destroying every White country and if it’s not stopped soon, the entire West is doomed to extinction.


[1] Jews are a race due to centuries of inbreeding — in fact, the Jews have so few “genetic founders” that most Jews are almost cousins to each other. Most Jews (90%) are Ashkenazic Jews (a.k.a. Eastern European Jews, a.k.a. “Big-Nosed Jews”). The other 10% are Sephardic (a.k.a. Mediterranean Jews). Jews are not White, despite having “white” skin. Jews have an inborn fear and hatred of White Western culture and they have long wanted to destroy it.

[2] “Ostrer, who is also director of genetic and genomic testing at Montefiore Medical Center, goes further, maintaining that Jews are a homogeneous group with all the scientific trappings of what we used to call a “race.” [Here]. (Which begs the question: then why aren’t Jews now called a race, like Blacks?

[3] “Any upheaval in economic relations in any country of the European continent, in the whole European continent without England, is a storm in a teacup.” — Karl Marx, January 1849.

[4] the Jewish Frankfurt School teachers, e.g., Max Horkheimer, Erich Fromm.

[5] Cultural Marxism is a blend of Marxism and Freudianism. (Incredibly, Wikipedia calls Cultural Marxism “a far-right antisemitic conspiracy theory” even though it amounted to “a dozen Jewish intellectuals in the 1930s applying Marxism to Western culture.” Hence the name!)

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    1. Marcin Says:

      I believe all these statements in this article to be true. And I love truth instead of never ending jew lies.