21 July, 2021

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“The Scarlet Pimpernel” (1982). During the French Revolution (1789-onward), the fictitious Scarlet Pimpernel saved many people from the guillotine. He was a Zorro-type, a brave, heroic fellow.

Anyway, in real-life France in 1792, the leftists would cut your head off on the guillotine if you had money. Or if you were related to someone who had money. Or even if you knew someone who had money. Leftists were cruel bastards in 1792 and they’re still cruel bastards today.

The French leftists called themselves “republicans” in 1792 (and ditto in 1936 in Spain). That’s funny! What the hell would a leftist know about republican (constitutionally strict) government? Leftists want loosey-goosey “mob rule” (democracy, which is easily manipulated). By the way, the first type of communism in the world came from the French Revolution [1]. In other words, “Marxism was birthed, in spirit, by the French Revolution” — that’s why Fidel Castro loved to talk about it and to compare his 1959 “revolution” to that one (what kind of a “revolution” lasts 50 years, Fidel??).

The French still celebrate Bastille Day even today — only creepy people would do that. That’s like America celebrating “Ted Bundy Day.” But I guess the French can’t help it: all the smart, decent people were murdered during the French Revolution.

[Movie; 2 hours, 16 minutes].


[1] see the “Manifesto of the Equals” (1796).

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