16 July, 2021

Will the Cuban People Finally Throw Off Their Chains?

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How ironic that Cuba wouldn’t be enslaved by a brutal Jewish ideology (communism) if not for America! Our government told the anti-communist Cuban leader, Batista, to step down from power on New Year’s Eve 1958 and he did. Batista was told that America “no longer had confidence” in his corrupt government (granted, it was indeed corrupt, but that’s not at all unusual in Latin America). Batista fled Cuba to the Dominican Republic on Jan. 1, 1959. That paved the way for the communist thug Fidel Castro to take power. (Apparently, certain people in the U.S. government lied about Castro’s political ideology so that Castro could more easily come to power) [1].

Importantly, the heavily-Jewish American media played a major role in helping Castro come to power. The media portrayed Castro as a harmless “Robin Hood” type of guy who only wanted to help the poor people of Cuba. That, in turn, led to Castro becoming popular, which in turn led to him taking power.

Sadly, there are still a few White people in Cuba (i.e., Spaniards) suffering under Marxism. But most of the Whites fled to Florida years ago. Some of the Whites were executed by Castro’s thugs via firing squad (some of those executed were as young as 14).



[1] “Rubottom and Wieland, during Senate testimony following the Communist acquisition of power in Cuba, were identified by numerous witnesses, such as United States Ambassador to Cuba Earl E. T. Smith and William D. Pawley, an American diplomat, as being the culprits in presenting to the U.S. government false narratives and claims concerning Castro‚Äôs Communist connections. Smith and Pawley were only two of a large chorus of expert witnesses that contradicted the discredited assersions made by Rubottom and Wieland.” [Here].

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