4 August, 2021

Blacks, Books and Bedlam: What Jews Did to South Africa They Are Now Doing to America

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by Tobias Langdon.


“It wasn’t Blacks on their own who did all that. It was much more intelligent and Machiavellian Jews. In fact, Jews have been allying with Blacks since early in the last century and were instrumental in the Civil Rights movement (CofC, 255–56). The same applies to non-Black Muslims in countries like Britain and France. They too are of low average intelligence and accomplishment, but they too benefit from minority worship and commit horrific crimes against Whites with the complicity—and even the collaboration—of the authorities. Muslims didn’t achieve this cultural elevation and criminal privilege on their own. Once again Jews have been their allies. Indeed, you can find many examples of Jews explicitly proclaiming that “Jews and Muslims are natural allies.”

“Natural allies” against whom? Against Whites, of course. Jews also see themselves as the natural allies of Blacks against Whites. That is what too many Whites presently fail to see.”


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