1 August, 2021

The Biggest Problem in the World

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(For newbies, mainly)

No, the biggest problem in the world isn’t global warming. Or Islam. Or fried food.

If you don’t know what the biggest problem in the world is, it’s good that you’re reading this, because I’ll tell you what it is.

There’s a place called the West. It’s a region in the world. What and where is the West? It’s all of the White countries, collectively: the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland.

For centuries, the West was controlled by White people and only White people. In fact, White people controlled almost the entire world. (To be more precise: White men controlled almost the entire world. Just thought I’d clarify things).

Then, in France in 1806, a White leader named Napoleon Bonaparte did something that the West would deeply regret later. He “freed” a certain people from “legal and social bondage.” The people Napoleon freed were Jews. What Napoleon did was this: he granted rights to the Jews that they didn’t have before. For example, they couldn’t previously become doctors or lawyers. Why couldn’t they? Because Jews are a people who are not White and who “don’t play well with other people.” Historically, the Jews were viewed as pests, dishonest trouble-makers, “human mosquitos” if you will. (A funny saying about Jews, heard recently: “Jews don’t run with scissors. Jews convince other people to run with scissors.” Another saying: “How can you tell when a Jew is lying? His lips are moving!”).

Anyway, Napoleon freed the Jews, and it had a domino effect: soon they enjoyed new rights not only in France but in other Western countries, too. But Napoleon did not understand that, by freeing the Jews, he was basically unleashing Hell on the West. The West would soon discover that Jews were unlike anybody else on the planet and I don’t mean that in a good way.

It wasn’t long before Jews, with their unique mental features (high IQs, high verbal skills, cunning, greed, and clannishness) controlled the banks of the West, and soon after the media of the West as well. They also created and/or took over the political Left wing of the West (e.g., Marxism, socialism, and racial organizations like the NAACP in America. In fact, you could say that “leftism/liberalism is a Jewish construct”).

Today, if the president of any White country wants to do something political of any significance, he must ask the Jews for permission first. If they deny him permission, he won’t do it. That’s the power of the Jews in the West today. Indeed, The Iraq War was launched by America in 2003 simply because the Jews wanted it done, for Israel’s benefit as usual [1].

Currently, Jews are skillfully using Black and Brown people as “weapons” against White people in the West. The Jews are actively trying to destroy Western culture with Marxism, multiculturalism, leftism, feminism, social media censorship, etc.

But, you may ask, “why would the Jews do that? Why would the Jews want to destroy Western civilization — the greatest civilization in world history?” That’s a good question. To understand the Jews, you must know what Jews are, and how Jews think and behave.

Jews are both a religion and a race by historic inbreeding. Most Jews in the world are known as Ashkenazim Jews, or “Eastern European Jews.” The remaining 10% are known as Sephardim Jews or “Mediterranean Jews.” Jews are not racially White, even though most of them appear to be White.

Jews have an unusual worldview and a toxic mental process (i.e., toxic to non-Jews). Because of that, they have been expelled from 109 different countries in the world (a record!). As I said, they don’t play well with other people. Firstly, they believe that they are superior to all other people in the world, i.e., that they are “God’s Chosen People” (God likes them best!). In other words, they are very racist. Secondly, the Jews believe that it’s okay for them to genocide anyone who isn’t a Jew. Yes, they actually believe that: in fact, the Christian Bible, aka the Old Testament, was written by Jews and it’s full of passages where Jews brag about genociding various “lesser” peoples (not only the peoples but their livestock, too!). And also, according to the Jews, God sanctioned the genociding of those “lesser” people. He “okayed” it. This is the Jewish mindset: bold arrogance and stunning cruelty. You can see it in Palestine/Gaza even today, where the Jews shoot children, massacre zoo animals and bomb hospitals, and then lie about it.

Indeed, the Jews are racist against all humanity and are “at war” with everyone else on the planet. But they especially hate Whites, because they fear Whites more than any other people, especially since WWII.

You might ask: “why would the Jews want to genocide the West, since half of all Jews today live in the West?” The plain answer is: because they can’t not genocide the West. Genocide and hyper-hate are so natural to the Jews, so inborn, that they’re actually coded in their genes. Like an alcoholic who is drinking himself to death and knows it and yet still keeps drinking, Jews can’t help their natural inclination towards genociding the people that they fear the most, even if such genociding will eventually kill them along with the White people. Put another way: “Come what may, fish gotta swim, frogs gotta hop and Jews gotta genocide their greatest enemy”; such genocidal feelings among Jews are mostly subconscious (i.e., the Jews don’t realize that they’re wanting/committing genocide; they’re in deep denial, although realistically, some Jews probably do realize it).

Bottom line: since the West is the most powerful and most productive region on Earth, the genociding of Western civilization by the Jews is the foremost problem in the world, eclipsing every other problem by far. The West must survive, at any cost.


[1] “Secondly, those who favour this attack (i.e., the Iraq War) now will tell you candidly, and privately, that it is probably true that Saddam Hussein is no threat to the United States. But they are afraid at some point he might decide if he had a nuclear weapon to use it against Israel.” — U.S. General Wesley Clark, former NATO supreme allied commander, quoted in The Guardian newspaper, UK, 20 August 2002, in an article titled “US assumes UK help in Iraq, says General”

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    1. Choose Your Masque Says:

      Napoleon’s revenge for getting his ass stomped by the descendants of Vikings known as Russia?
      If Bergstein did kill da Jeebus then why wouldn’t they burn down Western Civ just for the lulz.
      BTW-Who said God had anything to do with heebs or a hobo carpenter of Aramaic tongues.