23 August, 2021

The Jewcycle

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It’s been happening for centuries, as shown by the quote below [1].

The Jewcycle is a 4-step progression/event, and it varies only in the degree of violence involved. The Jewcycle goes like this:

1. Jews behave badly. (It’s what they do. In fact, they consider themselves to be “at war” with all non-Jews, but especially with Whites) [2].

2. Whites then react to that bad Jewish behavior (this is called “anti-Semitism”) and they expel the Jews from the area. Sometimes they assault or even kill the Jews.

3. Powerful, corrupt Whites then protect the Jews from that “anti-Semitism.”

4. The same powerful Whites in Step 3 then persecute the White “anti-Semites” for reacting against the Jews. It’s always the fault of the “anti-Semites” and never the fault of the sweet, innocent, lovable Jews (by the way, the Jews were buying and selling White women for sex [a.k.a. White slavery] in Poland in the Middle Ages circa 1400 AD, but presumably, that was not the fault of the innocent Jews!).

Time and again this has happened, since at least the days of ancient Rome. We are seeing it today with, for example, “hate speech” laws in Europe.


[1] “1614: Outraged by the predatory usury and corruption of government engaged in by local Jews, the people of Frankfurt, Germany, led by guilds of craftsmen and artisans, expel the Jews from the city and depose the corrupt leaders who favored them. Almost immediately the Habsburg “Holy Roman” Emperor Matthias restores the crooked officials, brings the Jews back to Frankfurt under Imperial protection, and indicts the leaders of the patriotic uprising. Vincenz Fettmilch, a local guild leader, and six other patriots are executed.” [Here].

[2] Jews are not genetically White, although most of them have “white” skin. They are basically Arab/Armenid in their genetic makeup. Most Jews in the world (90%) are called “Ashkenazic” or Eastern European Jews. The rest (10%) are called “Sephardic” or Spanish or Mediterranean Jews.

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      Getting in the right mind frame with Sturmführer, Jeruslima est Perdita, Axis Sally, Women of the SS, Der Sturmer, Ad Hominem.

      Those people who ride on the China codpiece with Sun Tzu quotes and prattle on about how smart they are, will the same tune be sung when Hymie owns them as well?