3 August, 2021

Two Articles About Why Conservatives Are Losers

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Race is the key ingredient in our White Western civilization. But most conservatives ignore race. They’d rather talk about lowering taxes. That ain’t gonna help ya, sonny! (note: the second article is not written from a White nationalist perspective).

“Conservatives cannot win because the enemy to which they are opposed is a revolutionary enemy — an enemy with revolutionary goals and guided by a revolutionary way of life. The advantage has always lain — and will always lie — on the side of the contender who is prepared to take the offensive, rather than maintaining a defensive position only. And the evolutionary natures of the conservative and the revolutionary determine that the one shall always play an essentially defensive role and the other an offensive role.” [Article by Dr. William Pierce].

“Conservatives have lost on every battlefront: free speech, the military, the universities, marriage, nuclear family, child education, the media, the government, Boy Scouts, business, law and justice, Christianity, patriarchy, immigration, the welfare state, and capitalism. The right to bear arms is the only battle they’re not losing in a rout, but I’m confident they will lose that too within a decade’s time. Conservative institutions are being infiltrated and subverted, or have disappeared off the face of the earth, and there is no sign of them ever coming back.”

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